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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GAL.BOGYSCOAL ALLOYS LTD.40.15 2:11pmDown 5.80 (12.62%)17,719Chart, More
ESTER.BOESTER INDUSTRIES LTD.52.40 2:11pmDown 6.80 (11.49%)50,713Chart, More
GLOBALVECT.BOGLOBAL VECTRA HELICORP LTD.83.25 2:09pmDown 9.60 (10.34%)30,087Chart, More
SRSFIN.BOSRS FINANCE LTD16.00 1:55pmDown 1.80 (10.11%)16,090Chart, More
GENUSPOWER.BOGENUS POWER INFRASTRUCTURES LT48.10 2:12pmDown 5.20 (9.76%)436,073Chart, More
EUROTEXIND.BOEUROTEX INDUSTRIES & EXPORTS L25.45 2:04pmDown 2.20 (7.96%)2,364Chart, More
WEIZMANIND.BOWEIZMANN LTD.20.20 12:46pmDown 1.70 (7.76%)1,164Chart, More
BALPHARMA.BOBAL PHARMA LTD.90.00 2:05pmDown 7.20 (7.41%)31,059Chart, More
SWISSGLA.BOSWISS GLASCOAT EQUIPMENTS LTD.124.00 2:03pmDown 9.80 (7.32%)7,891Chart, Profile, More
SWARNSAR.BOSwarnsarita Gems Limited21.00 12:42pmDown 1.65 (7.28%)100Chart, More
RESONANCE.BORESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD.21.05 2:09pmDown 1.60 (7.06%)1,650Chart, Profile, More
PARENTLD.BOPARENTERAL DRUGS (INDIA) LTD.30.00 1:44pmDown 2.25 (6.98%)4,468Chart, Profile, More
ZEEMEDIA.BOZEE MEDIA CORPORATION LIMITED19.45 2:12pmDown 1.45 (6.94%)337,700Chart, More
MANGTIMBER.BOMANGALAM TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD.24.25 2:11pmDown 1.80 (6.91%)37,318Chart, More
PBAINFRA.BOPBA INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.15.00 1:49pmDown 1.10 (6.83%)5,522Chart, Profile, More
ADHUNIKIND.BOADHUNIK INDUSTRIES LTD85.00 1:43pmDown 6.15 (6.75%)16,910Chart, More
V2RETAIL.BOV2 RETAIL LTD.61.95 2:12pmDown 4.45 (6.70%)91,401Chart, More
ANSALBU.BOANSAL BUILDWELL LTD.73.85 2:10pmDown 5.30 (6.70%)17,736Chart, Profile, More
AMTL.BOADVANCE METERING TECHNOLOGY LT28.75 12:28pmDown 2.05 (6.66%)255Chart, More
PADMAIND.BOPadmanabh Industries Ltd33.55 2:07pmDown 2.20 (6.15%)1,322Chart, More
ABFRL.BOAditya Birla Fashion and Retai137.70 2:12pmDown 8.95 (6.10%)192,020Chart, More
SIGNETIND.BOSIGNET INDUSTRIES LIMITED26.50 2:12pmDown 1.70 (6.03%)58,764Chart, More
RAUNAQEPC.BORaunaq EPC International Limit147.20 1:10pmDown 9.25 (5.91%)1,513Chart, More
MYSORPETRO.BOMYSORE PETRO CHEMICALS LTD.48.10 1:42pmDown 2.90 (5.69%)921Chart, More
AMARJOTHI.BOAMARJOTHI SPINNING MILLS LTD.90.35 1:46pmDown 5.25 (5.49%)5,147Chart, More
OMKARCHEM.BOOMKAR SPECIALITY CHEMICALS LTD164.45 2:12pmDown 9.50 (5.46%)23,170Chart, More
ASAL.BOAUTOMOTIVE STAMPINGS & ASSEMBL37.45 1:18pmDown 2.15 (5.43%)600Chart, Profile, More
TVTODAY.BOTV TODAY NETWORK LTD.314.00 2:10pmDown 17.65 (5.32%)143,891Chart, More
CUMMINSIND.BOCUMMINS INDIA LTD.816.65 2:12pmDown 44.65 (5.18%)35,836Chart, More
BLUECHIPT.BOBLUE CHIP TEX INDUSTRIES LTD.78.20 12:56pmDown 4.30 (5.21%)450Chart, Profile, More
AMRITCORP.BOAMRIT CORP.LTD.320.50 12:53pmDown 17.50 (5.18%)45Chart, Profile, More
CONART.BOCONART ENGINEERS LTD.23.00 1:17pmDown 1.25 (5.15%)1,559Chart, Profile, More
KRYPTONQ.BOKRYPTON INDUSTRIES LTD.12.55 2:03pmDown 0.68 (5.14%)395Chart, Profile, More
RASANDIK.BORASANDIK ENGINEERING INDUSTRIE60.00 11:10amDown 3.25 (5.14%)501Chart, Profile, More
FLEXITUFF.BOFLEXITUFF INTERNATIONAL LTD.185.00 2:07pmDown 10.00 (5.13%)11,789Chart, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD43.15 1:56pmDown 2.30 (5.06%)787Chart, More
SANGHIIND.BOSANGHI INDUSTRIES LTD.67.10 2:10pmDown 3.55 (5.02%)37,532Chart, More
OISL.BOOCL IRON AND STEEL LTD.10.40 1:47pmDown 0.55 (5.02%)2,169Chart, More
KALPACOMME.BOKalpa Commercial Limited152.95 1:54pmDown 8.05 (5.00%)9,200Chart, More
STEWARTQ.BOSTEWARTS & LLOYDS OF INDIA LTD20.90 12:15pmDown 1.10 (5.00%)1Chart, Profile, More
INANI.BOINANI MARBLES & INDUSTRIES LTD205.20 1:14pmDown 10.80 (5.00%)1Chart, Profile, More
PRIYALT.BOPRIYA LTD.41.80 2:03pmDown 2.20 (5.00%)1Chart, Profile, More
OSCAR.BOOSCAR INVESTMENTS LTD.213.75 1:53pmDown 11.25 (5.00%)89Chart, Profile, More
KALYANIFRG.BOKALYANI FORGE LTD.241.30 12:44pmDown 12.70 (5.00%)101Chart, More
VENTURA.BOVENTURA TEXTILES LTD.13.30 1:36pmDown 0.70 (5.00%)5Chart, Profile, More
STINDIA.BOSTI INDIA LTD.12.35 9:38amDown 0.65 (5.00%)50Chart, More
JAIHINDS.BOJAIHIND SYNTHETICS LTD.11.22 11:00amDown 0.59 (5.00%)8,001Chart, Profile, More
ORGCOAT.BOORGANIC COATINGS LTD.9.70 1:15pmDown 0.51 (5.00%)346Chart, Profile, More
ADIEXRE.BOADINATH EXIM RESOURCES LTD.14.08 10:37amDown 0.74 (4.99%)1,450Chart, Profile, More
BNRSEC.BOB.N.RATHI SECURITIES LTD.18.10 1:44pmDown 0.95 (4.99%)2,699Chart, Profile, More
NATNLSTEEL.BONATIONAL STEEL & AGRO INDUSTRI10.70 1:14pmDown 0.56 (4.97%)28,115Chart, More
BEARDSELL.BOBEARDSELL LIMITED117.65 12:49pmDown 6.15 (4.97%)1,200Chart, More
PRIMEURB.BOPRIME URBAN DEVELOPMENT INDIA22.00 2:09pmDown 1.15 (4.97%)1,454Chart, More
UNITDCR.BOUNITED CREDIT LTD.14.16 1:13pmDown 0.74 (4.97%)5Chart, Profile, More
SIPL.BOSHELTER INFRA PROJECTS LTD.13.78 10:50amDown 0.72 (4.97%)11Chart, More
SIMRAN.BOSIMRAN FARMS LTD.24.90 12:01pmDown 1.30 (4.96%)2,582Chart, Profile, More
SUDAI.BOSUDAL INDUSTRIES LTD.11.12 1:15pmDown 0.58 (4.96%)1,366Chart, Profile, More
TRIOMERC.BOTRIO MERCANTILE & TRADING LTD.22.05 2:07pmDown 1.15 (4.96%)11,500Chart, More
DIAPOWER.BODIAMOND POWER INFRASTRUCTURE L43.15 2:12pmDown 2.25 (4.96%)152,707Chart, More
MORGAN.BOMORGAN VENTURES LTD.9.98 1:53pmDown 0.52 (4.95%)252Chart, Profile, More
GOLECHA.BOGOLECHHA GLOBAL FINANCE LTD.10.94 1:49pmDown 0.57 (4.95%)100Chart, Profile, More
INTRGLB.BOINTER GLOBE FINANCE LTD.14.21 2:12pmDown 0.74 (4.95%)409Chart, Profile, More
MODERN.BOMODERN INDIA LTD.42.25 12:11pmDown 2.20 (4.95%)194Chart, Profile, More
ARENTERP.BORAJDARSHAN INDUSTRIES LTD.16.35 12:10pmDown 0.85 (4.94%)1,000Chart, More
SSLEL.BOSIR SHADI LAL ENTERPRISES LTD.40.40 12:43pmDown 2.10 (4.94%)135Chart, Profile, More
BERYLSE.BOBERYL SECURITIES LTD.10.39 10:15amDown 0.54 (4.94%)14,765Chart, Profile, More
RISHITECH.BORISHI TECHTEX LTD.19.25 1:15pmDown 1.00 (4.94%)200Chart, More
CAPRICORN.BOCAPRICORN SYSTEMS GLOBAL SOLUT40.45 9:48amDown 2.10 (4.94%)5Chart, More
VIVIDIND.BOVIVID GLOBAL INDUSTRIES LTD.12.14 11:22amDown 0.63 (4.93%)2,100Chart, Profile, More
ORIENTLTD.BOORIENT PRESS LTD.59.75 12:03pmDown 3.10 (4.93%)447Chart, More
SITASHREE.BOSITA SHREE FOOD PRODUCTS LTD.10.41 11:51amDown 0.54 (4.93%)10,042Chart, Profile, More
SENINFO.BOSENTHIL INFOTEK LTD17.35 10:36amDown 0.90 (4.93%)1Chart, More
HAWAENG.BOHawa Engineers ltd.30.90 1:58pmDown 1.60 (4.92%)230Chart, More
DHINDIA.BOD&H INDIA LTD17.40 2:09pmDown 0.90 (4.92%)558Chart, More
HARI.BOHaricharan Projects Limited45.50 1:46pmDown 2.35 (4.91%)100Chart, More
PIONEEREMB.BOPIONEER EMBROIDERIES LTD.42.60 2:12pmDown 2.20 (4.91%)9,206Chart, More
SHIVALIK.BOShivalik Rasayan Ltd.76.50 1:59pmDown 3.95 (4.91%)50Chart, More
USHDI.BOUSHDEV INTERNATIONAL LTD.252.00 1:22pmDown 13.00 (4.91%)25Chart, Profile, More
LIPPISYS.BOLIPPI SYSTEMS LTD.14.55 10:52amDown 0.75 (4.90%)250Chart, Profile, More
SANPA.BOSANGAL PAPERS LTD.33.10 12:42pmDown 1.70 (4.89%)264Chart, Profile, More
IFINSER.BOINTERACTIVE FINANCIAL SERVICES18.50 10:38amDown 0.95 (4.88%)89Chart, More
TRIVENIGQ.BOTRIVENI GLASS LTD.17.55 1:07pmDown 0.90 (4.88%)3,294Chart, Profile, More
SUDTIND-B.BOSUDITI INDUSTRIES LTD.29.30 11:58amDown 1.50 (4.87%)1,600Chart, Profile, More
RADHEDE.BORADHE DEVELOPERS (INDIA) LTD.19.55 1:29pmDown 1.00 (4.87%)2,236Chart, Profile, More
BRADYM.BOBRADY & MORRIS ENGINEERING CO.54.95 1:11pmDown 2.80 (4.85%)9Chart, Profile, More
ABCGAS.BOABC GAS (INTERNATIONAL) LTD.23.70 1:16pmDown 1.20 (4.82%)120Chart, Profile, More
ARCHITORG.BOARCHIT ORGANOSYS LTD.31.65 12:59pmDown 1.60 (4.81%)100Chart, More
SURYVANSP.BOSURYAVANSHI SPINNING MILLS LTD10.71 11:15amDown 0.54 (4.80%)270Chart, Profile, More
JAMSHRI.BOJAMSHRI RANJITSINGHJI SPG. & W20.85 12:37pmDown 1.05 (4.79%)1,089Chart, Profile, More
BATLIBOI.BOBATLIBOI LTD.23.85 1:38pmDown 1.20 (4.79%)1,269Chart, Profile, More
CONTPTR.BOCONTINENTAL PETROLEUMS LTD.16.90 1:29pmDown 0.85 (4.79%)2,200Chart, Profile, More
CHOWGULSTM.BOCHOWGULE STEAMSHIPS LTD.16.95 1:36pmDown 0.85 (4.78%)137Chart, More
SLSTLQ.BOSRI LAKSHMI SARASWATHI TEXTILE28.95 12:52pmDown 1.45 (4.77%)100Chart, Profile, More
SKYIND.BOSKY INDUSTRIES LTD.20.00 10:15amDown 1.00 (4.76%)50Chart, Profile, More
CMMHOSP.BOCHENNAI MEENAKSHI MULTISPECIAL14.00 12:15pmDown 0.70 (4.76%)100Chart, Profile, More
HEXATRADEX.BOHEXA TRADEX LTD.14.00 1:40pmDown 0.70 (4.76%)15Chart, More
VIRATCRA.BOVIRAT CRANE INDUSTRIES LTD.65.30 1:52pmDown 3.25 (4.74%)600Chart, Profile, More
KAKATCEM.BOKAKATIYA CEMENT SUGAR & INDUST499.10 2:12pmDown 24.10 (4.61%)114,757Chart, More
HCL-INSYS.BOHCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD.38.70 2:12pmDown 1.80 (4.44%)381,130Chart, More
PEL.BOPIRAMAL ENTERPRISES LTD.1,362.00 2:12pmDown 60.90 (4.28%)26,352Chart, More