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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
UPL6.BOUPL LTD336.30 13 Oct 3:28PMDown 201.85 (37.51%)434,753Chart, More
YESBANK6.BOYES BANK LTD680.00 20 Nov 3:26PMDown 182.00 (21.11%)154,638Chart, More
JAYSYN.BOJAYSYNTH DYESTUFF (INDIA) LTD.38.00 3:26PMDown 9.45 (19.92%)18,380Chart, Profile, More
UPSURGE.BOUPSURGE INVESTMENT & FINANCE L14.90 3:19PMDown 3.10 (17.22%)100Chart, Profile, More
SPLIL.BOSPL INDUSTRIES LTD.9.87 3:09PMDown 1.81 (15.50%)1,107Chart, Profile, More
CUB6.BOCITY UNION BANK LTD84.65 18 Sep 10:19AMDown 15.05 (15.10%)37,500Chart, More
CMMHOSP.BOCHENNAI MEENAKSHI MULTISPECIAL11.70 3:15PMDown 1.80 (13.33%)1,301Chart, Profile, More
CENLUB.BOCENLUB INDUSTRIES LTD.23.30 3:24PMDown 3.55 (13.22%)5,503Chart, Profile, More
PUNJABCHEM.BOPUNJAB CHEMICALS AND CROP PROT236.30 3:41PMDown 34.20 (12.64%)60,356Chart, More
CITADEL.BOCITADEL REALTY AND DEVELOPERS30.00 3:15PMDown 4.30 (12.54%)1,473Chart, More
SIMPLEX.BOSIMPLEX PROJECTS LTD.28.00 3:44PMDown 4.00 (12.50%)5,619Chart, Profile, More
WEIZMANIND.BOWEIZMANN LTD.14.00 3:45PMDown 1.97 (12.34%)3,562Chart, More
KOHINOOR.BOKOHINOOR FOODS LTD.45.05 3:46PMDown 6.25 (12.18%)65,937Chart, Profile, More
AJMERA.BOAJMERA REALTY & INFRA INDIA LT153.70 3:46PMDown 19.40 (11.21%)227,944Chart, Profile, More
NOUVEAU.BONOUVEAU GLOBAL VENTURES LTD.24.85 3:29PMDown 3.10 (11.09%)1,601Chart, Profile, More
RTSPOWR.BORTS POWER CORPORATION LTD.22.25 3:13PMDown 2.75 (11.00%)11,509Chart, Profile, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD26.70 3:13PMDown 3.25 (10.85%)52Chart, More
CONCOR6.BOCONTAINER CORPORATION OF INDIA1,560.00 5 Mar 12:40PMDown 184.70 (10.59%)173,398Chart, More
PANCM6.BOPANYAM CEMENTS & MINERAL INDS41.20 12 Aug 3:10PM 0.00 (0.00%)8,004Chart, More
AVTNPL.BOAVT NATURAL PRODUCTS LTD.30.15 3:58PMDown 3.40 (10.13%)25,645Chart, Profile, More
CELESTIAL.BOCELESTIAL BIOLABS LIMITED36.60 3:50PMDown 4.05 (9.96%)798Chart, Profile, More
ACCEL.BOACCEL TRANSMATIC LTD.10.51 3:15PMDown 1.16 (9.94%)2,212Chart, Profile, More
LESHAIND.BOLESHA INDUSTRIES LTD.17.95 9:49AMDown 1.95 (9.80%)51Chart, More
SPECIALITY.BOSPECIALITY RESTAURANTS LTD.154.90 3:50PMDown 16.60 (9.68%)11,679Chart, More
ALBERTDA.BOALBERT DAVID LTD.318.80 3:29PMDown 33.50 (9.51%)72,113Chart, Profile, More
BNRSEC.BOB.N.RATHI SECURITIES LTD.30.80 3:57PMDown 3.15 (9.28%)50,983Chart, Profile, More
VMS.BOVMS INDUSTRIES LTD.22.70 3:42PMDown 2.30 (9.20%)803Chart, More
JAIHINDPRO.BOJAIHIND PROJECTS LTD.18.85 3:11PMDown 1.90 (9.16%)2,839Chart, More
NIRAVCOM.BONIRAV COMMERCIALS LTD.214.30 3:28PMDown 21.60 (9.16%)35Chart, Profile, More
PMCFIN.BOPMC FINCORP LIMITED10.05 3:59PMDown 1.00 (9.05%)312,210Chart, More
INDPRUD.BOINDUSTRIAL & PRUDENTIAL INVEST2,454.50 3:19PMDown 243.00 (9.01%)116Chart, Profile, More
CCLINTER.BOCCL INTERNATIONAL LTD.281.20 3:57PMDown 27.80 (9.00%)96,578Chart, Profile, More
PERSISTENT6.BOPERSISTENT SYSTEMS LTD715.00 14 Oct 1:23PMDown 67.40 (8.61%)98,750Chart, More
ARIHANT.BOARIHANT FOUNDATIONS & HOUSING39.00 3:49PMDown 3.55 (8.34%)232Chart, More
MAGNAELQ.BOMAGNA ELECTRO CASTINGS LTD.110.00 3:21PMDown 10.00 (8.33%)302Chart, Profile, More
NETTLINX.BONETTLINX LTD.22.00 11:22AMDown 2.00 (8.33%)3Chart, Profile, More
AGCNET.BOAGC NETWORKS LIMITED120.25 3:43PMDown 10.70 (8.17%)39,378Chart, More
AUSTENG.BOAUSTIN ENGINEERING CO.LTD.70.60 3:44PMDown 5.95 (7.77%)14,982Chart, Profile, More
PANCM.BOPANYAM CEMENTS & MINERAL INDUS38.00 9:46AMDown 3.20 (7.77%)25Chart, Profile, More
RDBRL.BORDB RASAYANS LTD.16.45 3:27PMDown 1.35 (7.58%)22,258Chart, More
FOMEHOT.BOFOMENTO RESORTS & HOTELS LTD.100.85 3:29PMDown 8.15 (7.48%)1,247Chart, Profile, More
CEEJAY.BOCEEJAY FINANCE LTD.42.95 3:14PMDown 3.45 (7.44%)1,905Chart, Profile, More
PIONRINV.BOPIONEER INVESTCORP LTD.17.04 3:28PMDown 1.34 (7.29%)10,416Chart, Profile, More
ANJANI.BOANJANI SYNTHETICS LTD.19.10 2:56PMDown 1.50 (7.28%)3,002Chart, Profile, More
ECORECO.BOECO RECYCLING LTD.46.55 3:29PMDown 3.65 (7.27%)832Chart, More
MAKERSL.BOMAKERS LABORATORIES LTD.64.10 3:48PMDown 5.00 (7.24%)8,135Chart, Profile, More
TECPO.BOTECHTRAN POLYLENSES LTD.16.95 3:06PMDown 1.30 (7.12%)7,132Chart, Profile, More
NAGREEKEXP.BONAGREEKA EXPORTS LTD.20.90 3:28PMDown 1.60 (7.11%)7,872Chart, More
RICOAUTO.BORICO AUTO INDUSTRIES LTD.43.30 3:54PMDown 3.30 (7.08%)290,680Chart, Profile, More
DELTAMAGNT.BODELTA MAGNETS LTD.31.75 3:25PMDown 2.40 (7.03%)78Chart, More
BTTL.BOBHILWARA TECHNICAL TEXTILES LT12.00 3:01PMDown 0.90 (6.98%)1,195Chart, Profile, More
CHANDRAP.BOCHANDRA PRABHU INTERNATIONAL L15.45 3:17PMDown 1.15 (6.93%)232Chart, Profile, More
PARENTLD.BOPARENTERAL DRUGS (INDIA) LTD.20.20 3:29PMDown 1.50 (6.91%)9,510Chart, Profile, More
SVGLOBAL.BOS V GLOBAL MILL LTD.163.00 3:23PMDown 12.00 (6.86%)151Chart, More
VIPULDYE.BOVIPUL DYE CHEM LTD.25.30 3:54PMDown 1.85 (6.81%)1,438Chart, Profile, More
SACHEMT.BOSACHETA METALS LTD.17.85 3:29PMDown 1.30 (6.79%)29,123Chart, Profile, More
DEN.BODEN NETWORKS LTD140.55 3:50PMDown 10.20 (6.77%)14,884Chart, Profile, More
HOCL.BOHINDUSTAN ORGANIC CHEMICALS LT13.67 3:24PMDown 0.96 (6.56%)28,975Chart, More
GRNLAMIND.BOGreenlam Industries Ltd400.00 2:50PMDown 28.00 (6.54%)271Chart, More
JASCH.BOJASCH INDUSTRIES LTD.19.30 1:16PMDown 1.35 (6.54%)200Chart, Profile, More
GNFC.BOGUJARAT NARMADA VALLEY FERTILI64.35 3:55PMDown 4.30 (6.26%)110,143Chart, Profile, More
MODAIRY.BOMODERN DAIRIES LTD.12.05 3:57PMDown 0.80 (6.23%)24,424Chart, Profile, More
DYNAMATECH.BODYNAMATIC TECHNOLOGIES LTD.3,015.50 3:53PMDown 200.00 (6.22%)2,688Chart, More
ITL.BOITL INDUSTRIES LTD.35.50 3:21PMDown 2.30 (6.08%)811Chart, Profile, More
CANTABIL.BOCANTABIL RETAIL INDIA LTD.67.15 3:28PMDown 4.35 (6.08%)21,338Chart, More
INDSILHYD.BOINDSIL HYDRO POWER AND MANGANE34.85 3:26PMDown 2.25 (6.06%)4,878Chart, Profile, More
NIBL.BONRB INDUSTRIAL BEARINGS LTD.32.60 3:59PMDown 2.10 (6.05%)2,570Chart, More
MAJESAUT.BOMAJESTIC AUTO LTD.57.55 3:28PMDown 3.70 (6.04%)1,790Chart, Profile, More
KHAITANELE.BOKHAITAN ELECTRICALS LTD.38.90 3:28PMDown 2.50 (6.04%)2,360Chart, More
VKJINFRA.BOVKJ INFRADEVELOPERS LTD50.00 25 May 3:29PM 0.00 (0.00%)45,000Chart, More
EMEDTECH.BOEMED.COM TECHNOLOGIES LTD16.55 3:24PMDown 1.05 (5.97%)758Chart, More
ELECTHERM.BOELECTROTHERM (INDIA) LTD.24.45 3:29PMDown 1.55 (5.96%)4,808Chart, More
JINDHOT.BOJINDAL HOTELS LTD.31.00 3:29PMDown 1.90 (5.78%)107Chart, Profile, More
DHANBANK.BODHANLAXMI BANK LIMITED35.05 3:43PMDown 2.10 (5.65%)237,209Chart, Profile, More
IFBIND.BOIFB INDUSTRIES LTD.620.75 3:40PMDown 37.00 (5.63%)19,707Chart, Profile, More
CONART.BOCONART ENGINEERS LTD.22.65 3:23PMDown 1.35 (5.63%)4,661Chart, Profile, More
ARROWTEX.BOARROW TEXTILES LTD.23.50 3:59PMDown 1.40 (5.62%)44,584Chart, Profile, More
HARITASEAT.BOHARITA SEATING SYSTEMS LTD.170.00 3:29PMDown 10.00 (5.56%)41Chart, More
SHHARICH.BOSHREE HARI CHEMICALS EXPORT LT133.20 3:53PMDown 7.80 (5.53%)85,636Chart, Profile, More
EON.BOEON ELECTRIC LTD.36.80 3:29PMDown 2.15 (5.52%)27,653Chart, More
CNSDSEC.BOCONSOLIDATED SECURITIES LTD.69.50 12:21PMDown 4.05 (5.51%)800Chart, Profile, More
KIRANVYPAR.BOKIRAN VYAPAR LTD101.10 3:43PMDown 5.85 (5.47%)228Chart, More
GSAUTO.BOG.S.AUTO INTERNATIONAL LTD.13.05 3:24PMDown 0.75 (5.43%)21,489Chart, Profile, More
SIMPLEXCAS.BOSIMPLEX CASTINGS LTD.40.05 3:48PMDown 2.30 (5.43%)33,064Chart, More
RCCL.BORajasthan Cylinders & Containe23.65 3:24PMDown 1.35 (5.40%)18,705Chart, More
POLYCHEM.BOPOLYCHEM LTD.392.30 3:25PMDown 22.20 (5.36%)3Chart, Profile, More
SNL.BOSNL BEARINGS LTD.93.70 3:45PMDown 5.30 (5.35%)5,621Chart, Profile, More
KILITCH.BOKILITCH DRUGS (INDIA) LTD.28.55 3:29PMDown 1.60 (5.31%)26,315Chart, More
HBESD.BOHB ESTATE DEVELOPERS LTD.9.76 2:22PMDown 0.54 (5.24%)200Chart, Profile, More
ASTRAL.BOASTRAL POLY TECHNIK LTD.384.05 3:57PMDown 21.15 (5.22%)29,575Chart, Profile, More
VIKRAMTH.BOVIKRAM THERMO (INDIA) LTD.56.30 3:29PMDown 3.10 (5.22%)6,029Chart, Profile, More
DYNPRO.BODYNEMIC PRODUCTS LTD.47.40 3:40PMDown 2.60 (5.20%)31,091Chart, Profile, More
MUKTAARTS.BOMUKTA ARTS LTD.31.05 2:59PMDown 1.70 (5.19%)110Chart, Profile, More
UFLEX.BOUFLEX LTD.129.85 3:49PMDown 7.00 (5.12%)68,083Chart, Profile, More
ARIES.BOARIES AGRO LTD.105.80 3:40PMDown 5.70 (5.11%)8,832Chart, Profile, More
SALORAINTL.BOSALORA INTERNATIONAL LTD.52.00 3:28PMDown 2.80 (5.11%)1Chart, More
MANJEERA.BOMANJEERA CONSTRUCTIONS LTD.47.75 10:02AMDown 2.55 (5.07%)2Chart, Profile, More
SHALPAINTS.BOSHALIMAR PAINTS LTD.138.60 3:28PMDown 7.40 (5.07%)3,067Chart, More
BLKASHYAP.BOB.L.KASHYAP AND SONS LTD.11.44 3:44PMDown 0.61 (5.06%)16,635Chart, Profile, More
HAWKINCOOK.BOHAWKINS COOKERS LTD.2,491.50 3:29PMDown 132.10 (5.04%)16,214Chart, More