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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
GOKULAGRO.BOGokul Agro Resources Ltd15.86 10:35amUp 2.64 (19.97%)14,517Chart, More
GOKEX.BOGOKALDAS EXPORTS LTD.102.25 10:57amUp 16.10 (18.69%)1,030,290Chart, More
GOKUL.BOGOKUL REFOILS & SOLVENT LTD.16.20 10:52amUp 2.33 (16.80%)64,988Chart, Profile, More
CBCSL.BOCawasji Behramji Catering Serv25.50 9:46amUp 3.50 (15.91%)10,000Chart, More
REVATHI.BOREVATHI EQUIPMENT LTD.860.10 10:56amUp 105.10 (13.92%)6,448Chart, More
ADSL.BOALLIED DIGITAL SERVICES LTD.34.10 10:57amUp 3.80 (12.54%)94,074Chart, Profile, More
TRILOGIC.BOTRILOGIC DIGITAL MEDIA LTD.19.45 10:57amUp 2.05 (11.78%)13,367Chart, More
EDUCOMP.BOEDUCOMP SOLUTIONS LTD.12.79 10:57amUp 1.28 (11.12%)243,916Chart, Profile, More
SUPER.BOSUPER SALES INDIA LTD.455.00 9:21amUp 45.00 (10.98%)1Chart, More
FIBERWEB.BOFIBERWEB (INDIA) LTD.48.95 10:14amUp 4.45 (10.00%)3,629Chart, Profile, More
ORISSAMINE.BOORISSA MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CO1,988.80 10:51amUp 180.80 (10.00%)1,771Chart, More
TRIGYN.BOTRIGYN TECHNOLOGIES LTD.120.60 10:57amUp 10.95 (9.99%)230,881Chart, More
AJANTSOY.BOAJANTA SOYA LTD.15.75 10:24amUp 1.43 (9.99%)8,516Chart, Profile, More
VIKASECO.BOVikas EcoTech Limited12.26 10:07amUp 1.11 (9.96%)102,112Chart, More
VIPULDYE.BOVIPUL DYE CHEM LTD.63.60 10:42amUp 5.75 (9.94%)12,371Chart, Profile, More
TARMAT.BOTARMAT LTD.33.20 10:05amUp 3.00 (9.93%)380Chart, More
MANGTIMBER.BOMANGALAM TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD.25.00 10:48amUp 2.25 (9.89%)10,484Chart, More
HFCL.BOHIMACHAL FUTURISTIC COMMUNICAT18.50 10:57amUp 1.65 (9.79%)1,875,228Chart, Profile, More
PANACEABIO.BOPANACEA BIOTEC LTD.114.30 10:57amUp 10.05 (9.64%)52,476Chart, Profile, More
EON.BOEON ELECTRIC LTD.71.50 10:56amUp 6.25 (9.58%)38,427Chart, More
EVERONN.BOEVERONN EDUCATION LTD21.55 10:55amUp 1.85 (9.39%)80,997Chart, Profile, More
KANCOTEA.BOKANCO TEA & INDUSTRIES LTD.187.00 9:21amUp 16.00 (9.36%)50Chart, More
ARIHCAPM.BOARIHANT CAPITAL MARKETS LTD.43.85 10:38amUp 3.75 (9.35%)2,267Chart, Profile, More
INTLCONV.BOINTERNATIONAL CONVEYORS LTD.18.00 10:42amUp 1.50 (9.09%)950Chart, Profile, More
STDBAT.BOSTANDARD BATTERIES LTD.11.38 10:33amUp 0.91 (8.69%)200Chart, More
APCOTEXIND.BOAPCOTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.356.00 10:57amUp 28.40 (8.67%)62,310Chart, More
TAINWALCHM.BOTAINWALA CHEMICALS & PLASTICS47.80 9:36amUp 3.80 (8.64%)5,000Chart, More
NOL.BONATIONAL OXYGEN LTD.38.40 10:02amUp 2.95 (8.32%)3Chart, More
JAMNAAUTO.BOJAMNA AUTO INDUSTRIES LTD.158.90 10:57amUp 12.20 (8.32%)251,509Chart, More
KESARENT.BOKESAR ENTERPRISES LTD.36.15 10:57amUp 2.70 (8.07%)1Chart, More
AXTEL.BOAXTEL INDUSTRIES LTD.25.60 10:51amUp 1.80 (7.56%)9,301Chart, Profile, More
NIHARINF.BONIHAR INFO GLOBAL LTD.15.75 10:56amUp 1.10 (7.51%)5,646Chart, Profile, More
KOHINOOR.BOKOHINOOR FOODS LTD.75.50 10:57amUp 5.20 (7.40%)202,988Chart, Profile, More
GUJFLUORO.BOGUJARAT FLUOROCHEMICALS LTD.525.90 10:57amUp 36.20 (7.39%)21,832Chart, Profile, More
SHIVAAGRO.BOSHIVA GLOBAL AGRO INDUSTRIES L24.00 10:51amUp 1.65 (7.38%)1,165Chart, More
VGUARD.BOV-GUARD INDUSTRIES LTD.1,363.00 10:57amUp 92.30 (7.26%)16,705Chart, Profile, More
ASIANTILES.BOASIAN GRANITO INDIA LTD.173.00 10:57amUp 11.35 (7.02%)31,792Chart, Profile, More
TRF.BOTRF LTD.314.80 10:57amUp 20.65 (7.02%)41,151Chart, Profile, More
NEOCORP.BONEO CORP INTERNATIONAL LTD.12.81 10:49amUp 0.84 (7.02%)11,639Chart, Profile, More
ACKNIT.BOACKNIT INDUSTRIES LTD.104.80 9:51amUp 6.85 (6.99%)25Chart, Profile, More
MANORG.BOMANGALAM ORGANICS LIMITED21.75 10:30amUp 1.35 (6.62%)1Chart, More
MEGH.BOMEGHMANI ORGANICS LTD.37.25 10:57amUp 2.30 (6.58%)442,192Chart, Profile, More
CELEBRITY.BOCELEBRITY FASHIONS LTD.10.81 10:57amUp 0.66 (6.50%)105,971Chart, Profile, More
PANCHMAHQ.BOPANCHMAHAL STEEL LTD.21.30 10:32amUp 1.30 (6.50%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
POLYPLEX.BOPOLYPLEX CORPORATION LTD.266.25 10:57amUp 16.15 (6.46%)10,828Chart, Profile, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD41.40 10:17amUp 2.45 (6.29%)2,150Chart, More
SIGNETIND.BOSIGNET INDUSTRIES LIMITED20.50 10:57amUp 1.20 (6.22%)264,114Chart, More
DHARSUGAR.BODHARANI SUGARS & CHEMICALS LTD35.90 10:56amUp 2.10 (6.21%)10,434Chart, More
ACGL.BOAUTOMOBILE CORPORATION OF GOA475.00 10:00amUp 27.70 (6.19%)1Chart, Profile, More
UGARSUGAR.BOUGAR SUGAR WORKS LTD.29.00 10:57amUp 1.00 (3.57%)143,566Chart, More
RACLGEAR.BORACL Geartech Limited28.00 10:51amUp 1.55 (5.86%)2,734Chart, More
TUBEINVEST.BOTUBE INVESTMENTS OF INDIA LTD.465.60 10:54amUp 25.25 (5.73%)64,089Chart, Profile, More
POLYLINK.BOPOLYLINK POLYMERS (INDIA) LTD.11.99 10:54amUp 0.65 (5.73%)950Chart, Profile, More
AVANTI.BOAVANTI FEEDS LTD.490.00 10:57amUp 26.05 (5.61%)8,590Chart, More
AJMERA.BOAJMERA REALTY & INFRA INDIA LT169.40 10:57amUp 8.90 (5.55%)51,852Chart, Profile, More
WEPSOLN.BOWEP SOLUTIONS LTD.24.80 10:46amUp 1.30 (5.53%)117Chart, More
RELNIFTY.BORELIANCE MUTUAL FUND - R SHARE85.15 10:31amUp 4.45 (5.51%)26Chart, More
PRICOL.BOPRICOL LTD.57.70 10:57amUp 3.00 (5.48%)161,366Chart, Profile, More
RIDDHI.BORIDDHI SIDDHI GLUCO BIOLS LTD.323.00 10:24amUp 16.60 (5.42%)1Chart, Profile, More
MAZDALTD.BOMAZDA LTD.318.00 10:52amUp 16.30 (5.40%)3,205Chart, Profile, More
KSLIND.BOKSL AND INDUSTRIES LTD.17.70 10:54amUp 0.90 (5.36%)7,118Chart, Profile, More
RTSPOWR.BORTS POWER CORPORATION LTD.31.80 10:30amUp 1.60 (5.30%)1Chart, Profile, More
SETCO.BOSETCO AUTOMOTIVE LTD.32.90 10:57amUp 1.65 (5.28%)22,364Chart, Profile, More
ASIANOI.BOASIAN OILFIELD SERVICES LTD.35.90 10:51amUp 1.80 (5.28%)6,667Chart, Profile, More
RIBATEX.BORIBA TEXTILES LTD.40.00 10:17amUp 2.00 (5.26%)10,700Chart, Profile, More
WATERBASE.BOWATERBASE LTD.98.50 10:57amUp 5.05 (5.40%)48,939Chart, More
JYOTIRES.BOJYOTI RESINS & ADHESIVES LTD.110.00 10:45amUp 5.40 (5.16%)3,952Chart, Profile, More
KWALITY.BOKWALITY LIMITED115.60 10:57amUp 5.65 (5.14%)134,229Chart, Profile, More
KELLTONTEC.BOKELLTON TECH SOLUTIONS LTD.192.30 10:57amUp 9.35 (5.11%)42,150Chart, More
EASTERNGAS.BOEASTERN GASES LTD.33.00 10:41amUp 1.60 (5.10%)201Chart, Profile, More
BANG.BOBANG OVERSEAS LTD.16.50 10:42amUp 0.80 (5.10%)200Chart, Profile, More
AMDIND.BOAMD INDUSTRIES LTD.27.00 10:48amUp 1.30 (5.06%)2,046Chart, More
LINCPENQ.BOLINC PEN & PLASTICS LTD.211.00 10:48amUp 10.15 (5.05%)8,136Chart, Profile, More
GOLKUNDIA.BOGOLKUNDA DIAMONDS & JEWELLERY19.95 10:01amUp 0.95 (5.00%)48Chart, Profile, More
MEDICAMEQ.BOMEDICAMEN BIOTECH LTD.85.05 10:53amUp 4.05 (5.00%)1,069Chart, Profile, More
FOMEHOT.BOFOMENTO RESORTS & HOTELS LTD.110.25 9:43amUp 5.25 (5.00%)30Chart, Profile, More
RESONANCE.BORESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD.21.00 10:48amUp 1.00 (5.00%)1,000Chart, Profile, More
ELDEHSG.BOELDECO HOUSING & INDUSTRIES LT311.90 10:53amUp 14.85 (5.00%)561Chart, Profile, More
KAKATCEM.BOKAKATIYA CEMENT SUGAR & INDUST447.50 10:53amUp 21.30 (5.00%)66,411Chart, More
MORGANITE.BOMORGANITE CRUCIBLE (INDIA) LTD475.15 10:27amUp 22.60 (4.99%)1,023Chart, Profile, More
MANGALAM.BOMANGALAM DRUGS & ORGANICS LTD.204.05 10:57amUp 9.70 (4.99%)27,560Chart, Profile, More
TATAMETALI.BOTATA METALIKS LTD.247.20 10:52amUp 11.75 (4.99%)67,654Chart, Profile, More
PFLINFOTC.BOPFL INFOTECH LTD.27.35 9:35amUp 1.30 (4.99%)2,251Chart, Profile, More
PIONDIST.BOPIONEER DISTILLERIES LTD.133.65 10:53amUp 6.35 (4.99%)3,557Chart, More
ZENIFIB.BOZENITH FIBRES LTD.146.35 10:37amUp 6.95 (4.99%)1,255Chart, Profile, More
BLUECOAST.BOBLUE COAST HOTELS LTD.81.20 10:26amUp 3.85 (4.98%)10Chart, More
DRAGARWQ.BODR.AGARWALS EYE HOSPITAL LTD.196.20 10:20amUp 9.30 (4.98%)150Chart, Profile, More
PIONEEREMB.BOPIONEER EMBROIDERIES LTD.43.25 10:57amUp 2.05 (4.98%)9,087Chart, More
STOREONE.BOSTORE ONE RETAIL INDIA LIMITED131.00 10:54amUp 6.20 (4.97%)115,740Chart, Profile, More
CENLUB.BOCENLUB INDUSTRIES LTD.24.30 9:59amUp 1.15 (4.97%)775Chart, Profile, More
MAXWELL.BOMAXWELL INDUSTRIES LTD.51.80 10:57amUp 2.45 (4.96%)27,700Chart, More
MAWANASUG.BOMAWANA SUGARS LTD.42.30 10:56amUp 2.00 (4.96%)33,928Chart, Profile, More
SUNILAGR.BOSUNIL AGRO FOODS LTD.48.65 9:59amUp 2.30 (4.96%)1,875Chart, Profile, More
BEMHY.BOBEMCO HYDRAULICS LTD.93.10 10:26amUp 4.40 (4.96%)211Chart, Profile, More
VARDHINDQ.BOVARDHMAN INDUSTRIES LTD.31.75 9:57amUp 1.50 (4.96%)875Chart, Profile, More
GUJINTRX.BOGUJARAT INTRUX LTD.43.40 9:56amUp 2.05 (4.96%)307Chart, Profile, More
HOVS.BOHOV SERVICES LTD.93.20 10:55amUp 4.40 (4.95%)3,724Chart, Profile, More
SUMEDHA.BOSUMEDHA FISCAL SERVICES LTD.13.99 9:17amUp 0.66 (4.95%)1Chart, Profile, More
SUPREMEINF.BOSUPREME INFRASTRUCTURE INDIA L78.95 10:57amUp 3.65 (4.85%)2,314Chart, Profile, More
NILE.BONILE LTD.191.95 10:57amUp 8.70 (4.75%)6,275Chart, Profile, More