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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
WHBRADY.BOW.H.BRADY & CO.LTD.207.70 3:47PMUp 34.60 (19.99%)83,612Chart, Profile, More
IOLCP.BOIOL CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICAL41.55 3:45PMUp 6.90 (19.91%)33,213Chart, More
DECNGOLD.BODECCAN GOLD MINES LTD.43.75 3:51PMUp 7.25 (19.86%)765,319Chart, Profile, More
KALPENA.BOKALPENA INDUSTRIES LTD.103.70 3:41PMUp 16.95 (19.54%)52,465Chart, Profile, More
MIC.BOMIC ELECTRONICS LTD.13.38 3:43PMUp 2.18 (19.46%)3,299,798Chart, Profile, More
ELAND.BOE-Land Apparel Limited26.45 3:59PMUp 3.95 (17.56%)1,116,344Chart, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,152.35 3:25PMUp 145.20 (14.42%)984,047Chart, More
SWITCHTE.BOSWITCHING TECHNOLOGIES GUNTHER111.55 3:00PMUp 12.55 (12.68%)825Chart, Profile, More
JAGSNPHARM.BOJAGSONPAL PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.33.45 3:45PMUp 3.65 (12.25%)170,456Chart, More
RCRL.BORCL RETAIL LTD.12.40 3:25PMUp 1.30 (11.71%)24,000Chart, More
SPMLINFRA.BOSPML INFRA LIMITED77.85 3:19PMUp 7.80 (11.13%)5,494Chart, More
RELIGARE.BORELIGARE ENTERPRISES LTD.385.65 3:55PMUp 36.80 (10.55%)20,658Chart, Profile, More
IGOLD.BOICICI PRUDENTIAL GOLD EXCHANGE2,795.00 4:46PMUp 264.86 (10.47%)25Chart, More
BEDMUTHA.BOBEDMUTHA INDUSTRIES LTD.17.75 3:40PMUp 1.65 (10.25%)6,217Chart, More
NUTRAPR.BONUTRAPLUS PRODUCTS (INDIA) LTD151.90 3:45PMUp 13.80 (9.99%)149,351Chart, Profile, More
RELISH.BORELISH PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.89.49 9:53AMUp 8.13 (9.99%)55Chart, Profile, More
GUJTHEM.BOGUJARAT THEMIS BIOSYN LTD.49.60 3:56PMUp 4.50 (9.98%)38,689Chart, Profile, More
ANISHAIMPEX.BOANISHA IMPEX LTD12.80 2:22PMUp 1.16 (9.97%)20,000Chart, More
SADHNANIQ.BOSADHANA NITROCHEM LTD.16.36 3:14PMUp 1.48 (9.95%)2,731Chart, Profile, More
AURIONPRO.BOAURIONPRO SOLUTIONS LTD.227.50 3:43PMUp 20.50 (9.90%)72,268Chart, Profile, More
SARDAPLY.BOSARDA PLYWOOD INDUSTRIES LTD.36.10 3:29PMUp 3.20 (9.73%)5,880Chart, Profile, More
SHIRPUR-G.BOSHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD.83.20 3:40PMUp 7.20 (9.47%)70,747Chart, More
ANSALBU.BOANSAL BUILDWELL LTD.130.95 3:51PMUp 11.30 (9.44%)194,820Chart, Profile, More
RIBATEX.BORIBA TEXTILES LTD.17.60 3:29PMUp 1.50 (9.32%)14,556Chart, Profile, More
RGNYMIS.BOREGENCY HOSPITAL LTD.56.00 2:08PMUp 4.65 (9.06%)3,199Chart, Profile, More
JUBLINDS.BOJUBILANT INDUSTRIES LTD.97.95 3:25PMUp 7.80 (8.65%)2,957Chart, More
KAJARIR.BOKIC METALIKS LTD.420.00 9:22AMUp 33.30 (8.61%)5Chart, Profile, More
OMMETALS.BOOM METALS INFRAPROJECTS LTD.42.95 3:29PMUp 3.40 (8.60%)14,682Chart, More
SHIVAAGRO.BOSHIVA GLOBAL AGRO INDUSTRIES L21.20 2:21PMUp 1.65 (8.44%)1,113Chart, More
GTNINDS.BOGTN INDUSTRIES LTD.10.99 2:30PMUp 0.85 (8.38%)1,264Chart, Profile, More
DHOOTIN.BODHOOT INDUSTRIAL FINANCE LTD.16.96 11:00AMUp 1.29 (8.23%)1,500Chart, Profile, More
SOMICONV.BOSOMI CONVEYOR BELTINGS LTD.50.05 3:27PMUp 3.75 (8.10%)111,780Chart, Profile, More
IMCAP.BOIM+ CAPITALS LIMITED41.30 3:29PMUp 3.05 (7.97%)1,045Chart, More
DUKEOFS.BODUKE OFFSHORE LTD.25.25 3:28PMUp 1.85 (7.91%)780Chart, Profile, More
VIPPYSP.BOVIPPY SPINPRO LTD.19.95 3:15PMUp 1.45 (7.84%)142Chart, Profile, More
ALFREDHE.BOALFRED HERBERT (INDIA) LTD.399.00 3:20PMUp 29.00 (7.84%)237Chart, Profile, More
REPRO.BOREPRO INDIA LTD.424.00 3:29PMUp 30.70 (7.81%)16,680Chart, Profile, More
SIKA.BOSIKA INTERPLANT SYSTEMS LTD.168.20 3:44PMUp 12.00 (7.68%)26,005Chart, Profile, More
NATPLASTI.BONATIONAL PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES21.20 1:28PMUp 1.50 (7.61%)665Chart, Profile, More
RELIGAREGO.BORELIGARE INVESCO GOLD EXCHANGE2,664.00 5:00PMUp 183.00 (7.38%)64Chart, More
POWERGRID6.BOPOWER GRID CORPORATION OF INDI160.20 3:29PMUp 11.00 (7.37%)1,044,744Chart, More
SAWABUSI.BOSAWACA BUSINESS MACHINES LTD.156.00 3:27PMUp 10.70 (7.36%)99,126Chart, Profile, More
KIRANVYPAR.BOKIRAN VYAPAR LTD87.00 3:12PMUp 5.90 (7.27%)106Chart, More
NYSSACORP.BONYSSA CORPORATION LIMITED60.90 3:18PMUp 4.05 (7.12%)3,999Chart, More
TCIDEVELOP.BOTCI DEVELOPERS LTD.305.00 2:16PMUp 20.00 (7.02%)94Chart, More
DEN.BODEN NETWORKS LTD125.20 3:54PMUp 8.20 (7.01%)87,489Chart, Profile, More
VALIANT.BOVALIANT COMMUNICATIONS LTD.32.35 3:29PMUp 2.10 (6.94%)42,748Chart, Profile, More
IDBIGOLD.BOIDBI MUTUAL FUND - IDBI GOLD E2,727.00 4:50PMUp 177.00 (6.94%)28Chart, More
HIPOLIN.BOHIPOLIN LTD.35.80 3:28PMUp 2.30 (6.87%)461Chart, Profile, More
NAGREEKEXP.BONAGREEKA EXPORTS LTD.24.25 3:25PMUp 1.50 (6.59%)15Chart, More
ALUFLUOR.BOALUFLUORIDE LTD.13.90 2:15PMUp 0.85 (6.51%)1Chart, Profile, More
NIKKIGL.BONIKKI GLOBAL FINANCE LTD.50.00 3:29PMUp 3.05 (6.50%)644Chart, Profile, More
SURYAMARK.BOSURYA MARKETING LTD50.00 3:53PMUp 3.05 (6.50%)60,000Chart, More
RMCL.BORADHA MADHAV CORPORATION LTD.33.85 3:45PMUp 2.05 (6.45%)260,617Chart, Profile, More
KAVVERITEL.BOKAVVERI TELECOM PRODUCTS LTD.15.00 3:17PMUp 0.90 (6.38%)1,040Chart, More
PRIMAPLA.BOPRIMA PLASTICS LTD.62.65 3:29PMUp 3.75 (6.37%)18,357Chart, Profile, More
VSSL.BOVARDHMAN SPECIAL STEELS LTD.36.95 3:22PMUp 2.20 (6.33%)370Chart, More
SYSTMTXC.BOSYSTEMATIX CORPORATE SERVICES32.00 2:27PMUp 1.90 (6.31%)301Chart, Profile, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD28.70 11:49AMUp 1.70 (6.30%)146Chart, More
WELPROJ.BOWELSPUN PROJECTS LTD.32.95 3:20PMUp 1.95 (6.29%)7,468Chart, More
AMAL.BOAMAL LTD.24.70 3:12PMUp 1.45 (6.24%)14,218Chart, Profile, More
CAPITALT.BOCAPITAL TRUST LTD.238.90 3:29PMUp 13.80 (6.13%)9,091Chart, Profile, More
MAHABIR.BOMahabir Metallex Limited13.00 3:02PMUp 0.75 (6.12%)20,000Chart, More
HBSTOCK.BOHB STOCKHOLDINGS LTD.12.48 3:14PMUp 0.72 (6.12%)56Chart, Profile, More
GOLDIAM.BOGOLDIAM INTERNATIONAL LTD.24.40 3:27PMUp 1.40 (6.09%)112Chart, More
HINDHARD.BOHINDUSTAN HARDY SPICER LTD.100.10 3:58PMUp 5.70 (6.04%)746Chart, Profile, More
RISHILASE.BORISHI LASER LTD.16.00 2:03PMUp 0.91 (6.03%)528Chart, Profile, More
AJANTSOY.BOAJANTA SOYA LTD.15.59 3:24PMUp 0.88 (5.98%)7,776Chart, Profile, More
INDICAP.BOINDITRADE CAPITAL LIMITED21.30 3:52PMUp 1.20 (5.97%)3,996Chart, More
AVONMORE.BOAVONMORE CAPITAL & MANAGEMENT18.00 1:20PMUp 1.01 (5.94%)2,400Chart, More
MEDIAONE.BOMEDIAONE GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT15.30 3:26PMUp 0.85 (5.88%)1,850Chart, Profile, More
ARCHIDPLY.BOARCHIDPLY INDUSTRIES LTD.37.20 3:43PMUp 2.05 (5.83%)21,249Chart, Profile, More
CMMHOSP.BOCHENNAI MEENAKSHI MULTISPECIAL12.95 3:15PMUp 0.70 (5.71%)250Chart, Profile, More
SESHAPAPER.BOSESHASAYEE PAPER & BOARDS LTD.200.00 2:53PMUp 10.80 (5.71%)33Chart, More
AMDIND.BOAMD INDUSTRIES LTD.23.25 3:27PMUp 1.25 (5.68%)34Chart, More
LLOYDELENG.BOLLOYD ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING L220.70 3:44PMUp 11.80 (5.65%)229,380Chart, More
ORISSASP.BOORISSA SPONGE IRON & STEEL LTD147.90 1:44PMUp 7.80 (5.57%)630Chart, Profile, More
PRANAVSP.BOPRANAVADITYA SPINNING MILLS LT28.90 3:24PMUp 1.50 (5.47%)70Chart, Profile, More
NRAGRINDQ.BON.R.AGARWAL INDUSTRIES LTD.21.50 3:12PMUp 1.10 (5.39%)3,819Chart, Profile, More
GOKEX.BOGOKALDAS EXPORTS LTD.62.35 3:43PMUp 3.15 (5.32%)34,756Chart, More
JSTL.BOJeevan Scientific Technology L18.23 3:29PMUp 0.92 (5.31%)6,091Chart, More
INDLMETER.BOIMP POWERS LTD.80.00 2:57PMUp 4.00 (5.26%)1,826Chart, More
YUKEN.BOYUKEN INDIA LTD.279.00 2:24PMUp 13.90 (5.24%)580Chart, Profile, More
KITEX.BOKITEX GARMENTS LTD.755.50 3:50PMUp 37.55 (5.23%)67,979Chart, More
AIFL.BOASHAPURA INTIMATES FASHION LTD238.00 2:49PMUp 11.80 (5.22%)41,000Chart, More
STAMPEDE.BOSTAMPEDE CAPITAL LIMITED282.50 3:41PMUp 13.90 (5.17%)142,871Chart, More
TITAN6.BOTITAN COMPANY LTD415.00 11:11AMUp 20.35 (5.16%)50,000Chart, More
SAVERA.BOSAVERA INDUSTRIES LTD.40.00 1:50PMUp 1.95 (5.12%)150Chart, More
PHOTOQUP.BOPHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD.29.75 11:34AMUp 1.45 (5.12%)364Chart, Profile, More
TCIIND.BOTCI INDUSTRIES LTD.1,261.00 3:25PMUp 61.00 (5.08%)143Chart, Profile, More
DCMSRMIND.BODCM SHRIRAM INDUSTRIES LTD.81.95 3:29PMUp 3.95 (5.06%)2,452Chart, More
KSLIND.BOKSL AND INDUSTRIES LTD.18.70 3:23PMUp 0.90 (5.06%)1,610Chart, Profile, More
GGDANDE.BOG.G.DANDEKAR MACHINE WORKS LTD65.70 1:31PMUp 3.15 (5.04%)471Chart, Profile, More
DUTRON.BODUTRON POLYMERS LTD.39.90 3:29PMUp 1.90 (5.00%)47Chart, Profile, More
UTTAMSUGAR.BOUTTAM SUGAR MILLS LTD.12.60 3:10PMUp 0.60 (5.00%)110Chart, More
ADIEXRE.BOADINATH EXIM RESOURCES LTD.14.91 1:46PMUp 0.71 (5.00%)400Chart, Profile, More
DHINDIA.BOD&H INDIA LTD21.00 2:27PMUp 1.00 (5.00%)1,950Chart, More
JEYPORE.BOJEYPORE SUGAR COMPANY LTD.73.50 3:18PMUp 3.50 (5.00%)45Chart, Profile, More