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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ORIBEVER.BOORIENT BEVERAGES LTD.144.30 3:16pmUp 24.05 (20.00%)16,354Chart, More
ACFSL.BOAMRAPALI CAPITAL AND FINANCE S39.90 1:25pmUp 6.60 (19.82%)48,000Chart, More
RPGLIFE.BORPG LIFE SCIENCES LTD.352.50 3:42pmUp 55.65 (18.75%)247,505Chart, More
AIRL.BOAnubhav Industrial Resources L23.63 3:28pmUp 3.66 (18.33%)8,927Chart, More
ADFFOODS.BOADF FOODS LTD.114.00 3:54pmUp 17.30 (17.89%)1,053,096Chart, More
TIMETECHNO.BOTIME TECHNOPLAST LTD.58.75 3:53pmUp 8.60 (17.15%)872,964Chart, More
ORTINLAABS.BOORTIN LABORATORIES LTD22.50 3:46pmUp 3.10 (15.98%)385,038Chart, More
SUKHJITS.BOSUKHJIT STARCH & CHEMICALS LTD342.55 3:52pmUp 44.60 (14.97%)116,559Chart, More
SATIN.BOSATIN CREDITCARE NETWORK LIMIT685.25 3:44pmUp 87.85 (14.71%)305,843Chart, More
RAJGLOWIR.BORAJRATAN GLOBAL WIRE LTD.441.30 3:55pmUp 56.50 (14.68%)61,166Chart, More
ORISSAMINE.BOORISSA MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CO2,337.55 3:48pmUp 289.05 (14.11%)49,383Chart, More
JSL.BOJINDAL STAINLESS LTD.19.15 3:49pmUp 2.35 (13.99%)1,336,234Chart, More
LUDLOWJUT.BOLUDLOW JUTE & SPECIALITIES LTD70.50 3:47pmUp 8.35 (13.44%)76,794Chart, More
VLSFINANCE.BOVLS FINANCE LTD.55.15 3:51pmUp 6.45 (13.24%)474,558Chart, More
CGVAK.BOCG-VAK SOFTWARE & EXPORTS LTD.35.15 3:49pmUp 3.75 (11.94%)7,074Chart, More
RENUKA.BOSHREE RENUKA SUGARS LTD.18.10 3:56pmUp 1.80 (11.04%)8,672,854Chart, More
SPICEMOBI.BOSPICE MOBILITY LIMITED18.30 3:47pmUp 1.70 (10.24%)73,894Chart, More
SUDARSCHEM.BOSUDARSHAN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES310.10 3:57pmUp 28.15 (9.98%)377,229Chart, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD44.20 2:12pmUp 4.00 (9.95%)21,638Chart, More
VAMA.BOVAMA INDUSTRIES LTD.28.35 3:27pmUp 2.55 (9.88%)31Chart, More
VISAKAIND.BOVISAKA INDUSTRIES LTD.165.40 3:48pmUp 14.75 (9.79%)273,358Chart, More
AFEL.BOA.F. ENTERPRISES LTD11.39 3:29pmUp 1.01 (9.73%)106,780Chart, More
OLPCL.BOOLYMPIC CARDS LTD.21.45 3:29pmUp 1.90 (9.72%)34,916Chart, More
JINDALSTEL.BOJINDAL STEEL & POWER LTD.88.15 3:58pmUp 7.80 (9.71%)11,852,766Chart, More
GANDHITUBE.BOGANDHI SPECIAL TUBES LTD.284.75 3:47pmUp 24.75 (9.52%)6,073Chart, More
KIRLFER.BOKIRLOSKAR FERROUS INDUSTRIES L82.15 3:43pmUp 6.55 (8.66%)783,352Chart, More
L&TFH.BOL&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LTD.85.10 3:56pmUp 6.70 (8.55%)4,483,970Chart, More
NAHARINDUS.BONAHAR INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES L119.00 3:48pmUp 8.95 (8.13%)494,652Chart, More
TNPL.BOTAMIL NADU NEWSPRINT & PAPERS300.40 3:47pmUp 22.30 (8.02%)185,505Chart, More
VCU.BOVCU DATA MANAGEMENT LTD16.31 10:05amUp 1.21 (8.01%)3,000Chart, More
ANILLTD.BOANIL LTD.276.15 3:58pmUp 20.05 (7.83%)43,570Chart, More
SIPL.BOSHELTER INFRA PROJECTS LTD.14.00 3:15pmUp 1.00 (7.69%)184Chart, More
IMFA.BOINDIAN METALS & FERRO ALLOYS L150.50 3:55pmUp 10.75 (7.69%)26,182Chart, More
VADILALIND.BOVADILAL INDUSTRIES LTD.683.30 3:40pmUp 48.80 (7.69%)35,764Chart, More
TASTYBIT.BOTASTY BITE EATABLES LTD.2,950.00 3:29pmUp 209.25 (7.63%)6,964Chart, More
INDIANHUME.BOINDIAN HUME PIPE CO.LTD.453.45 3:48pmUp 32.05 (7.61%)26,778Chart, More
SEAMECLTD.BOSEAMEC LTD.113.35 3:52pmUp 8.00 (7.59%)50,509Chart, More
MALUPAPER.BOMALU PAPER MILLS LTD.16.03 3:52pmUp 1.13 (7.58%)72,426Chart, More
CMI.BOCMI LTD.210.55 3:45pmUp 14.80 (7.56%)43,394Chart, More
TRANSFD.BOTRANSGLOBE FOODS LTD.58.50 3:29pmUp 4.10 (7.54%)1,971Chart, More
MUTHOOTFIN.BOMUTHOOT FINANCE LTD.308.80 3:48pmUp 21.55 (7.50%)277,343Chart, More
KSL.BOKALYANI STEELS LTD.253.15 3:58pmUp 17.45 (7.40%)471,643Chart, More
MERCATOR.BOMERCATOR LTD.45.25 3:58pmUp 3.10 (7.35%)992,459Chart, More
RATHIGRA.BORATHI GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIES LTD12.00 12:19pmUp 0.81 (7.24%)3,000Chart, More
GAEL.BOGUJARAT AMBUJA EXPORTS LTD.74.30 3:57pmUp 4.95 (7.14%)304,600Chart, More
NAHARPOLY.BONAHAR POLYFILMS LTD.59.20 3:42pmUp 3.90 (7.05%)97,170Chart, More
JMFINANCIL.BOJM FINANCIAL LTD.75.30 3:49pmUp 4.95 (7.04%)1,601,964Chart, More
RASOI.BORASOI LTD.1,051.95 3:43pmUp 68.95 (7.01%)373Chart, More
HIRECT.BOHIND RECTIFIERS LTD.82.35 3:53pmUp 5.35 (6.95%)21,159Chart, More
HIMIN.BOHIMALYA INTERNATIONAL LTD.11.72 3:49pmUp 0.76 (6.93%)1,851,323Chart, More
BODHTREE.BOBodhtree Consulting Limited31.80 3:59pmUp 2.05 (6.89%)37,111Chart, More
ORTEL.BOOrtel Communications Limited178.40 1:19pmUp 11.40 (6.83%)400Chart, More
SPICEJET.BOSPICEJET LTD.66.25 3:55pmUp 4.20 (6.77%)11,365,889Chart, More
INVPRECQ.BOINVESTMENT & PRECISION CASTING167.35 3:48pmUp 10.60 (6.76%)61,012Chart, More
TCIDEVELOP.BOTCI DEVELOPERS LTD.360.00 3:15pmUp 22.50 (6.67%)2Chart, More
COMPUAGE.BOCOMPUAGE INFOCOM LTD.168.15 3:43pmUp 10.50 (6.66%)18,350Chart, Profile, More
WALCHPF.BOWALCHAND PEOPLEFIRST LTD.155.15 3:29pmUp 9.65 (6.63%)2,467Chart, Profile, More
MURUDCERA.BOMURUDESHWAR CERAMICS LTD.27.10 3:46pmUp 1.65 (6.48%)96,942Chart, More
EDELWEISS.BOEDELWEISS FINANCIAL SERVICES L94.25 3:58pmUp 5.70 (6.44%)1,045,423Chart, Profile, More
MSRINDIA.BOMSR INDIA LTD.82.85 3:29pmUp 4.85 (6.22%)31,661Chart, More
KINGFA.BO1,229.00 3:49pmUp 71.30 (6.16%)31,914Chart, More
IMPAL.BOINDIA MOTOR PARTS & ACCESSORIE790.80 3:17pmUp 44.75 (6.00%)602Chart, More
SAKTHIFIN.BOSAKTHI FINANCE LTD.39.00 3:42pmUp 2.20 (5.98%)43,412Chart, More
UTTAMSTL.BOUTTAM GALVA STEELS LTD.34.25 3:57pmUp 1.90 (5.87%)774,231Chart, More
TRIVENI.BOTRIVENI ENGINEERING & INDUSTRI62.25 3:48pmUp 3.45 (5.87%)401,108Chart, More
WIMPLAST.BOWIM PLAST LTD.2,460.35 3:47pmUp 136.10 (5.86%)12,304Chart, More
GRNLAMIND.BOGreenlam Industries Ltd744.25 3:51pmUp 41.10 (5.85%)10,894Chart, More
DATAMATICS.BODATAMATICS GLOBAL SERVICES LTD69.15 3:55pmUp 3.75 (5.73%)93,475Chart, More
FAZE3Q.BOFAZE THREE LTD.26.40 3:18pmUp 1.40 (5.60%)475Chart, More
EDUCOMP.BOEDUCOMP SOLUTIONS LTD.14.05 3:58pmUp 0.74 (5.56%)908,296Chart, More
FLEXITUFF.BOFLEXITUFF INTERNATIONAL LTD.209.15 3:13pmUp 10.95 (5.52%)17,808Chart, More
NAHARCAP.BONAHAR CAPITAL & FINANCIAL SERV89.85 3:30pmUp 4.70 (5.52%)52,762Chart, More
ESSARSHPNG.BOESSAR SHIPPING LTD.26.80 3:46pmUp 1.40 (5.51%)100,087Chart, More
GKB.BOGKB OPHTHALMICS LTD.72.95 3:42pmUp 3.80 (5.50%)1,911Chart, More
UPL.BOUPL LIMITED609.25 3:53pmUp 31.70 (5.49%)589,272Chart, More
TREEHOUSE.BOTREE HOUSE EDUCATION & ACCESSO40.00 3:29pmUp 2.05 (5.40%)183,401Chart, More
INDICAP.BOINDITRADE CAPITAL LIMITED32.25 3:41pmUp 1.65 (5.39%)171,035Chart, More
CROMPGREAV.BOCROMPTON GREAVES LTD.76.60 3:55pmUp 3.90 (5.36%)642,795Chart, More
BIRLAMONEY.BOADITYA BIRLA MONEY LTD.29.85 3:54pmUp 1.50 (5.29%)90,262Chart, More
INGERRAND.BOINGERSOLL-RAND (INDIA) LTD.756.45 3:53pmUp 36.75 (5.11%)32,764Chart, More
VIJAYTX.BOVIJAY TEXTILES LTD.31.05 3:28pmUp 1.50 (5.08%)20,392Chart, Profile, More
JETKINGQ.BOJETKING INFOTRAIN LTD.50.00 3:46pmUp 2.40 (5.04%)4,088Chart, More
BETXIND.BOBETEX INDIA LTD.50.40 2:59pmUp 2.40 (5.00%)101Chart, More
GOLDCORP.BOGOLDCREST CORPORATION LIMITED40.95 3:16pmUp 1.95 (5.00%)2,215Chart, More
POLYCHEM.BOPOLYCHEM LTD.395.85 3:11pmUp 18.85 (5.00%)225Chart, More
ROSELABS.BOROSELABS FINANCE LTD.42.00 12:25pmUp 2.00 (5.00%)10,566Chart, More
THAKDEV.BOTHAKKERS DEVELOPERS LTD.73.50 2:55pmUp 3.50 (5.00%)100Chart, More
AKSPINTEX.BOA.K. Spintex Ltd.49.35 2:52pmUp 2.35 (5.00%)1Chart, More
GUJPETR.BOGUJARAT PETROSYNTHESE LTD.16.80 2:28pmUp 0.80 (5.00%)159Chart, Profile, More
DENORA.BODE NORA INDIA LTD.412.85 3:40pmUp 19.65 (5.00%)21,539Chart, More
KEERTHI.BOKEERTHI INDUSTRIES LTD.148.55 3:20pmUp 7.05 (4.98%)2,908Chart, Profile, More
AMULEAS.BOAMULYA LEASING & FINANCE LTD.189.85 3:53pmUp 8.85 (4.89%)30,271Chart, More
NIRAJ.BONIRAJ CEMENT STRUCTURALS LTD.11.87 3:17pmUp 0.55 (4.86%)11,172Chart, More
UJJIVAN.BOUjjivan Financial Services Lim483.05 3:51pmUp 22.30 (4.84%)629,029Chart, More
PRIMEURB.BOPRIME URBAN DEVELOPMENT INDIA39.05 3:26pmUp 1.80 (4.83%)4,451Chart, More
JISLJALEQS.BOJAIN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS LTD.73.30 3:58pmUp 3.35 (4.79%)872,567Chart, More
TCPLPACK.BOTCPL PACKAGING LTD.722.35 3:44pmUp 32.90 (4.77%)6,264Chart, More
INFRATEL.BOBHARTI INFRATEL LTD.379.30 3:29pmUp 16.90 (4.66%)192,720Chart, More
PTCIL.BOPTC Industries Ltd.211.00 3:29pmUp 9.40 (4.66%)473Chart, More