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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED116.75 7 Jul 3:45pmUp 28.75 (32.67%)85,254Chart, More
ENKEIWHEL.BOENKEI WHEELS (INDIA) LTD.223.80 3:43pmUp 37.30 (20.00%)215,195Chart, More
JASCH.BOJASCH INDUSTRIES LTD.27.60 2:50pmUp 4.60 (20.00%)51,786Chart, Profile, More
SINCLAIR.BOSINCLAIRS HOTELS LTD.396.00 3:09pmUp 66.00 (20.00%)13,031Chart, Profile, More
ZFSTEERING.BOZ.F.STEERING GEAR (INDIA) LTD.1,848.50 3:44pmUp 308.00 (19.99%)52,149Chart, More
DECNGOLD.BODECCAN GOLD MINES LTD.78.05 3:43pmUp 13.00 (19.98%)1,333,686Chart, Profile, More
MAFATIND.BOMAFATLAL INDUSTRIES LTD.285.30 3:59pmUp 47.50 (19.97%)62,139Chart, Profile, More
TIRUMALCHM.BOTHIRUMALAI CHEMICALS LTD.240.40 3:41pmUp 40.00 (19.96%)321,771Chart, More
SUDTIND-B.BOSUDITI INDUSTRIES LTD.28.55 3:43pmUp 4.75 (19.96%)55,590Chart, Profile, More
SPLIL.BOSPL INDUSTRIES LTD.14.61 1:34pmUp 2.43 (19.95%)17,966Chart, Profile, More
KINETICENG.BOKINETIC ENGINEERING LTD.70.95 3:18pmUp 11.80 (19.95%)60,597Chart, More
MEDICAPQ.BOMEDI-CAPS LTD.24.00 3:41pmUp 3.99 (19.94%)233,997Chart, Profile, More
PRANAVSP.BOPRANAVADITYA SPINNING MILLS LT42.45 3:16pmUp 7.05 (19.92%)15,253Chart, Profile, More
NAGREEKEXP.BONAGREEKA EXPORTS LTD.34.65 3:18pmUp 5.75 (19.90%)94,061Chart, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD43.15 3:57pmUp 7.15 (19.86%)59,843Chart, More
ELECTHERM.BOELECTROTHERM (INDIA) LTD.33.50 3:23pmUp 5.55 (19.86%)36,498Chart, More
GUJBOROS.BOGUJARAT BOROSIL LTD.28.35 3:53pmUp 4.65 (19.62%)569,101Chart, Profile, More
QUASAR.BOQUASAR INDIA LTD51.70 3:21pmUp 8.10 (18.58%)55,835Chart, More
MAJESAUT.BOMAJESTIC AUTO LTD.83.40 3:40pmUp 13.05 (18.55%)156,654Chart, Profile, More
TIGERLOGS.BOTIGER LOGISTICS (INDIA) LTD234.50 3:26pmUp 35.50 (17.84%)6,000Chart, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,308.60 3:29pmUp 197.40 (17.76%)735,402Chart, More
KAMADGIRI.BOKAMADGIRI FASHION LTD.93.50 3:29pmUp 13.70 (17.17%)16,516Chart, More
PANAENERG.BOPANASONIC ENERGY INDIA COMPANY394.60 3:58pmUp 57.40 (17.02%)258,982Chart, Profile, More
UFLEX.BOUFLEX LTD.186.00 3:59pmUp 26.60 (16.69%)782,511Chart, Profile, More
SHILGRAVQ.BOSHILP GRAVURES LTD.67.75 3:47pmUp 9.60 (16.51%)49,524Chart, Profile, More
LIFELINE.BOLIFELINE DRUGS & PHARMA LTD.230.70 3:29pmUp 31.70 (15.93%)19,038Chart, More
COSMOFILMS.BOCOSMO FILMS LTD.171.20 3:49pmUp 23.20 (15.68%)342,407Chart, Profile, More
MODAIRY.BOMODERN DAIRIES LTD.16.41 3:41pmUp 2.21 (15.56%)157,680Chart, Profile, More
JOSTS.BOJOSTS ENGINEERING CO.LTD.1,016.25 3:44pmUp 136.50 (15.52%)2,362Chart, Profile, More
CANTABIL.BOCANTABIL RETAIL INDIA LTD.74.75 3:59pmUp 9.85 (15.18%)66,514Chart, More
COMPEAU.BOCOMPETENT AUTOMOBILES CO.LTD.200.90 3:29pmUp 25.80 (14.73%)13,856Chart, Profile, More
AKSHOPTFBR.BOAKSH OPTIFIBRE LTD.18.55 3:59pmUp 2.35 (14.51%)3,809,726Chart, Profile, More
ALPSMOTOR.BOALPS MOTOR FINANCE LTD45.50 3:29pmUp 5.75 (14.47%)90,731Chart, More
RJL.BORENAISSANCE JEWELLERY LTD.71.40 3:51pmUp 9.00 (14.42%)54,279Chart, Profile, More
SUPERHOUSE.BOSUPERHOUSE LTD.244.80 3:59pmUp 30.20 (14.07%)30,059Chart, More
AARYAGLOBL.BOAARYA GLOBAL SHARES AND SECURI17.70 3:57pmUp 2.15 (13.83%)1,229,131Chart, More
HFCL.BOHIMACHAL FUTURISTIC COMMUNICAT15.03 3:58pmUp 1.80 (13.61%)3,074,232Chart, Profile, More
MANALIPETC.BOMANALI PETROCHEMICAL LTD.35.60 3:59pmUp 4.25 (13.56%)1,932,595Chart, More
GULPOLY.BOGULSHAN POLYOLS LTD.387.60 3:58pmUp 45.30 (13.23%)28,345Chart, Profile, More
MAHINDCIE.BOMAHINDRA CIE AUTOMOTIVE LIMITE296.15 3:58pmUp 34.40 (13.14%)596,714Chart, More
WELENT.BOWELSPUN ENTERPRISES LIMTED70.05 3:52pmUp 8.10 (13.08%)365,359Chart, More
PITTILAM.BOPITTI LAMINATIONS LTD.80.10 3:56pmUp 9.10 (12.82%)231,768Chart, More
TRIDENT.BOTRIDENT LTD.41.80 3:58pmUp 4.70 (12.67%)1,844,375Chart, More
ORISSAMINE.BOORISSA MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CO2,930.00 3:57pmUp 326.50 (12.54%)47,711Chart, More
STEELCAS.BOSTEELCAST LTD.53.50 3:55pmUp 5.90 (12.39%)137,789Chart, Profile, More
CAMEXLTD.BOCAMEX LTD.25.85 3:29pmUp 2.85 (12.39%)12,001Chart, Profile, More
EMKAY.BOEMKAY GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERVICE66.75 3:57pmUp 7.30 (12.28%)12,043Chart, More
SUZLON.BOSUZLON ENERGY LTD.24.45 3:59pmUp 2.55 (11.64%)29,844,228Chart, Profile, More
SANJIVIN.BOSANJIVANI PARANTERAL LTD.20.75 3:26pmUp 2.15 (11.56%)8,350Chart, Profile, More
KSK.BOKSK ENERGY VENTURES LTD.47.15 3:55pmUp 4.85 (11.47%)286,358Chart, Profile, More
IGPL.BOI G PETROCHEMICALS LTD.166.70 3:59pmUp 17.05 (11.39%)361,599Chart, More
SHIRPUR-G.BOSHIRPUR GOLD REFINERY LTD.70.55 3:51pmUp 7.20 (11.37%)15,534Chart, More
RUBYMILLS.BORUBY MILLS LTD.473.40 3:45pmUp 47.90 (11.26%)63,791Chart, More
SUNTV.BOSUN TV NETWORK LTD.374.30 3:47pmUp 37.75 (11.22%)1,585,879Chart, Profile, More
ZWELCAST.BOWELCAST STEELS LTD.495.00 1:08pmUp 49.70 (11.16%)75Chart, Profile, More
DAICHI.BODAI-ICHI KARKARIA LTD.399.30 3:52pmUp 39.80 (11.07%)94,229Chart, Profile, More
PATELSAI.BOPATELS AIRTEMP (INDIA) LTD.152.50 3:29pmUp 15.10 (10.99%)19,000Chart, Profile, More
METROGLOBL.BOMETROGLOBAL LIMITED74.45 3:59pmUp 7.20 (10.71%)833,912Chart, More
ONWARDTEC.BOONWARD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.83.85 3:55pmUp 8.05 (10.62%)92,952Chart, More
INDSILHYD.BOINDSIL HYDRO POWER AND MANGANE40.30 3:43pmUp 3.85 (10.56%)15,230Chart, Profile, More
KANPRPLA.BOKANPUR PLASTIPACK LTD.133.40 3:59pmUp 12.65 (10.48%)88,801Chart, Profile, More
IMCAP.BOIM+ CAPITALS LIMITED33.90 12:30pmUp 3.20 (10.42%)5,402Chart, More
AURIONPRO.BOAURIONPRO SOLUTIONS LTD.237.40 3:57pmUp 22.40 (10.42%)72,567Chart, Profile, More
SSDUNC.BOSCHRADER DUNCAN LTD.92.45 3:29pmUp 8.65 (10.32%)3,227Chart, Profile, More
RAJOOENG.BORAJOO ENGINEERS LTD.17.90 3:46pmUp 1.66 (10.22%)496,911Chart, Profile, More
ASL.BOARIHANT SUPERSTRUCTURES LIMITE39.10 3:27pmUp 3.60 (10.14%)33,299Chart, More
POLYPLEX.BOPOLYPLEX CORPORATION LTD.264.60 3:48pmUp 24.20 (10.07%)88,095Chart, Profile, More
ICIL.BOINDO COUNT INDUSTRIES LTD.918.50 3:55pmUp 83.75 (10.03%)68,704Chart, More
MRSS.BOMajestic Research Services and29.70 10:11amUp 2.70 (10.00%)130,000Chart, More
ULTRACAB.BOUltracab (India) Limited128.70 1:59pmUp 11.70 (10.00%)15,000Chart, More
FORCEMOT.BOFORCE MOTORS LTD.2,856.25 3:58pmUp 259.65 (10.00%)357,410Chart, Profile, More
GKB.BOGKB OPHTHALMICS LTD.77.05 3:27pmUp 7.00 (9.99%)3,598Chart, Profile, More
SUNSHIEL.BOSUNSHIELD CHEMICALS LTD.587.25 3:25pmUp 53.35 (9.99%)14,896Chart, Profile, More
TANLA.BOTANLA SOLUTIONS LTD.30.30 3:40pmUp 2.75 (9.98%)897,797Chart, Profile, More
DIAMINESQ.BODIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD.45.80 3:03pmUp 4.15 (9.96%)21,593Chart, Profile, More
V2RETAIL.BOV2 RETAIL LTD.81.15 2:50pmUp 7.35 (9.96%)16,160Chart, More
NITINSPIN.BONITIN SPINNERS LTD.96.10 3:49pmUp 8.70 (9.95%)465,482Chart, Profile, More
TYCHE.BOTYCHE INDUSTRIES LTD.54.15 3:29pmUp 4.90 (9.95%)209,994Chart, Profile, More
PTL.BOPTL ENTERPRISES LTD.53.75 3:29pmUp 4.85 (9.92%)88,467Chart, Profile, More
TANFACIND.BOTANFAC INDUSTRIES LTD.28.85 3:11pmUp 2.60 (9.90%)4,400Chart, More
FILATEX.BOFILATEX INDIA LTD.42.20 3:57pmUp 3.80 (9.90%)113,859Chart, Profile, More
TIRSARJ.BOTIRUPATI SARJAN LTD.21.85 3:13pmUp 1.96 (9.85%)19,263Chart, Profile, More
UPERGANGES.BOUPPER GANGES SUGAR & INDUSTRIE42.45 2:11pmUp 3.80 (9.83%)2Chart, More
PASUPTAC.BOPASUPATI ACRYLON LTD.12.66 3:53pmUp 1.13 (9.80%)207,556Chart, Profile, More
MHRIL.BOMAHINDRA HOLIDAYS & RESORTS IN315.40 3:48pmUp 28.15 (9.80%)149,600Chart, Profile, More
INDRAIND.BOIndra Industries Ltd.40.45 3:47pmUp 3.60 (9.77%)98,053Chart, More
MEDICAMEQ.BOMEDICAMEN BIOTECH LTD.18.60 2:50pmUp 1.65 (9.73%)4,519Chart, Profile, More
SWISSGLA.BOSWISS GLASCOAT EQUIPMENTS LTD.123.30 3:29pmUp 10.90 (9.70%)27,503Chart, Profile, More
PEARLPOLY.BOPEARL POLYMERS LTD.17.20 3:07pmUp 1.52 (9.69%)7,410Chart, More
INTELLECT.BOINTELLECT DESIGN ARENA LIMITED153.25 3:54pmUp 13.45 (9.62%)1,425,119Chart, More
ITI.BOITI LTD.28.70 3:54pmUp 2.50 (9.54%)370,080Chart, Profile, More
MACPLASQ.BOMACHINO PLASTICS LTD.132.40 3:54pmUp 11.35 (9.38%)21,066Chart, Profile, More
NETTLINX.BONETTLINX LTD.24.50 11:25amUp 2.10 (9.38%)50Chart, Profile, More
RSWM.BORSWM LTD.383.80 3:54pmUp 32.80 (9.34%)208,350Chart, More
LOVABLE.BOLOVABLE LINGERIE LTD.314.50 3:47pmUp 26.80 (9.32%)194,655Chart, More
HIGHENE.BOHIGH ENERGY BATTERIES (INDIA)177.90 3:46pmUp 15.10 (9.28%)706Chart, Profile, More
INDGELA.BOINDIA GELATINE & CHEMICALS LTD98.95 3:29pmUp 8.35 (9.22%)23,685Chart, Profile, More
INDOTECH.BOINDO TECH TRANSFORMERS LTD.188.80 3:29pmUp 15.90 (9.20%)19,229Chart, Profile, More
UTTAMSTL.BOUTTAM GALVA STEELS LTD.37.50 3:48pmUp 3.15 (9.17%)181,533Chart, More
RAJESHEXPO.BORAJESH EXPORTS LTD.567.05 3:56pmUp 47.50 (9.14%)803,573Chart, More