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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED116.75 7 Jul 3:45pmUp 28.75 (32.67%)85,254Chart, More
HATHWAY6.BOHATHWAY CABLE & DATACOM LTD52.00 6 Jul 11:52amUp 12.25 (30.82%)50,000Chart, More
DECNGOLD.BODECCAN GOLD MINES LTD.38.70 3:49pmUp 8.31 (27.34%)462,847Chart, Profile, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,198.70 3:24pmUp 203.05 (20.39%)366,641Chart, More
CAREERP.BOCAREER POINT LTD.125.00 3:22pmUp 20.80 (19.96%)161,277Chart, More
ROSSELLIND.BOROSSELL INDIA LTD.112.40 3:55pmUp 18.55 (19.77%)47,702Chart, More
CYBERTECH.BOCYBERTECH SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE37.55 3:40pmUp 5.20 (16.07%)32,952Chart, More
WEIZFOREX.BOWEIZMANN FOREX LTD.240.80 3:59pmUp 33.00 (15.88%)1,708Chart, More
KITEX.BOKITEX GARMENTS LTD.781.40 3:59pmUp 106.20 (15.73%)201,313Chart, More
CAPPL.BOCAPLIN POINT LABORATORIES LTD.1,605.00 3:59pmUp 212.00 (15.22%)73,334Chart, Profile, More
JTLINFRA.BOJTL INFRA LTD.51.50 2:52pmUp 6.50 (14.44%)48,000Chart, More
BALFC.BOBAID LEASING AND FINANCE CO.LT45.30 3:27pmUp 5.60 (14.11%)92Chart, Profile, More
HARDCAS.BOHARDCASTLE & WAUD MFG.CO.LTD.326.40 3:23pmUp 40.30 (14.09%)75Chart, Profile, More
HINDADH.BOHINDUSTAN ADHESIVES LTD.31.45 3:23pmUp 3.75 (13.54%)2,804Chart, Profile, More
ARIHANT.BOARIHANT FOUNDATIONS & HOUSING42.30 3:28pmUp 4.95 (13.25%)15Chart, More
UNICHEMLAB.BOUNICHEM LABORATORIES LTD.303.10 3:50pmUp 35.35 (13.20%)416,345Chart, Profile, More
AJMERA.BOAJMERA REALTY & INFRA INDIA LT105.00 3:58pmUp 11.65 (12.48%)75,008Chart, Profile, More
CEEJAY.BOCEEJAY FINANCE LTD.47.00 9:24amUp 5.15 (12.31%)1Chart, Profile, More
JINDRILL.BOJINDAL DRILLING & INDUSTRIES L159.00 3:55pmUp 16.40 (11.50%)132,258Chart, Profile, More
M100.BOMOTILAL OSWAL MUTUAL FUND - MO14.80 3:20pmUp 1.45 (10.86%)10Chart, More
NAGPI.BONAGPUR POWER & INDUSTRIES LTD.36.00 3:40pmUp 3.45 (10.60%)62Chart, Profile, More
SUMEDHA.BOSUMEDHA FISCAL SERVICES LTD.15.95 3:16pmUp 1.50 (10.38%)263Chart, Profile, More
BFINVEST.BOBF INVESTMENT LTD.133.50 3:55pmUp 12.50 (10.33%)37,903Chart, More
REVATHI.BOREVATHI EQUIPMENT LTD.635.00 3:22pmUp 58.25 (10.10%)634Chart, More
DLF.BODLF LTD.120.65 3:58pmUp 11.05 (10.08%)3,184,015Chart, Profile, More
POLOHOT.BOPOLO HOTELS LTD.11.40 3:01pmUp 1.04 (10.04%)2,810Chart, Profile, More
NIRAJ.BONIRAJ CEMENT STRUCTURALS LTD.15.98 2:55pmUp 1.45 (9.98%)44,736Chart, Profile, More
SPLIL.BOSPL INDUSTRIES LTD.15.24 3:05pmUp 1.38 (9.96%)11,357Chart, Profile, More
NIBL.BONRB INDUSTRIAL BEARINGS LTD.50.85 3:00pmUp 4.60 (9.95%)3,247Chart, More
AVONORG.BOAVON ORGANICS LTD.51.50 3:26pmUp 4.65 (9.93%)97,991Chart, Profile, More
CONART.BOCONART ENGINEERS LTD.26.20 3:17pmUp 2.35 (9.85%)4,755Chart, Profile, More
ASISL.BOASIS LOGISTICS LIMITED13.86 3:29pmUp 1.24 (9.83%)1,160Chart, More
JBCHEPHARM.BOJ.B.CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICAL286.10 3:54pmUp 25.50 (9.79%)163,367Chart, More
IOLCP.BOIOL CHEMICALS & PHARMACEUTICAL71.45 3:29pmUp 6.25 (9.59%)87,784Chart, More
HINDSYNTEX.BOHIND SYNTEX LTD.12.35 2:16pmUp 1.08 (9.58%)5,020Chart, More
JASCH.BOJASCH INDUSTRIES LTD.27.50 3:27pmUp 2.35 (9.34%)14,493Chart, Profile, More
PTL.BOPTL ENTERPRISES LTD.55.85 3:25pmUp 4.70 (9.19%)26,993Chart, Profile, More
STOVACQ.BOSTOVEC INDUSTRIES LTD.1,734.75 3:40pmUp 145.75 (9.17%)2,051Chart, Profile, More
GEOMETRIC.BOGEOMETRIC LTD.136.60 3:52pmUp 11.25 (8.97%)336,588Chart, Profile, More
WILLAMAGOR.BOWILLIAMSON MAGOR & COMPANY LTD62.00 3:44pmUp 5.10 (8.96%)2,985Chart, More
APTECHT.BOAPTECH LTD.63.00 3:59pmUp 5.15 (8.90%)472,228Chart, More
DIAMINESQ.BODIAMINES & CHEMICALS LTD.33.75 3:05pmUp 2.75 (8.87%)350Chart, Profile, More
GKCONS.BOG.K.CONSULTANTS LTD.52.80 3:25pmUp 4.30 (8.87%)15,225Chart, Profile, More
TRENDELEC.BOTREND ELECTRONICS LTD.23.95 3:58pmUp 1.95 (8.86%)1,925Chart, Profile, More
BNRUDY.BOBNR UDYOG LTD.24.65 3:28pmUp 2.00 (8.83%)333Chart, Profile, More
METROGLOBL.BOMETROGLOBAL LIMITED79.10 3:29pmUp 6.40 (8.80%)2,107Chart, More
MSPL.BOMSP STEEL & POWER LTD.11.42 3:26pmUp 0.92 (8.76%)13,674Chart, More
TYROON.BOTYROON TEA CO.LTD.51.65 2:32pmUp 4.15 (8.74%)7Chart, Profile, More
KRITINUT.BOKRITI NUTRIENTS LTD11.82 3:23pmUp 0.94 (8.64%)16,224Chart, Profile, More
BLISSGVS.BOBLISS GVS PHARMA LTD.170.40 3:29pmUp 13.50 (8.60%)302,037Chart, Profile, More
VEDAVAAG.BOVEDAVAAG SYSTEMS LTD.17.05 3:29pmUp 1.35 (8.60%)8,973Chart, More
ARROWTEX.BOARROW TEXTILES LTD.24.00 3:26pmUp 1.90 (8.60%)16,326Chart, Profile, More
AXISCADES.BOAXISCADES295.50 3:53pmUp 23.10 (8.48%)139,221Chart, More
HILTON.BOHILTON METAL FORGING LTD.15.83 3:49pmUp 1.23 (8.42%)2,435Chart, Profile, More
BALPHARMA.BOBAL PHARMA LTD.69.60 3:51pmUp 5.35 (8.33%)23,771Chart, More
CENLUB.BOCENLUB INDUSTRIES LTD.21.00 3:40pmUp 1.60 (8.25%)100Chart, Profile, More
PRIMEPRO.BOPRIME PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT COR20.35 3:05pmUp 1.55 (8.24%)1,507Chart, Profile, More
HBESD.BOHB ESTATE DEVELOPERS LTD.11.25 3:02pmUp 0.85 (8.17%)274Chart, Profile, More
EXCEL.BOEXCEL REALTY N INFRA LTD.28.95 3:28pmUp 2.15 (8.02%)2,356Chart, More
MANAKSIA.BOMANAKSIA LTD.47.95 3:24pmUp 3.55 (8.00%)1,816Chart, Profile, More
RAJSREESUG.BORAJSHREE SUGARS & CHEMICALS LT17.00 3:19pmUp 1.25 (7.94%)945Chart, More
RISHILASE.BORISHI LASER LTD.13.44 3:12pmUp 0.98 (7.87%)208Chart, Profile, More
PIONRINV.BOPIONEER INVESTCORP LTD.17.20 3:29pmUp 1.25 (7.84%)1,328Chart, Profile, More
TORRCABS.BOTORRENT CABLES LTD.140.90 3:29pmUp 10.20 (7.80%)13,917Chart, More
ARMANFIN.BOARMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD.199.90 3:29pmUp 14.10 (7.59%)3,170Chart, Profile, More
SONATSOFTW.BOSONATA SOFTWARE LTD.146.10 3:52pmUp 10.25 (7.55%)74,533Chart, More
FLFL.BOFUTURE LIFESTYLE FASHIONS LTD69.65 3:28pmUp 4.85 (7.48%)12,676Chart, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD3,672.00 12:54pmUp 253.80 (7.42%)5,093Chart, More
APLAPOLLO.BOAPL APOLLO TUBES LTD.497.20 3:29pmUp 33.90 (7.32%)24,651Chart, More
DUNLOP-B1.BODUNLOP INDIA LTD.11.17 27 Aug 3:29pmUp 0.76 (7.30%)130,254Chart, Profile, More
OMKARCHEM.BOOMKAR SPECIALITY CHEMICALS LTD177.00 3:29pmUp 12.00 (7.27%)28,657Chart, More
VIPPYSP.BOVIPPY SPINPRO LTD.17.80 3:26pmUp 1.20 (7.23%)800Chart, Profile, More
SHARDA.BOSHARDA MOTOR INDUSTRIES LTD964.25 3:29pmUp 64.00 (7.11%)5,250Chart, More
AVANTI.BOAVANTI FEEDS LTD.2,678.00 3:29pmUp 177.50 (7.10%)6,860Chart, More
ZPPOLYSA.BOPLANTER POLYSACKS LTD.425.00 9:31amUp 28.00 (7.05%)10Chart, Profile, More
UJAAS.BOUJAAS ENERGY LIMITED15.36 3:55pmUp 1.01 (7.04%)310,032Chart, More
INTLCONV.BOINTERNATIONAL CONVEYORS LTD.28.90 3:23pmUp 1.90 (7.04%)579Chart, Profile, More
SHETR.BOSHETRON LTD.21.35 2:24pmUp 1.40 (7.02%)3,805Chart, Profile, More
JETKINGQ.BOJETKING INFOTRAIN LTD.44.35 3:07pmUp 2.90 (7.00%)2,274Chart, Profile, More
KALPACOMME.BOKalpa Commercial Limited319.90 2:30pmUp 20.90 (6.99%)500Chart, More
ORISSASP.BOORISSA SPONGE IRON & STEEL LTD427.60 3:28pmUp 27.80 (6.95%)5,834Chart, Profile, More
JSWENERGY.BOJSW ENERGY LTD73.90 3:43pmUp 4.80 (6.95%)240,905Chart, Profile, More
VAMA.BOVAMA INDUSTRIES LTD.28.65 3:22pmUp 1.85 (6.90%)820Chart, Profile, More
VALSONQ.BOVALSON INDUSTRIES LTD.20.95 2:44pmUp 1.35 (6.89%)301Chart, Profile, More
ITL.BOITL INDUSTRIES LTD.38.80 2:25pmUp 2.50 (6.89%)139Chart, Profile, More
BRIGHTBR.BOBRIGHT BROTHERS LTD.56.65 3:29pmUp 3.65 (6.89%)4,268Chart, Profile, More
DHUNINV.BODHUNSERI INVESTMENTS LTD.155.40 3:27pmUp 10.00 (6.88%)100Chart, More
MANUGRAPH.BOMANUGRAPH INDIA LTD.31.25 1:29pmUp 2.00 (6.84%)350Chart, More
RUSHIL.BORUSHIL DECOR LTD.142.40 3:40pmUp 9.10 (6.83%)44,844Chart, More
HINDNATGLS.BOHINDUSTHAN NATIONAL GLASS & IN94.00 12:40pmUp 6.00 (6.82%)70Chart, More
APARINDS.BOAPAR INDUSTRIES LTD.428.60 3:29pmUp 27.30 (6.80%)21,718Chart, More
APCOTEXIND.BOAPCOTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.543.00 3:43pmUp 34.50 (6.78%)4,380Chart, More
TATAMTRDVR.BOTATA MOTORS LTD - DVR235.10 3:47pmUp 14.90 (6.77%)691,398Chart, More
IBREALEST.BOINDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD.64.50 3:41pmUp 4.05 (6.70%)1,267,653Chart, Profile, More
OBEROIRLTY.BOOBEROI REALTY LTD.224.35 3:42pmUp 14.05 (6.68%)35,557Chart, More
DION.BODION GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD.106.10 3:52pmUp 6.50 (6.53%)8,350Chart, More
RMCHEM.BORAM MINERALS AND CHEMICALS LIM228.80 3:00pmUp 13.90 (6.47%)40,112Chart, More
HINDDORROL.BOHINDUSTAN DORR-OLIVER LTD.15.65 3:55pmUp 0.95 (6.46%)27,839Chart, More
ASIANTNE.BOASIAN TEA & EXPORTS LTD.12.79 3:06pmUp 0.77 (6.41%)1,682Chart, Profile, More
BALRAMCHIN.BOBALRAMPUR CHINI MILLS LTD.44.95 3:42pmUp 2.70 (6.39%)219,786Chart, Profile, More