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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ARISINT.BOARIS INTERNATIONAL LTD.120.70 1:28PMUp 108.63 (900.00%)100Chart, More
AVIPHOT.BOAVI PHOTOCHEM LTD.43.00 1:28PMUp 30.10 (233.33%)100Chart, Profile, More
GSS6.BOGSS INFOTECH LTD30.00 1:28PMUp 15.75 (110.53%)1,208,412Chart, More
MACK.BOMACK TRADING CO.LTD.73.20 1:29PMUp 18.10 (32.85%)25Chart, More
PENIND4.BOPENNAR INDUSTRIES LTD62.25 1:29PMUp 12.95 (26.27%)20Chart, More
CARBORUNIV6.BOCARBORUNDUM UNIVERSAL LTD200.00 1:28PMUp 36.05 (21.99%)100Chart, More
INTEGRAEN.BOINTEGRA ENGINEERING INDIA LTD.21.60 1:28PMUp 3.60 (20.00%)145,860Chart, More
ZPPOLYSA.BOPLANTER POLYSACKS LTD.151.68 1:29PMUp 25.28 (20.00%)14Chart, Profile, More
VEGETABLE.BOVegetable Products Limited.88.56 1:29PMUp 14.76 (20.00%)10Chart, More
DUKEOFS.BODUKE OFFSHORE LTD.31.55 1:31PMUp 5.25 (19.96%)12,655Chart, Profile, More
APCL.BOANJANI PORTLAND CEMENT LTD.123.80 1:28PMUp 20.60 (19.96%)4,969Chart, Profile, More
PRAJIND.BOPRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD.70.40 1:31PMUp 11.70 (19.93%)1,430,323Chart, Profile, More
OPTIEMUS.BOOPTIEMUS INFRACOM LTD35.90 1:29PMUp 5.95 (19.87%)1Chart, More
ARSSINFRA.BOARSS INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS L32.90 1:28PMUp 5.45 (19.85%)184,924Chart, Profile, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,206.00 1:29PMUp 176.75 (17.17%)390,231Chart, More
MCX6.BOMULTI COMMODITY EXCHANGE OF IN1,230.00 1:29PMUp 171.10 (16.16%)42,000Chart, More
ELPROINTL.BOELPRO INTERNATIONAL LTD.865.00 1:28PMUp 120.00 (16.11%)4,952Chart, More
SOUTHBANK6.BOSOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD28.00 1:29PMUp 3.85 (15.94%)225,000Chart, More
DCM.BODCM LTD.100.20 1:31PMUp 11.30 (12.71%)46,600Chart, Profile, More
ADORWELD.BOADOR WELDING LTD.234.80 1:28PMUp 25.80 (12.34%)16,591Chart, More
ACHAL.BOACHAL INVESTMENTS LTD53.95 1:28PMUp 5.90 (12.28%)31Chart, More
AURIONPRO.BOAURIONPRO SOLUTIONS LTD.206.40 1:28PMUp 21.80 (11.81%)29,823Chart, Profile, More
INDOTHAI.BOINDO THAI SECURITIES LTD.18.50 1:28PMUp 1.94 (11.71%)807Chart, More
TNPL.BOTAMIL NADU NEWSPRINT & PAPERS152.60 1:30PMUp 15.60 (11.39%)111,004Chart, Profile, More
WELSPSY.BOWELSPUN SYNTEX LTD.45.75 1:31PMUp 4.65 (11.31%)415,419Chart, Profile, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD3,910.00 1:28PMUp 392.10 (11.15%)363Chart, More
LLOYDELENG.BOLLOYD ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING L216.10 1:31PMUp 20.90 (10.71%)291,222Chart, More
JPINFRATEC.BOJAYPEE INFRATECH LTD15.85 1:31PMUp 1.50 (10.45%)860,526Chart, Profile, More
PINCON.BOPincon Spirit Limited119.00 1:31PMUp 11.20 (10.39%)100,310Chart, More
KESARENT.BOKESAR ENTERPRISES LTD.16.60 1:29PMUp 1.55 (10.30%)5Chart, More
GARNET.BOGARNET CONSTRUCTION LTD.15.00 1:28PMUp 1.40 (10.29%)1,200Chart, Profile, More
HARI.BOHaricharan Projects Limited82.96 1:28PMUp 7.54 (10.00%)41Chart, More
RUPA.BORUPA & COMPANY LTD.429.90 1:30PMUp 39.00 (9.98%)57,556Chart, More
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED28.40 1:29PMUp 2.55 (9.86%)439,459Chart, More
PRANAVSP.BOPRANAVADITYA SPINNING MILLS LT28.00 1:29PMUp 2.50 (9.80%)650Chart, Profile, More
VAMSHIRU.BOVAMSHI RUBBER LTD.31.00 1:29PMUp 2.75 (9.73%)3,453Chart, Profile, More
RASOI.BORASOI LTD.920.00 1:29PMUp 79.50 (9.46%)4Chart, Profile, More
NAGPI.BONAGPUR POWER & INDUSTRIES LTD.31.65 1:29PMUp 2.65 (9.14%)518Chart, Profile, More
NRBBEARING.BONRB BEARINGS LTD.121.90 1:31PMUp 10.20 (9.13%)19,121Chart, More
PARNAXLAB.BOPARNAX LAB LTD.26.20 1:29PMUp 2.15 (8.94%)1Chart, More
HESTERBIO.BOHESTER BIOSCIENCES LTD.600.00 1:31PMUp 49.00 (8.89%)17,425Chart, Profile, More
HIGHENE.BOHIGH ENERGY BATTERIES (INDIA)180.00 1:28PMUp 14.60 (8.83%)51Chart, Profile, More
NIKHILAD.BONIKHIL ADHESIVES LTD.37.00 1:29PMUp 3.00 (8.82%)1,002Chart, Profile, More
BCBFL.BOBCB FINANCE LTD.27.20 1:28PMUp 2.20 (8.80%)4,000Chart, More
JUPITERIN.BOJUPITER INFOMEDIA LTD.26.10 1:29PMUp 2.10 (8.75%)42,000Chart, More
FRONTSP.BOFRONTIER SPRINGS LTD.25.00 1:28PMUp 2.00 (8.70%)535Chart, Profile, More
MURUDCERA.BOMURUDESHWAR CERAMICS LTD.23.15 1:31PMUp 1.85 (8.69%)8,823Chart, More
GARWARBBPH.BOGARWAREWAL*64.90 1:28PMUp 5.15 (8.62%)200Chart, More
ISFT.BOINTRASOFT TECHNOLOGIES LTD.315.00 1:31PMUp 24.20 (8.32%)67,339Chart, Profile, More
GARNETINT.BOGARNET INTERNATIONAL LTD.113.70 1:28PMUp 8.60 (8.18%)3Chart, Profile, More
SHREERAM.BOSHREE RAM URBAN INFRASTRUCTURE80.00 1:29PMUp 5.95 (8.04%)55Chart, Profile, More
UPL.BOUPL LIMITED559.90 1:31PMUp 41.25 (7.95%)373,102Chart, More
SPICEJET.BOSPICEJET LTD.20.40 1:31PMUp 1.50 (7.94%)4,625,952Chart, Profile, More
MANCREDIT.BOMANGAL CREDIT AND FINCORP LTD.193.00 1:29PMUp 14.10 (7.88%)21Chart, More
ASHOKALC.BOASHOK ALCO-CHEM LTD.175.00 1:30PMUp 12.70 (7.83%)11,380Chart, Profile, More
GSFC6.BOGUJARAT STATE FERTILIZERS & CH76.00 1:28PMUp 5.45 (7.73%)132,453Chart, More
OSCAR.BOOSCAR INVESTMENTS LTD.238.90 1:29PMUp 16.50 (7.42%)385Chart, Profile, More
CORDSCABLE.BOCORDS CABLE INDUSTRIES LTD.24.00 1:28PMUp 1.65 (7.38%)50Chart, More
SAVERA.BOSAVERA INDUSTRIES LTD.39.80 1:29PMUp 2.70 (7.28%)7Chart, More
VISHAL.BOVISHAL FABRICS LTD79.90 1:29PMUp 5.40 (7.25%)3,000Chart, More
GAL.BOGYSCOAL ALLOYS LTD.60.05 1:30PMUp 4.05 (7.23%)50,760Chart, More
STAMPEDE.BOSTAMPEDE CAPITAL LIMITED443.50 1:30PMUp 29.80 (7.20%)111,324Chart, More
HINDADH.BOHINDUSTAN ADHESIVES LTD.32.00 1:28PMUp 2.15 (7.20%)1,150Chart, Profile, More
GEE.BOGEE LTD.26.80 1:28PMUp 1.80 (7.20%)10Chart, Profile, More
TINNARUBR.BOTINNA RUBBER AND INFRASTRUCTUR105.00 1:29PMUp 7.05 (7.20%)4,816Chart, More
GLOBALVECT.BOGLOBAL VECTRA HELICORP LTD.69.15 1:28PMUp 4.60 (7.13%)58,390Chart, More
PIONEEREMB.BOPIONEER EMBROIDERIES LTD.37.80 1:29PMUp 2.50 (7.08%)16,392Chart, More
TRANSPEK.BOTRANSPEK INDUSTRY LTD.354.40 1:30PMUp 23.20 (7.00%)27,157Chart, Profile, More
PHOTOQUP.BOPHOTOQUIP INDIA LTD.29.80 1:29PMUp 1.95 (7.00%)1Chart, Profile, More
INDOBORAX.BOINDO BORAX & CHEMICALS LTD.382.00 1:30PMUp 24.90 (6.97%)8,099Chart, Profile, More
INFRATEL.BOBHARTI INFRATEL LTD.473.55 1:31PMUp 30.50 (6.88%)133,071Chart, More
MAINFRA.BOMARUTI INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.18.90 1:29PMUp 1.20 (6.78%)2,076Chart, Profile, More
SHREYANIND.BOSHREYANS INDUSTRIES LTD.37.40 1:29PMUp 2.35 (6.70%)1,590Chart, More
HATHWAY6.BOHATHWAY CABLE & DATACOM LTD57.50 1:28PMUp 3.60 (6.68%)50Chart, More
PATIDAR.BOPATIDAR BUILDCON LIMITED19.20 1:29PMUp 1.20 (6.67%)1,807Chart, More
WOMENSNEXT.BOWOMENS NEXT LOUNGERIES LTD64.00 1:29PMUp 4.00 (6.67%)2,000Chart, More
CAMPHOR.BOCAMPHOR & ALLIED PRODUCTS LTD.284.00 1:28PMUp 17.70 (6.65%)6,930Chart, Profile, More
CUMMINSIND.BOCUMMINS INDIA LTD.906.00 1:31PMUp 55.70 (6.55%)42,781Chart, More
AVANTEL.BOAVANTEL LTD.112.90 1:28PMUp 6.90 (6.51%)922Chart, Profile, More
DIANATEA.BODIANA TEA CO.LTD.15.55 1:28PMUp 0.95 (6.51%)190Chart, Profile, More
IGPL.BOI G PETROCHEMICALS LTD.74.20 1:28PMUp 4.50 (6.46%)9,138Chart, More
SUDAR.BOSUDAR INDUSTRIES LTD.19.85 1:29PMUp 1.20 (6.43%)17,764Chart, More
INTECCAP.BOINTEC CAPITAL LTD.85.00 1:28PMUp 5.10 (6.38%)2Chart, Profile, More
ARCPR.BOARROW COATED PRODUCTS LTD.449.90 1:31PMUp 26.80 (6.33%)10,687Chart, Profile, More
NAGAAGRI.BONAGARJUNA AGRICHEM LTD.17.01 1:29PMUp 1.01 (6.31%)303,115Chart, Profile, More
NITESHEST.BONITESH ESTATES LTD16.17 1:31PMUp 0.96 (6.31%)341,976Chart, More
MAHASTEEL.BOMAHAMAYA STEEL INDUSTRIES LTD.32.95 1:29PMUp 1.95 (6.29%)1Chart, Profile, More
AUROPHARMA.BOAUROBINDO PHARMA LTD.1,385.55 1:31PMUp 81.40 (6.24%)257,826Chart, More
SEQUENT.BOSEQUENT SCIENTIFIC LTD.666.00 1:30PMUp 38.00 (6.05%)51,672Chart, More
TCFCFINQ.BOTCFC FINANCE LTD.36.00 1:29PMUp 2.00 (5.88%)2,611Chart, Profile, More
CERA.BOCERA SANITARYWARE LTD.2,346.05 1:28PMUp 130.15 (5.87%)2,118Chart, More
LAMBODHARA.BOLAMBODHARA TEXTILES LTD.477.70 1:31PMUp 26.50 (5.87%)59,475Chart, Profile, More
KSCL6.BOKaveri Seed Company Ltd940.00 1:29PMUp 52.05 (5.86%)11,675Chart, More
DENISCHEM.BODENIS CHEM LAB LTD32.00 1:28PMUp 1.75 (5.79%)2,502Chart, More
KANPRPLA.BOKANPUR PLASTIPACK LTD.75.00 1:29PMUp 4.10 (5.78%)2,009Chart, Profile, More
SURAJLTD.BOSURAJ LTD.56.15 1:29PMUp 3.05 (5.74%)110Chart, More
PAGEIND.BOPAGE INDUSTRIES LTD.16,080.00 1:30PMUp 867.50 (5.70%)3,484Chart, Profile, More
ARIHANT.BOARIHANT FOUNDATIONS & HOUSING44.95 1:31PMUp 2.40 (5.64%)201Chart, More
ENGINERSIN.BOENGINEERS INDIA LTD.210.50 1:31PMUp 11.10 (5.57%)154,810Chart, More
ADLABS.BOAdlabs Entertainment Limited155.40 1:31PMUp 8.10 (5.50%)41,804Chart, More