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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ARISINT.BOARIS INTERNATIONAL LTD.12.07 10 Oct 11:56AM 0.00 (0.00%)100Chart, More
ZPPOLYSA.BOPLANTER POLYSACKS LTD.14.00 13 Feb 10:10AM 0.00 (0.00%)2,700Chart, Profile, More
CRANEINFRA.BO28.50 3:28PMUp 10.65 (59.66%)828Chart, More
JSHL.BOJLA Infraville Shoppers Limite25.50 9:41AMUp 4.25 (20.00%)20,000Chart, More
SIPROJECTS.BOSouth India Projects Ltd.29.40 2:57PMUp 4.90 (20.00%)1,137Chart, More
AARYAGLOBL.BOAARYA GLOBAL SHARES AND SECURI50.50 2:13PMUp 8.40 (19.95%)5,907Chart, More
LOGIXMICRO.BOLOGIX MICROSYSTEMS LTD.41.60 3:26PMUp 6.90 (19.88%)216,752Chart, More
ROLTA.BOROLTA INDIA LTD.177.25 3:52PMUp 27.95 (18.72%)5,399,294Chart, Profile, More
PENIND4.BOPENNAR INDUSTRIES LTD52.95 12 Jan 2:08PM 0.00 (0.00%)20Chart, More
SUDAR.BOSUDAR INDUSTRIES LTD.30.10 3:51PMUp 4.45 (17.35%)384,307Chart, More
UNITECH.BOUNITECH LTD.21.60 3:58PMUp 3.15 (17.07%)28,871,565Chart, Profile, More
ECOPLAST.BOECOPLAST LTD.52.35 3:27PMUp 6.85 (15.05%)30,304Chart, Profile, More
ONELIFECAP.BOONELIFE CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD.127.80 3:52PMUp 16.40 (14.72%)55,870Chart, More
NETTLINX.BONETTLINX LTD.29.00 10:35AMUp 3.55 (13.95%)300Chart, Profile, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,183.95 3:27PMUp 144.00 (13.85%)204,277Chart, More
NELCO.BONELCO LTD.97.95 3:59PMUp 11.80 (13.70%)598,412Chart, Profile, More
SWELECTES.BOSWELECT ENERGY SYSTEMS LIMITED643.25 3:30PMUp 74.25 (13.05%)60,222Chart, More
SKIPPER.BOSKIPPER LTD185.10 3:40PMUp 20.90 (12.73%)161,785Chart, More
SACHEMT.BOSACHETA METALS LTD.17.75 3:26PMUp 2.00 (12.70%)8,288Chart, Profile, More
CARNATIN.BOCARNATION INDUSTRIES LTD.27.60 3:28PMUp 3.10 (12.65%)505Chart, Profile, More
ARSSINFRA.BOARSS INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS L48.20 3:51PMUp 5.40 (12.62%)208,213Chart, Profile, More
CRAVATEX.BOCRAVATEX LTD.366.90 3:28PMUp 40.40 (12.37%)705Chart, Profile, More
IDFC6.BOIDFC LTD184.00 2:32PMUp 19.50 (11.85%)277,100Chart, More
FILATEX.BOFILATEX INDIA LTD.26.85 3:29PMUp 2.75 (11.41%)30,655Chart, Profile, More
HMT.BOHMT LTD.66.00 3:58PMUp 6.75 (11.39%)720,359Chart, Profile, More
MARALOVER.BOMARAL OVERSEAS LTD.32.15 3:40PMUp 3.25 (11.25%)144,492Chart, More
KARURKCP.BOKARUR K.C.P.PACKKAGINGS LTD.58.00 2:53PMUp 5.70 (10.90%)1,000Chart, More
TEXRAIL.BOTEXMACO RAIL & ENGINEERING LTD150.10 3:58PMUp 14.40 (10.61%)2,168,864Chart, More
CNOVAPETRO.BOCIL NOVA PETROCHEMICALS LTD.19.90 1:32PMUp 1.90 (10.56%)101Chart, More
NOUVEAU.BONOUVEAU GLOBAL VENTURES LTD.31.00 3:29PMUp 2.90 (10.32%)39,466Chart, Profile, More
JASCH.BOJASCH INDUSTRIES LTD.24.20 3:29PMUp 2.25 (10.25%)35,817Chart, Profile, More
CSIL.BOCIRCUIT SYSTEMS (INDIA) LTD.14.85 3:23PMUp 1.35 (10.00%)2,215Chart, Profile, More
FORTUNEF.BOFORTUNE FINANCIAL SERVICES (IN220.00 3:09PMUp 20.00 (10.00%)5,709Chart, Profile, More
LOTUSEYE.BOLOTUS EYE CARE HOSPITAL LTD.12.21 3:40PMUp 1.11 (10.00%)44,107Chart, Profile, More
TWL.BOTITAGARH WAGONS LTD.640.30 3:56PMUp 58.20 (10.00%)835,468Chart, More
INTLNKP.BOINTERLINK PETROLEUM LTD.20.19 2:18PMUp 1.83 (9.97%)4,352Chart, Profile, More
POCHIRAJU.BOPOCHIRAJU INDUSTRIES LTD.66.25 3:52PMUp 6.00 (9.96%)121,663Chart, Profile, More
UNITINT.BOUNITECH INTERNATIONAL LTD.11.38 2:15PMUp 1.03 (9.95%)43Chart, Profile, More
CIMMCO.BOCIMMCO LTD.78.50 3:13PMUp 7.10 (9.94%)21,615Chart, Profile, More
ISTRNETWK.BOISTREET NETWORK LIMITED38.95 3:54PMUp 3.50 (9.87%)119,607Chart, More
HEXATRADEX.BOHEXA TRADEX LTD.27.85 3:24PMUp 2.50 (9.86%)2,538Chart, More
ARROWTEX.BOARROW TEXTILES LTD.35.65 3:48PMUp 3.20 (9.86%)18,669Chart, Profile, More
BALFC.BOBAID LEASING AND FINANCE CO.LT28.75 11:45AMUp 2.55 (9.73%)6Chart, Profile, More
DPL.BODPL58.15 3:46PMUp 5.00 (9.41%)14,177Chart, More
VADILALIND.BOVADILAL INDUSTRIES LTD.255.00 3:57PMUp 21.90 (9.40%)38,062Chart, More
ASIANTNE.BOASIAN TEA & EXPORTS LTD.14.60 3:26PMUp 1.25 (9.36%)162Chart, Profile, More
UNISHIRE.BOUNISHIRE URBAN INFRA LTD11.48 3:13PMUp 0.98 (9.33%)20,000Chart, More
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED18.75 3:46PMUp 1.60 (9.33%)63,626Chart, More
GSS6.BOGSS INFOTECH LTD27.45 29 Oct 10:01AM 0.00 (0.00%)1,208,412Chart, More
WEIZFOREX.BOWEIZMANN FOREX LTD.305.00 3:29PMUp 25.70 (9.20%)2,881Chart, More
KESARENT.BOKESAR ENTERPRISES LTD.21.60 2:53PMUp 1.80 (9.09%)203Chart, More
SWASTIKA.BOSWASTIKA INVESTMART LTD.42.00 1:06PMUp 3.50 (9.09%)651Chart, Profile, More
TALBROAUTO.BOTALBROS AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS122.80 3:43PMUp 10.10 (8.96%)29,925Chart, More
GMRINFRA.BOGMR INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.19.60 3:58PMUp 1.60 (8.89%)5,708,049Chart, Profile, More
HCC.BOHINDUSTAN CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD.36.75 3:54PMUp 3.00 (8.89%)2,061,579Chart, Profile, More
AAGAMCAP.BOAAGAM CAPITAL LTD.62.00 1:22PMUp 5.00 (8.77%)206Chart, More
RELAXO.BORELAXO FOOTWEARS LTD.707.75 3:29PMUp 57.00 (8.76%)18,480Chart, Profile, More
BVCL.BOBARAK VALLEY CEMENTS LTD.15.00 3:12PMUp 1.20 (8.70%)18,452Chart, Profile, More
GARWARBBPH.BOGARWAREWAL*64.90 12 Mar 10:09AMUp 5.15 (8.62%)200Chart, More
SUPER.BOSUPER SALES INDIA LTD.296.50 2:43PMUp 23.50 (8.61%)1,029Chart, More
HBESD.BOHB ESTATE DEVELOPERS LTD.11.49 3:22PMUp 0.91 (8.60%)2,621Chart, Profile, More
OISL.BOOCL IRON AND STEEL LTD.24.85 3:26PMUp 1.95 (8.52%)61,143Chart, More
MONNETISPA.BOMONNET ISPAT & ENERGY LTD.62.65 3:48PMUp 4.90 (8.48%)321,587Chart, More
RIBATEX.BORIBA TEXTILES LTD.17.35 3:17PMUp 1.35 (8.44%)15Chart, Profile, More
CARBORUNIV6.BOCARBORUNDUM UNIVERSAL LTD184.45 4 Sep 3:18PM 0.00 (0.00%)100Chart, More
INTENTECH.BOINTENSE TECHNOLOGIES LTD.59.40 3:47PMUp 4.60 (8.39%)54,347Chart, Profile, More
MKEL.BOMATRA KAUSHAL ENTERPRISE LIMIT22.00 3:26PMUp 1.70 (8.37%)40,821Chart, More
AXISCAP.BOAXIS CAPITAL MARKETS (INDIA) L40.95 3:25PMUp 3.15 (8.33%)7,210Chart, Profile, More
STAR6.BOSTRIDE ARCOLAB LTD927.55 3:25PMUp 70.05 (8.17%)61,717Chart, More
SUZLON.BOSUZLON ENERGY LTD.27.85 3:59PMUp 2.10 (8.16%)25,879,778Chart, Profile, More
SINTEX.BOSINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.117.00 3:55PMUp 8.75 (8.08%)4,143,047Chart, Profile, More
DHINDIA.BOD&H INDIA LTD17.50 2:17PMUp 1.30 (8.02%)4,964Chart, More
LEHAR.BOLAWRESHWAR POLYMERS LTD.33.05 3:56PMUp 2.45 (8.01%)181,714Chart, Profile, More
INDIANCARD.BOINDIAN CARD CLOTHING CO.LTD.118.80 9:22AMUp 8.80 (8.00%)1Chart, More
EDUEXEL.BOEDUEXEL INFOTAINMENT LIMITED13.01 3:15PMUp 0.96 (7.97%)4,100Chart, More
RAPICUT.BORAPICUT CARBIDES LTD.56.35 3:27PMUp 4.10 (7.85%)8,432Chart, Profile, More
ASHOKA.BOASHOKA BUILDCON LTD.156.90 3:47PMUp 11.30 (7.76%)79,177Chart, More
A2ZINFRA.BOA2Z INFRA ENGINEERING LIMITED20.54 3:45PMUp 1.47 (7.71%)739,056Chart, More
GUJBOROS.BOGUJARAT BOROSIL LTD.25.35 3:46PMUp 1.80 (7.64%)42,346Chart, Profile, More
EUROTEXIND.BOEUROTEX INDUSTRIES & EXPORTS L23.75 3:17PMUp 1.65 (7.47%)1,416Chart, More
SHETR.BOSHETRON LTD.20.90 12:54PMUp 1.45 (7.46%)930Chart, Profile, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD3,876.00 2:22PMUp 268.90 (7.45%)550Chart, More
FAZE3Q.BOFAZE THREE LTD.13.80 3:06PMUp 0.95 (7.39%)1,630Chart, Profile, More
SEPSL.BOSCHNEIDER ELECTRIC PRESIDENT S169.60 3:29PMUp 11.60 (7.34%)39,225Chart, More
KNRCON.BOKNR CONSTRUCTIONS LTD.382.10 3:29PMUp 25.40 (7.12%)2,832Chart, Profile, More
KSLIND.BOKSL AND INDUSTRIES LTD.21.40 3:20PMUp 1.40 (7.00%)2,510Chart, Profile, More
CONCOR6.BOCONTAINER CORPORATION OF INDIA1,625.00 3:27PMUp 106.05 (6.98%)155,230Chart, More
AJMERA.BOAJMERA REALTY & INFRA INDIA LT123.30 3:50PMUp 8.00 (6.94%)41,442Chart, Profile, More
SCHNEIDER.BOSCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INFRASTRUCT191.90 3:55PMUp 12.25 (6.82%)266,194Chart, More
DHABRIYA.BODhabriya Polywood Limited26.95 11:32AMUp 1.70 (6.73%)16,000Chart, More
CPL.BOCAPTAIN POLYPLAST LTD46.95 1:21PMUp 2.95 (6.70%)2,400Chart, More
GANECOS.BOGANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD.156.00 3:28PMUp 9.80 (6.70%)158,457Chart, More
SIPL.BOSHELTER INFRA PROJECTS LTD.16.00 3:15PMUp 1.00 (6.67%)6Chart, More
TEXINFRA.BOTEXMACO INFRASTRUCTURE & HOLDI45.10 3:53PMUp 2.80 (6.62%)338,917Chart, More
ORBITCORP.BOORBIT CORPORATION LTD.15.68 3:51PMUp 0.97 (6.59%)404,015Chart, More
AUTOLITIND.BOAUTOLITE (INDIA) LTD.33.50 3:29PMUp 2.05 (6.52%)12,101Chart, More