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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ZPPOLYSA.BOPLANTER POLYSACKS LTD.14.00 13 Feb 10:10AM 0.00 (0.00%)2,700Chart, Profile, More
PEARLPOLY.BOPEARL POLYMERS LTD.12.24 3:15PMUp 2.04 (20.00%)350Chart, More
ARVINDREM.BOARVIND REMEDIES LTD.14.70 3:25PMUp 2.45 (20.00%)967,430Chart, Profile, More
POLYCHEM.BOPOLYCHEM LTD.494.40 12:38PMUp 82.40 (20.00%)285Chart, Profile, More
UPSURGE.BOUPSURGE INVESTMENT & FINANCE L19.80 3:44PMUp 3.30 (20.00%)1,176Chart, Profile, More
SUJANATWR.BOSUJANA TOWERS LTD.12.36 3:17PMUp 2.06 (20.00%)146,663Chart, Profile, More
CEEJAY.BOCEEJAY FINANCE LTD.52.55 3:21PMUp 8.75 (19.98%)15,675Chart, Profile, More
ECEIND.BOECE INDUSTRIES LTD.134.60 3:40PMUp 22.40 (19.96%)17,958Chart, More
RAMKY.BORAMKY INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.39.10 3:59PMUp 6.50 (19.94%)119,781Chart, More
GULFOILCOR.BOGULF OIL CORPORATION LTD.148.20 3:48PMUp 24.60 (19.90%)167,478Chart, More
KARMAENG.BOKARMA ENERGY LTD.22.90 3:16PMUp 3.80 (19.90%)6,748Chart, More
PETRONENGG.BOPETRON ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTIO260.60 3:26PMUp 43.10 (19.82%)51,346Chart, More
TRENDELEC.BOTREND ELECTRONICS LTD.25.80 3:30PMUp 4.25 (19.72%)2,808Chart, Profile, More
JSHL.BOJLA Infraville Shoppers Limite29.80 2:58PMUp 4.80 (19.20%)50,000Chart, More
ONELIFECAP.BOONELIFE CAPITAL ADVISORS LTD.124.10 3:52PMUp 19.50 (18.64%)169,089Chart, More
AVONMORE.BOAVONMORE CAPITAL & MANAGEMENT12.99 3:22PMUp 2.04 (18.63%)1,978Chart, More
BALPHARMA.BOBAL PHARMA LTD.66.90 3:40PMUp 9.95 (17.47%)35,184Chart, More
AUTOLITIND.BOAUTOLITE (INDIA) LTD.36.80 3:29PMUp 5.30 (16.83%)4,875Chart, More
JAMSHRI.BOJAMSHRI RANJITSINGHJI SPG. & W18.80 3:48PMUp 2.70 (16.77%)3,216Chart, Profile, More
ELDERHCL.BOELDER HEALTH CARE LTD.49.15 3:58PMUp 7.05 (16.75%)5,232Chart, Profile, More
MEDICAMEQ.BOMEDICAMEN BIOTECH LTD.14.47 3:08PMUp 2.04 (16.41%)977Chart, Profile, More
FRONTSP.BOFRONTIER SPRINGS LTD.25.60 2:55PMUp 3.60 (16.36%)2,871Chart, Profile, More
AKARTOOL.BOAKAR TOOLS LTD.28.50 3:29PMUp 4.00 (16.33%)22,302Chart, Profile, More
COMPUAGE.BOCOMPUAGE INFOCOM LTD.149.40 4:00PMUp 20.40 (15.81%)13,939Chart, Profile, More
PENIND4.BOPENNAR INDUSTRIES LTD53.85 12 Jan 2:08PM 0.00 (0.00%)20Chart, More
HINDHARD.BOHINDUSTAN HARDY SPICER LTD.102.00 3:28PMUp 13.70 (15.52%)11Chart, Profile, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,193.45 3:26PMUp 156.90 (15.14%)378,880Chart, More
CNOVAPETRO.BOCIL NOVA PETROCHEMICALS LTD.19.45 2:49PMUp 2.55 (15.09%)993Chart, More
BSLIMITED.BOBS LTD.25.80 3:41PMUp 3.35 (14.92%)568,566Chart, More
ROSELABS.BOROSELABS FINANCE LTD.24.70 3:29PMUp 3.20 (14.88%)25Chart, Profile, More
CAPPIPES.BOCaptain Pipes Limited37.75 3:18PMUp 4.75 (14.39%)15,000Chart, More
PANACEABIO.BOPANACEA BIOTEC LTD.140.10 3:57PMUp 17.40 (14.18%)142,301Chart, Profile, More
AMAL.BOAMAL LTD.24.35 9:58AMUp 2.95 (13.79%)125Chart, Profile, More
SUNDRMBRAK.BOSUNDARAM BRAKE LININGS LTD.318.10 3:28PMUp 38.00 (13.57%)3,106Chart, Profile, More
GENUSPOWER.BOGENUS POWER INFRASTRUCTURES LT24.45 3:27PMUp 2.90 (13.46%)144,092Chart, More
DHINDIA.BOD&H INDIA LTD17.00 3:27PMUp 2.00 (13.33%)3,175Chart, More
PANCHMAHQ.BOPANCHMAHAL STEEL LTD.43.90 2:54PMUp 5.15 (13.29%)82Chart, Profile, More
NAGPI.BONAGPUR POWER & INDUSTRIES LTD.26.90 2:11PMUp 3.15 (13.26%)255Chart, Profile, More
NEXTMEDIA.BONEXT MEDIAWORKS LTD.13.25 3:58PMUp 1.55 (13.25%)34,363Chart, More
ZWELCAST.BOWELCAST STEELS LTD.583.00 3:10PMUp 68.00 (13.20%)8Chart, Profile, More
FINANTECH.BOFINANCIAL TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA)191.75 3:54PMUp 22.35 (13.19%)1,177,766Chart, More
TRIL.BOTRANSFORMERS AND RECTIFIERS (I227.10 3:40PMUp 26.30 (13.10%)115,943Chart, Profile, More
DQE.BODQ ENTERTAINMENT (INTERNATIONA24.20 3:53PMUp 2.75 (12.82%)161,764Chart, Profile, More
SOUTHBANK6.BOSOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD24.85 23 Feb 9:35AM 0.00 (0.00%)225,000Chart, More
SVGLOBAL.BOS V GLOBAL MILL LTD.144.80 3:26PMUp 16.20 (12.60%)1,555Chart, More
KARURKCP.BOKARUR K.C.P.PACKKAGINGS LTD.47.90 3:19PMUp 5.35 (12.57%)5,586Chart, More
VGCL.BOVibrant Global Capital Limited22.50 3:14PMUp 2.50 (12.50%)18,000Chart, More
AMRITCORP.BOAMRIT CORP.LTD.478.20 3:22PMUp 53.10 (12.49%)351Chart, Profile, More
EMAMIINFRA.BOEMAMI INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.38.70 3:01PMUp 4.25 (12.34%)5,669Chart, More
RESONANCE.BORESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD.16.40 3:58PMUp 1.80 (12.33%)582Chart, Profile, More
ITL.BOITL INDUSTRIES LTD.37.05 3:27PMUp 4.05 (12.27%)104Chart, Profile, More
GBFL.BOGoenka Business & Finance Limi499.00 3:28PMUp 54.00 (12.13%)10,531Chart, More
ARCPR.BOARROW COATED PRODUCTS LTD.382.20 3:56PMUp 41.20 (12.08%)74,711Chart, Profile, More
EASTRED.BOEASTERN TREADS LTD.46.00 3:26PMUp 4.95 (12.06%)180Chart, Profile, More
SAHARA.BOSAHARA ONE MEDIA & ENTERTAINME75.25 3:06PMUp 7.95 (11.81%)104Chart, Profile, More
ABGSHIP.BOABG SHIPYARD LTD.226.75 3:42PMUp 23.55 (11.59%)489,530Chart, Profile, More
HANUNG.BOHANUNG TOYS & TEXTILES LTD.18.90 3:59PMUp 1.90 (11.18%)117,852Chart, Profile, More
NITCO.BONITCO LTD.17.00 3:29PMUp 1.70 (11.11%)102,449Chart, Profile, More
INDOTECH.BOINDO TECH TRANSFORMERS LTD.174.10 3:26PMUp 17.30 (11.03%)8,336Chart, Profile, More
SMIFS.BOSMIFS CAPITAL MARKETS LTD.22.80 3:20PMUp 2.25 (10.95%)45Chart, Profile, More
POONADAL.BOPOONA DAL & OIL INDUSTRIES LTD18.30 3:29PMUp 1.80 (10.91%)2Chart, Profile, More
ORISSASP.BOORISSA SPONGE IRON & STEEL LTD149.70 3:29PMUp 14.70 (10.89%)539Chart, Profile, More
GUFICBIO.BOGUFIC BIOSCIENCES LTD.12.92 3:29PMUp 1.25 (10.71%)16,489Chart, Profile, More
INDTONER.BOINDIAN TONERS & DEVELOPERS LTD90.95 3:40PMUp 8.75 (10.64%)18,309Chart, Profile, More
PATINTLOG.BOPATEL INTEGRATED LOGISTICS LTD120.40 3:54PMUp 11.30 (10.36%)102,259Chart, Profile, More
ANJANI.BOANJANI SYNTHETICS LTD.19.00 2:35PMUp 1.75 (10.14%)2,413Chart, Profile, More
PONDYOXIDE.BOPONDY OXIDES & CHEMICALS LTD.50.65 3:28PMUp 4.60 (9.99%)20,224Chart, More
DHUNINV.BODHUNSERI INVESTMENTS LTD.103.70 3:15PMUp 9.40 (9.97%)3,965Chart, More
AHMEDFORGE.BOAHMEDNAGAR FORGINGS LTD.227.70 3:41PMUp 20.60 (9.95%)281,631Chart, More
GINISILK.BOGINI SILK MILLS LTD.50.95 2:23PMUp 4.60 (9.92%)8,248Chart, Profile, More
STEWARTQ.BOSTEWARTS & LLOYDS OF INDIA LTD30.55 3:00PMUp 2.75 (9.89%)8Chart, Profile, More
HINDNATGLS.BOHINDUSTHAN NATIONAL GLASS & IN109.00 3:24PMUp 9.80 (9.88%)194Chart, More
ELECTCAST.BOELECTROSTEEL CASTINGS LTD.19.00 3:29PMUp 1.70 (9.83%)289,925Chart, More
JASCH.BOJASCH INDUSTRIES LTD.22.00 11:43AMUp 1.95 (9.73%)50Chart, Profile, More
JKTYRE.BOJK TYRE & INDUSTRIES LTD.105.50 3:56PMUp 9.20 (9.55%)848,561Chart, More
KAMADGIRI.BOKAMADGIRI FASHION LTD.44.50 2:58PMUp 3.85 (9.47%)150Chart, More
SACHEMT.BOSACHETA METALS LTD.19.15 3:12PMUp 1.65 (9.43%)6,157Chart, Profile, More
NIBL.BONRB INDUSTRIAL BEARINGS LTD.40.75 3:45PMUp 3.50 (9.40%)2,970Chart, More
MAITHANALL.BOMAITHAN ALLOYS LTD.201.90 3:57PMUp 17.30 (9.37%)14,368Chart, More
PVVINFRA.BOPVV Infra Limited21.65 3:29PMUp 1.85 (9.34%)190,499Chart, More
ATISHAY.BOAtishay Infotech Limited41.00 2:34PMUp 3.50 (9.33%)24,000Chart, More
ELPROINTL.BOELPRO INTERNATIONAL LTD.699.00 3:21PMUp 59.50 (9.30%)3Chart, More
URJAGLOBA.BOURJA GLOBAL LTD.25.85 3:11PMUp 2.20 (9.30%)604,276Chart, Profile, More
NATPLASTI.BONATIONAL PLASTIC TECHNOLOGIES23.60 3:23PMUp 2.00 (9.26%)12,325Chart, Profile, More
KECL.BOKIRLOSKAR ELECTRIC COMPANY LTD29.65 3:57PMUp 2.50 (9.21%)96,832Chart, More
MARG.BOMARG LTD.11.45 3:29PMUp 0.96 (9.15%)70,935Chart, More
VALECHAENG.BOVALECHA ENGINEERING LTD.89.80 3:59PMUp 7.50 (9.11%)279,196Chart, More
INDICAP.BOINDITRADE CAPITAL LIMITED21.60 3:29PMUp 1.80 (9.09%)1,746Chart, More
MASTEK.BOMASTEK LTD.426.20 3:51PMUp 35.50 (9.09%)576,174Chart, Profile, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD3,950.00 3:11PMUp 326.35 (9.01%)5,102Chart, More
SPICEISL.BOSPICE ISLANDS APPARELS LTD.22.00 1:54PMUp 1.80 (8.91%)1,201Chart, Profile, More
SOMICONV.BOSOMI CONVEYOR BELTINGS LTD.49.00 3:55PMUp 4.00 (8.89%)25,787Chart, Profile, More
WALLFORT.BOWALLFORT FINANCIAL SERVICES LT49.00 10:40AMUp 4.00 (8.89%)5Chart, Profile, More
TIGLOB.BOT & I GLOBAL LTD.14.70 11:51AMUp 1.20 (8.89%)1,556Chart, Profile, More
TITAN6.BOTITAN COMPANY LTD425.00 3:01PMUp 34.55 (8.85%)34,175Chart, More
GARNETINT.BOGARNET INTERNATIONAL LTD.74.40 3:07PMUp 6.00 (8.77%)500Chart, Profile, More
HINDUJAVEN.BOHINDUJA VENTURES LTD.405.80 3:59PMUp 32.60 (8.74%)21,906Chart, More
CELEBRITY.BOCELEBRITY FASHIONS LTD.12.38 2:02PMUp 0.98 (8.60%)601Chart, Profile, More