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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
ENERGYDEV.BOENERGY DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD43.35 3:29pmUp 4.55 (11.73%)106,506Chart, More
SINCLAIR.BOSINCLAIRS HOTELS LTD.305.00 2:17pmUp 29.00 (10.51%)1,012Chart, Profile, More
ARONICOMM.BOARONI COMMERCIALS LTD.102.00 3:54pmUp 9.20 (9.91%)4,994Chart, Profile, More
SUYOG.BOSUYOG TELEMATICS LTD149.00 12:54pmUp 12.70 (9.32%)9,000Chart, More
NAGPI.BONAGPUR POWER & INDUSTRIES LTD.34.85 3:40pmUp 2.85 (8.91%)8,107Chart, Profile, More
SKFL.BOSATKAR FINLEASE LTD20.00 3:15pmUp 1.60 (8.70%)2,000Chart, More
JIYAECO.BOJiya Eco-Products Limited23.00 2:10pmUp 1.70 (7.98%)6,000Chart, More
COSCO.BOCOSCO (INDIA) LTD.170.00 3:14pmUp 11.70 (7.39%)628Chart, Profile, More
MHLXMIRU.BOMAHALAXMI RUBTECH LTD.39.15 3:41pmUp 2.50 (6.82%)1,481Chart, Profile, More
SRSREAL.BOSRS REAL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.16.80 3:25pmUp 1.05 (6.67%)59,655Chart, More
NAYSAA.BONaysaa Securities Limited19.40 2:45pmUp 1.15 (6.30%)56,000Chart, More
TCFCFINQ.BOTCFC FINANCE LTD.34.00 1:57pmUp 2.00 (6.25%)2,003Chart, Profile, More
SAHARAHOUS.BOSAHARA HOUSINGFINA CORPORATION39.55 3:17pmUp 2.25 (6.03%)76Chart, Profile, More
SWASTIKA.BOSWASTIKA INVESTMART LTD.43.90 3:22pmUp 2.35 (5.66%)56Chart, Profile, More
SRMCL.BOSRI RAMAKRISHNA MILLS (COIMBAT17.85 3:09pmUp 0.85 (5.00%)1Chart, Profile, More
CORPOCO.BOCORPORATE COURIER AND CARGO LT10.52 3:00pmUp 0.50 (4.99%)73Chart, Profile, More
IDM.BOINTERNATIONAL DATA MANAGEMENT17.90 9:08amUp 0.85 (4.99%)100Chart, Profile, More
TRANSFIN.BOTRANS FINANCIAL RESOURCES LTD.15.17 12:52pmUp 0.72 (4.98%)10Chart, Profile, More
MATRUTR.BOMATRU-SMRITI TRADERS LTD.23.20 9:53amUp 1.10 (4.98%)3Chart, More
MANSIFIN.BOMANSI FINANCE (CHENNAI) LTD.16.05 1:29pmUp 0.76 (4.97%)126Chart, Profile, More
SHRIKRISH.BOSHRI KRISHNA DEVCON LTD.12.70 2:45pmUp 0.60 (4.96%)1,350Chart, Profile, More
VENTURA.BOVENTURA TEXTILES LTD.17.16 1:36pmUp 0.81 (4.95%)2Chart, Profile, More
FUTSOL.BOFUTURISTIC SOLUTIONS LTD.53.00 10:08amUp 2.50 (4.95%)6,200Chart, More
METSL.BOMAESTROS ELECTRONICS & TELECOM26.60 2:59pmUp 1.25 (4.93%)1,100Chart, More
TRINETRA.BOTRINETRA CEMENT LTD.35.45 2:40pmUp 1.65 (4.88%)350Chart, More
SHREETULSI.BOSHREE TULSI ONLINE.COM LTD.17.25 2:03pmUp 0.80 (4.86%)4Chart, More
KILBURNC.BOKILBURN CHEMICALS LTD.27.00 3:11pmUp 1.25 (4.85%)6,795Chart, Profile, More
SVPGLOB.BOSVP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD.35.65 3:15pmUp 1.65 (4.85%)1Chart, More
BRADYM.BOBRADY & MORRIS ENGINEERING CO.65.00 12:49pmUp 3.00 (4.84%)1,070Chart, Profile, More
SPCAPIT.BOSP CAPITAL FINANCING LTD.28.20 10:42amUp 1.30 (4.83%)5Chart, Profile, More
AIIL.BOAuthum Investment & Infrastruc30.40 3:13pmUp 1.40 (4.83%)17Chart, More
FERVENTSYN.BOFERVENT SYNERGIES LTD.26.20 3:29pmUp 1.20 (4.80%)430Chart, More
MORGAN.BOMORGAN VENTURES LTD.11.60 3:08pmUp 0.53 (4.79%)1Chart, Profile, More
LORDSCHLO.BOLORDS CHLORO ALKALI LTD.31.85 12:36pmUp 1.45 (4.77%)138,819Chart, Profile, More
MUKSTRI.BOMUKESH STRIPS LTD.62.85 3:14pmUp 2.85 (4.75%)3,057Chart, Profile, More
AXISGOLD.BOAXIS MUTUAL FUND - AXIS GOLD E2,649.99 2:37pmUp 119.99 (4.74%)13Chart, More
IFINSEC.BOINDIA FINSEC LTD.11.50 9:35amUp 0.52 (4.74%)50Chart, More
MONNETIN.BOMONNET INDUSTRIES LTD.32.30 9:16amUp 1.45 (4.70%)2Chart, Profile, More
OCEAGRO.BOOCEAN AGRO (INDIA) LTD.15.60 2:45pmUp 0.70 (4.70%)50Chart, Profile, More
SUPERBAK.BOSUPER BAKERS (INDIA) LTD.11.85 2:15pmUp 0.53 (4.68%)150Chart, Profile, More
MUKESTL.BOMUKESH STEELS LTD.26.85 11:44amUp 1.20 (4.68%)1Chart, Profile, More
ADIEXRE.BOADINATH EXIM RESOURCES LTD.10.90 3:27pmUp 0.48 (4.61%)3,959Chart, Profile, More
SRINACHA.BOSRI NACHAMMAI COTTON MILLS LTD11.40 12:15pmUp 0.50 (4.59%)20Chart, Profile, More
BOMOXY-B1.BOBOMBAY OXYGEN CORPORATION LTD.6,000.00 2:26pmUp 259.00 (4.51%)10Chart, Profile, More
NATRAJPR.BONATRAJ PROTEINS LTD.29.05 9:39amUp 1.25 (4.50%)5Chart, Profile, More
SFPIL.BOSQUARE FOUR PROJECTS INDIA LIM45.40 2:14pmUp 1.90 (4.37%)53Chart, More
KUSHAL.BOKUSHAL TRADELINK LTD103.50 3:47pmUp 4.30 (4.33%)1,375,781Chart, More
DILIGENT.BODILIGENT INDUSTRIES LTD.18.85 1:39pmUp 0.75 (4.14%)259Chart, More
KIFS.BOKIFS FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD.37.90 11:14amUp 1.50 (4.12%)10Chart, More
PCS.BOPCS TECHNOLOGY LTD.26.55 3:28pmUp 1.05 (4.12%)1,005Chart, Profile, More
POLOHOT.BOPOLO HOTELS LTD.12.01 3:42pmUp 0.46 (3.98%)30,222Chart, Profile, More
SAMYAKINT.BOSAMYAK INTERNATIONAL LTD.20.00 1:06pmUp 0.75 (3.90%)187Chart, Profile, More
VIVIDIND.BOVIVID GLOBAL INDUSTRIES LTD.11.25 12:15pmUp 0.42 (3.88%)5Chart, Profile, More
GLANCE.BOGLANCE FINANCE LTD.40.25 3:02pmUp 1.50 (3.87%)10Chart, Profile, More
DELTAMAGNT.BODELTA MAGNETS LTD.30.00 3:20pmUp 1.10 (3.81%)25Chart, More
UNQTYMI.BOUNION QUALITY PLASTICS LTD.13.22 3:11pmUp 0.48 (3.77%)23,788Chart, Profile, More
SSPNFIN.BOSSPN Finance Limited19.30 2:25pmUp 0.70 (3.76%)42,000Chart, More
CSURGSU.BOCENTENIAL SURGICAL SUTURE LTD.63.70 10:56amUp 2.30 (3.75%)100Chart, Profile, More
HINDHARD.BOHINDUSTAN HARDY SPICER LTD.85.00 2:28pmUp 3.00 (3.66%)486Chart, Profile, More
NECCLTD.BONORTH EASTERN CARRYING CORPORA55.45 3:43pmUp 1.95 (3.64%)8,122Chart, More
ISHITADR.BOISHITA DRUGS & INDUSTRIES LTD.17.50 9:28amUp 0.60 (3.55%)5Chart, Profile, More
SRDL.BOSUNSTAR REALTY DEVELOPMENT LTD27.30 10:41amUp 0.90 (3.41%)351,000Chart, More
JAIPAN.BOJAIPAN INDUSTRIES LTD.14.94 12:57pmUp 0.49 (3.39%)475Chart, Profile, More
NGLFINE.BONGL FINE-CHEM LTD.221.30 3:48pmUp 7.10 (3.31%)17,821Chart, Profile, More
DUTRON.BODUTRON POLYMERS LTD.76.00 3:07pmUp 2.40 (3.26%)4,006Chart, Profile, More
OLYOI.BOOLYMPIC OIL INDUSTRIES LTD.30.70 1:56pmUp 0.95 (3.19%)229Chart, Profile, More
BATLIBOI.BOBATLIBOI LTD.21.80 3:19pmUp 0.65 (3.07%)3,737Chart, Profile, More
RAMAPPR-B.BORAMA PAPER MILLS LTD.14.17 3:27pmUp 0.42 (3.05%)21,175Chart, Profile, More
INCAP.BOINCAP LTD.27.50 12:25pmUp 0.80 (3.00%)514Chart, Profile, More
PRECISIO.BOPRECISION ELECTRONICS LTD.45.65 3:29pmUp 1.30 (2.93%)4,876Chart, Profile, More
RASOI.BORASOI LTD.860.00 2:45pmUp 24.00 (2.87%)87Chart, Profile, More
JINDHOT.BOJINDAL HOTELS LTD.32.90 3:16pmUp 0.90 (2.81%)395Chart, Profile, More
MAANALU.BOMAAN ALUMINIUM LTD.29.80 3:05pmUp 0.80 (2.76%)1,891Chart, More
GANDHITUBE.BOGANDHI SPECIAL TUBES LTD.220.90 3:29pmUp 5.90 (2.74%)718Chart, More
BLUBLND-B.BOBLUE BLENDS (INDIA) LTD.90.00 3:40pmUp 2.30 (2.62%)51,903Chart, Profile, More
ASTAR.BOASIAN STAR CO.LTD.700.00 12:02pmUp 17.50 (2.56%)13Chart, Profile, More
IGOLD.BOICICI PRUDENTIAL GOLD EXCHANGE2,665.00 3:22pmUp 66.00 (2.54%)35Chart, More
NICCOPAR.BONICCO PARKS & RESORTS LTD.34.50 2:50pmUp 0.85 (2.53%)509Chart, Profile, More
PREMIERPOL.BOPREMIER POLYFILM LTD.24.85 3:29pmUp 0.60 (2.47%)312Chart, More
LAKSHMIMIL.BOLAKSHMI MILLS COMPANY LTD.2,178.00 3:29pmUp 51.50 (2.42%)7Chart, More
ELDERHCL.BOELDER HEALTH CARE LTD.15.20 1:27pmUp 0.35 (2.36%)3,100Chart, Profile, More
CRMFGETF.BOCANARA ROBECO MUTUAL FUND - CA2,686.67 3:21pmUp 61.67 (2.35%)7Chart, More
SIEL.BOSUPERIOR INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISE17.50 2:29pmUp 0.40 (2.34%)20Chart, More
SANPA.BOSANGAL PAPERS LTD.55.00 3:08pmUp 1.25 (2.33%)101Chart, Profile, More
JAYMAHESH.BOJAY MAHESH INFRAVENTURES LTD.32.70 3:29pmUp 0.70 (2.19%)1,785Chart, More
KIRLOSENG.BOKIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LTD.216.50 3:27pmUp 4.60 (2.17%)4,063Chart, More
GOLDBEES.BOGOLDMAN SACHS GOLD EXCHANGE TR2,594.24 3:58pmUp 55.08 (2.17%)4,206Chart, More
NTCIND.BONTC INDUSTRIES LTD.38.00 2:34pmUp 0.80 (2.15%)1,225Chart, More
RELGOLD.BOR* SHARES GOLD EXCHANGE TRADED2,503.48 3:28pmUp 52.67 (2.15%)236Chart, Profile, More
KOTAKGOLD.BOKOTAK MAHINDRA MUTUAL FUND - K255.36 3:29pmUp 5.32 (2.13%)4,658Chart, Profile, More
SHIVAAGRO.BOSHIVA GLOBAL AGRO INDUSTRIES L19.65 3:54pmUp 0.40 (2.08%)12,199Chart, More
QGOLDHALF.BOQUANTUM GOLD FUND - EXCHANGE T1,297.85 3:29pmUp 25.85 (2.03%)161Chart, Profile, More
ODYSSEY.BOODYSSEY TECHNOLOGIES LTD.30.15 3:26pmUp 0.60 (2.03%)3,408Chart, Profile, More
GOLDSHARE.BOUTI MUTUAL FUND - UTI GOLD EXC2,569.38 3:29pmUp 50.40 (2.00%)627Chart, Profile, More
MERCURYLAB.BOMercury Laboratories Limited501.40 2:35pmUp 9.80 (1.99%)104Chart, More
ASHIKACR.BOASHIKA CREDIT CAPITAL LTD.29.10 3:15pmUp 0.55 (1.93%)50Chart, More
EASTRED.BOEASTERN TREADS LTD.91.20 3:16pmUp 1.70 (1.90%)3,321Chart, Profile, More
SBIGETS.BOSBI MUTUAL FUND - SBI GOLD EXC2,633.59 3:28pmUp 49.02 (1.90%)843Chart, More
NUTRA.BONUTRAPLUS INDIA LTD329.10 3:59pmUp 6.10 (1.89%)59,929Chart, More