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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED116.75 7 Jul 3:45pmUp 28.75 (32.67%)85,254Chart, More
HATHWAY6.BOHATHWAY CABLE & DATACOM LTD52.00 6 Jul 11:52amUp 12.25 (30.82%)50,000Chart, More
ESTER.BOESTER INDUSTRIES LTD.38.90 3:58pmUp 6.45 (19.88%)807,079Chart, More
JINDRILL.BOJINDAL DRILLING & INDUSTRIES L142.60 3:27pmUp 22.60 (18.83%)48,117Chart, Profile, More
SFPIL.BOSQUARE FOUR PROJECTS INDIA LIM62.10 3:29pmUp 9.60 (18.29%)10,993Chart, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,174.35 3:27pmUp 173.75 (17.36%)796,541Chart, More
INDOTHAI.BOINDO THAI SECURITIES LTD.21.35 3:29pmUp 2.85 (15.41%)2Chart, More
DISHMAN.BODISHMAN PHARMACEUTICALS & CHEM259.25 3:59pmUp 34.20 (15.20%)1,893,465Chart, Profile, More
PRWOLEN.BOPRAKASH WOOLLEN MILLS LTD.29.00 1:55pmUp 3.75 (14.85%)10Chart, Profile, More
TCIFINANCE.BOTCI FINANCE LTD.36.00 2:23pmUp 3.80 (11.80%)201Chart, More
MARG.BOMARG LTD.13.90 3:40pmUp 1.42 (11.38%)94,727Chart, More
PONNIERODE.BOPONNI SUGARS (ERODE) LTD.146.30 2:43pmUp 13.30 (10.00%)561Chart, More
SPLIL.BOSPL INDUSTRIES LTD.13.86 3:24pmUp 1.26 (10.00%)6,484Chart, Profile, More
NIRAJ.BONIRAJ CEMENT STRUCTURALS LTD.14.53 3:25pmUp 1.32 (9.99%)74,631Chart, Profile, More
ZODIACLOTH.BOZODIAC CLOTHING CO.LTD.300.60 3:25pmUp 25.60 (9.31%)214Chart, More
PRERINFRA.BOPRERNA INFRABUILD LTD.21.35 3:11pmUp 1.80 (9.21%)1,408Chart, Profile, More
DWARKESH.BODWARIKESH SUGAR INDUSTRIES LTD26.30 3:23pmUp 2.20 (9.13%)8,944Chart, Profile, More
FRONTSP.BOFRONTIER SPRINGS LTD.23.40 1:08pmUp 1.95 (9.09%)3Chart, Profile, More
POTENTIAL.BOPOTENTIAL INVESTMENTS & FINANC31.00 2:58pmUp 2.50 (8.77%)115,003Chart, More
ONWARDTEC.BOONWARD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.64.15 3:28pmUp 5.15 (8.73%)10,871Chart, More
EMAMIINFRA.BOEMAMI INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.50.25 3:49pmUp 3.95 (8.53%)53,893Chart, More
VASCONEQ.BOVASCON ENGINEERS LTD23.30 3:48pmUp 1.80 (8.37%)757,897Chart, More
SURAJLTD.BOSURAJ LTD.47.75 3:28pmUp 3.65 (8.28%)1,195Chart, More
CHOKSILA.BOCHOKSI LABORATORIES LTD.12.98 3:15pmUp 0.98 (8.17%)550Chart, Profile, More
APLAPOLLO.BOAPL APOLLO TUBES LTD.463.30 3:29pmUp 34.30 (8.00%)9,948Chart, More
FAGBEARING.BOFAG BEARINGS INDIA LTD.4,395.65 3:29pmUp 324.20 (7.96%)791Chart, Profile, More
BALRAMCHIN.BOBALRAMPUR CHINI MILLS LTD.42.25 3:57pmUp 3.10 (7.92%)337,316Chart, Profile, More
PORWAL.BOPORWAL AUTO COMPONENTS LTD.11.63 3:26pmUp 0.83 (7.69%)5,729Chart, Profile, More
TINNARUBR.BOTINNA RUBBER AND INFRASTRUCTUR100.00 3:29pmUp 7.10 (7.64%)5Chart, More
SUNTV.BOSUN TV NETWORK LTD.372.00 3:45pmUp 26.40 (7.64%)716,189Chart, Profile, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD3,675.00 3:19pmUp 255.65 (7.48%)31,667Chart, More
ADVANIHOTR.BOADVANI HOTELS & RESORTS (INDIA49.60 3:27pmUp 3.45 (7.48%)20Chart, More
RAJVIR.BORAJVIR INDUSTRIES LTD.49.60 3:50pmUp 3.40 (7.36%)200Chart, Profile, More
JSTL.BOJeevan Scientific Technology L22.00 3:29pmUp 1.50 (7.32%)4,704Chart, More
DUNLOP-B1.BODUNLOP INDIA LTD.11.17 27 Aug 3:29pmUp 0.76 (7.30%)130,254Chart, Profile, More
GOKAKTEX.BOGOKAK TEXTILES LTD.59.00 9:31amUp 4.00 (7.27%)94Chart, Profile, More
SUBROS.BOSUBROS LTD.80.80 3:29pmUp 5.45 (7.23%)26,082Chart, Profile, More
SAKHTISUG.BOSAKTHI SUGARS LTD.15.22 3:27pmUp 1.02 (7.18%)13,253Chart, More
ELECTHERM.BOELECTROTHERM (INDIA) LTD.31.90 3:14pmUp 2.05 (6.87%)1,214Chart, More
BODALCHEM.BOBODAL CHEMICALS LTD.31.40 3:40pmUp 2.00 (6.80%)42,964Chart, Profile, More
RLFL.BORAMCHANDRA LEASING & FINANCE L21.20 3:24pmUp 1.35 (6.80%)168,589Chart, More
SARUPINDUS.BOSARUP INDUSTRIES LTD.86.45 3:29pmUp 5.45 (6.73%)215Chart, More
NATHBIOGEN.BONATH BIO-GENES (INDIA) LTD82.80 2:44pmUp 5.15 (6.63%)4,678Chart, More
VAMSHIRU.BOVAMSHI RUBBER LTD.28.15 3:25pmUp 1.75 (6.63%)4Chart, Profile, More
JAYSYN.BOJAYSYNTH DYESTUFF (INDIA) LTD.42.00 3:20pmUp 2.60 (6.60%)80Chart, Profile, More
KEC.BOKEC INTERNATIONAL LTD.131.10 3:46pmUp 8.10 (6.59%)182,964Chart, More
MERCATOR.BOMERCATOR LTD.23.55 3:50pmUp 1.45 (6.56%)955,796Chart, More
GRANDMA.BOGRANDMA TRADING & AGENCIES LTD22.75 3:43pmUp 1.40 (6.56%)345,586Chart, More
HINDOILEXP.BOHINDUSTAN OIL EXPLORATION CO.L34.85 3:54pmUp 2.10 (6.41%)789,079Chart, Profile, More
3MINDIA.BO3M INDIA LTD.10,877.00 3:29pmUp 647.80 (6.33%)666Chart, More
CAMPHOR.BOCAMPHOR & ALLIED PRODUCTS LTD.335.10 3:28pmUp 19.90 (6.31%)4,132Chart, Profile, More
DILIGENT.BODILIGENT INDUSTRIES LTD.60.05 3:41pmUp 3.55 (6.28%)2,529Chart, More
PATIDAR.BOPATIDAR BUILDCON LIMITED16.95 12:36pmUp 1.00 (6.27%)754Chart, More
SAPPL.BOShree Ajit Pulp And Paper Ltd.102.00 3:44pmUp 6.00 (6.25%)374Chart, More
ABBOTINDIA.BOABBOTT INDIA LTD.4,994.30 3:29pmUp 291.55 (6.20%)5,411Chart, More
BANARBEADS.BOBANARAS BEADS LTD.30.00 3:10pmUp 1.75 (6.19%)38Chart, More
ARMANFIN.BOARMAN FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD.185.80 3:29pmUp 10.70 (6.11%)5,666Chart, Profile, More
DHUNTEAIND.BODhunseri Tea & Industries Ltd222.70 3:28pmUp 12.60 (6.00%)126Chart, More
HESTERBIO.BOHESTER BIOSCIENCES LTD.599.00 3:59pmUp 33.75 (5.97%)21,625Chart, Profile, More
LOTUSCHO.BOLOTUS CHOCOLATE CO.LTD.33.00 2:34pmUp 1.85 (5.94%)5,479Chart, Profile, More
BAJAJHIND.BOBAJAJ HINDUSTHAN SUGAR LIMITED12.96 3:47pmUp 0.72 (5.88%)812,481Chart, Profile, More
ICNX100.BOICICI PRUDENTIAL MUTUAL FUND -90.00 2:12pmUp 5.00 (5.88%)2Chart, More
DCMSRMIND.BODCM SHRIRAM INDUSTRIES LTD.64.05 3:22pmUp 3.55 (5.87%)1,410Chart, More
TYROON.BOTYROON TEA CO.LTD.47.50 3:27pmUp 2.60 (5.79%)206Chart, Profile, More
OUDHSUG.BOOUDH SUGAR MILLS LTD.18.30 3:49pmUp 1.00 (5.78%)9,142Chart, More
DALMIASUG.BODALMIA BHARAT SUGAR AND INDUST23.85 3:11pmUp 1.30 (5.76%)3,464Chart, More
PANCARBON.BOPANASONIC CARBON INDIA CO.LTD.513.75 3:52pmUp 28.00 (5.76%)22,821Chart, More
ADFFOODS.BOADF FOODS LTD.79.15 3:43pmUp 4.30 (5.74%)39,864Chart, More
PRADPME.BOPRADEEP METALS LTD.57.95 3:29pmUp 3.10 (5.65%)2,687Chart, Profile, More
RIDDHI.BORIDDHI SIDDHI GLUCO BIOLS LTD.275.00 3:48pmUp 14.40 (5.53%)239Chart, Profile, More
GUJAPOLLO.BOGUJARAT APOLLO INDUSTRIES LTD.128.80 3:58pmUp 6.70 (5.49%)2,560Chart, More
SANGHVIFOR.BOSANGHVI FORGING AND ENGINEERIN49.05 3:29pmUp 2.55 (5.48%)9,475Chart, More
ISFT.BOINTRASOFT TECHNOLOGIES LTD.443.00 3:45pmUp 22.90 (5.45%)10,426Chart, Profile, More
SELAN.BOSELAN EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY L228.50 3:42pmUp 11.80 (5.45%)126,590Chart, Profile, More
NOL.BONATIONAL OXYGEN LTD.44.30 3:29pmUp 2.25 (5.35%)145Chart, More
SRTRANSFIN.BOSHRIRAM TRANSPORT FINANCE CO.L862.95 3:47pmUp 43.45 (5.30%)67,551Chart, More
ALFATRAN.BOALFA TRANSFORMERS LTD.18.95 12:30pmUp 0.95 (5.28%)200Chart, Profile, More
CHOKSI.BOCHOKSI IMAGING LTD.25.95 2:55pmUp 1.30 (5.27%)842Chart, Profile, More
SKFL.BOSATKAR FINLEASE LTD40.00 11:49amUp 2.00 (5.26%)14,000Chart, More
GRUH.BOGRUH FINANCE LTD.244.05 3:52pmUp 12.20 (5.26%)43,717Chart, More
INDOAMIN.BOINDO AMINES LTD.34.10 3:42pmUp 1.70 (5.25%)5,427Chart, Profile, More
SHYAMTEL.BOSHYAM TELECOM LTD.28.10 3:41pmUp 1.40 (5.24%)445Chart, More
TANAA.BOTANEJA AEROSPACE & AVIATION LT86.40 3:29pmUp 4.25 (5.17%)21,475Chart, Profile, More
DOLPHINOFF.BODOLPHIN OFFSHORE ENTERPRISES (104.40 3:41pmUp 5.10 (5.14%)112,513Chart, More
CEATLTD.BOCEAT LTD.1,132.00 3:53pmUp 55.25 (5.13%)192,373Chart, More
PARNAXLAB.BOPARNAX LAB LTD.28.70 3:40pmUp 1.40 (5.13%)40Chart, More
SESHAPAPER.BOSESHASAYEE PAPER & BOARDS LTD.205.00 2:37pmUp 10.00 (5.13%)2Chart, More
SIMPLEXCAS.BOSIMPLEX CASTINGS LTD.47.20 3:21pmUp 2.25 (5.01%)650Chart, More
KAIRA.BOKAIRA CAN CO.LTD.771.75 2:43pmUp 36.75 (5.00%)25Chart, Profile, More
CSIL.BOCIRCUIT SYSTEMS (INDIA) LTD.12.61 9:46amUp 0.60 (5.00%)49Chart, Profile, More
SRGHFL.BOSRG HOUSING FINANCE LTD.52.55 2:44pmUp 2.50 (5.00%)100Chart, More
ALPHAGEO.BOALPHAGEO (INDIA) LTD.410.60 3:29pmUp 19.50 (4.99%)22,186Chart, Profile, More
SRINACHA.BOSRI NACHAMMAI COTTON MILLS LTD14.96 12:15pmUp 0.71 (4.98%)398Chart, Profile, More
SHRIKRISH.BOSHRI KRISHNA DEVCON LTD.15.81 1:37pmUp 0.75 (4.98%)116Chart, Profile, More
BHARAT.BOBHARAT BHUSHAN SHARE & COMMODI10.76 1:11pmUp 0.51 (4.98%)5Chart, Profile, More
SPENTA.BOSPENTA INTERNATIONAL LTD.84.45 3:15pmUp 4.00 (4.97%)24,921Chart, Profile, More
RELISH.BORELISH PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.53.85 2:30pmUp 2.55 (4.97%)16Chart, Profile, More
BEMHY.BOBEMCO HYDRAULICS LTD.99.35 1:23pmUp 4.70 (4.97%)1,100Chart, Profile, More
RASOI.BORASOI LTD.841.00 3:24pmUp 39.75 (4.96%)6Chart, Profile, More