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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
PALRED.BOPALRED TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED116.75 7 Jul 3:45pmUp 28.75 (32.67%)85,254Chart, More
ANDREWYU.BOANDREW YULE & COMPANY LTD.26.70 3:42pmUp 4.45 (20.00%)3,977,711Chart, Profile, More
PRANAVSP.BOPRANAVADITYA SPINNING MILLS LT35.40 3:18pmUp 5.90 (20.00%)17,559Chart, Profile, More
MRSS.BOMajestic Research Services and27.00 9:18amUp 4.50 (20.00%)10,000Chart, More
PUNJCOMMU.BOPUNJAB COMMUNICATIONS LTD.114.65 3:40pmUp 19.10 (19.99%)24,094Chart, Profile, More
SAPPL.BOShree Ajit Pulp And Paper Ltd.106.55 2:45pmUp 17.75 (19.99%)31,451Chart, More
TRILOGIC.BOTRILOGIC DIGITAL MEDIA LTD.16.34 3:43pmUp 2.72 (19.97%)123,936Chart, More
KANPRPLA.BOKANPUR PLASTIPACK LTD.120.75 3:25pmUp 20.10 (19.97%)78,479Chart, Profile, More
AUSTENG.BOAUSTIN ENGINEERING CO.LTD.82.65 3:58pmUp 13.75 (19.96%)179,800Chart, Profile, More
ONWARDTEC.BOONWARD TECHNOLOGIES LTD.75.80 3:51pmUp 12.60 (19.94%)79,847Chart, More
RAPICUT.BORAPICUT CARBIDES LTD.74.00 3:28pmUp 12.30 (19.94%)49,546Chart, Profile, More
INDNIPPON.BOINDIA NIPPON ELECTRICALS LTD.489.80 3:48pmUp 77.80 (18.88%)14,595Chart, More
SRIPIPES.BOSrikalahasthi Pipes Limited310.20 3:53pmUp 46.20 (17.50%)397,177Chart, More
DAICHI.BODAI-ICHI KARKARIA LTD.359.50 3:52pmUp 50.70 (16.42%)80,618Chart, Profile, More
BANSWRAS.BOBANSWARA SYNTEX LTD.109.50 3:56pmUp 15.40 (16.37%)105,831Chart, Profile, More
HDFCBANK6.BOHDFC BANK LTD1,287.50 3:29pmUp 179.65 (16.22%)585,328Chart, More
BHANDHOS.BOBHANDARI HOSIERY EXPORTS LTD.52.80 3:44pmUp 7.25 (15.92%)531,808Chart, Profile, More
CHLOGIST.BOCHARTERED LOGISTICS LTD.14.02 3:49pmUp 1.91 (15.77%)123,102Chart, Profile, More
NDL.BONANDAN DENIM LIMITED146.70 3:59pmUp 19.80 (15.60%)341,562Chart, More
ROTO.BOROTO PUMPS LTD.101.40 3:46pmUp 13.50 (15.36%)24,489Chart, Profile, More
SHRGLTR.BOSHREE GLOBAL TRADEFIN LTD.13.30 3:27pmUp 1.75 (15.15%)360Chart, Profile, More
OMKARCHEM.BOOMKAR SPECIALITY CHEMICALS LTD210.80 3:48pmUp 27.10 (14.75%)406,523Chart, More
ELPROINTL.BOELPRO INTERNATIONAL LTD.269.20 3:48pmUp 34.30 (14.60%)27,205Chart, More
INVPRECQ.BOINVESTMENT & PRECISION CASTING117.85 3:47pmUp 14.60 (14.14%)41,517Chart, Profile, More
HEXATRADEX.BOHEXA TRADEX LTD.22.70 3:49pmUp 2.80 (14.07%)43,449Chart, More
PTL.BOPTL ENTERPRISES LTD.48.90 3:55pmUp 5.90 (13.72%)113,355Chart, Profile, More
DAAWAT.BOLT FOODS LTD.196.00 3:44pmUp 23.10 (13.36%)74,681Chart, Profile, More
ADFFOODS.BOADF FOODS LTD.82.55 3:59pmUp 9.65 (13.24%)228,079Chart, More
AUTOAXLES.BOAUTOMOTIVE AXLES LTD.750.50 3:59pmUp 87.50 (13.20%)2,769Chart, Profile, More
MODAIRY.BOMODERN DAIRIES LTD.14.20 3:53pmUp 1.65 (13.15%)59,445Chart, Profile, More
VASCONEQ.BOVASCON ENGINEERS LTD25.45 3:56pmUp 2.85 (12.61%)437,302Chart, More
RAJESHEXPO.BORAJESH EXPORTS LTD.519.55 3:59pmUp 57.80 (12.52%)754,625Chart, More
KILITCH.BOKILITCH DRUGS (INDIA) LTD.44.60 3:40pmUp 4.95 (12.48%)65,969Chart, More
MEDICAPQ.BOMEDI-CAPS LTD.20.01 3:45pmUp 2.14 (11.98%)85,659Chart, Profile, More
RUBYMILLS.BORUBY MILLS LTD.425.50 3:45pmUp 44.90 (11.80%)62,260Chart, More
SWISSGLA.BOSWISS GLASCOAT EQUIPMENTS LTD.112.40 3:45pmUp 11.75 (11.67%)17,138Chart, Profile, More
ASMTEC.BOASM TECHNOLOGIES LTD.145.05 3:52pmUp 14.95 (11.49%)23,589Chart, Profile, More
HONDAPOWER.BOHONDA SIEL POWER PRODUCTS LTD.1,413.00 3:53pmUp 140.00 (11.00%)33,806Chart, More
SAKTHIFIN.BOSAKTHI FINANCE LTD.25.80 3:45pmUp 2.55 (10.97%)104,346Chart, More
PANACEABIO.BOPANACEA BIOTEC LTD.171.50 3:43pmUp 16.80 (10.86%)63,122Chart, Profile, More
GRASIM6.BOGRASIM INDUSTRIES LTD4,118.50 3:21pmUp 401.65 (10.81%)5,995Chart, More
INTELLECT.BOINTELLECT DESIGN ARENA LIMITED139.80 3:59pmUp 13.55 (10.73%)1,222,877Chart, More
SIMMOND.BOSIMMONDS MARSHALL LTD.95.75 3:59pmUp 9.25 (10.69%)179,454Chart, Profile, More
PLETHICO.BOPLETHICO PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.33.25 3:57pmUp 3.15 (10.47%)422,686Chart, Profile, More
SRK.BOS R K INDUSTRIES LTD.44.35 3:42pmUp 4.15 (10.32%)252,614Chart, More
LOTUSEYE.BOLOTUS EYE CARE HOSPITAL LTD.13.05 3:29pmUp 1.19 (10.03%)31,783Chart, Profile, More
MOLDTKPAC.BOMOLD-TEK PACKAGING LIMITED214.20 3:40pmUp 19.50 (10.02%)37,446Chart, More
NILKAMAL.BONILKAMAL LTD.896.25 3:46pmUp 81.50 (10.00%)151,328Chart, Profile, More
PAUSHAKLTD.BOPAUSHAK LTD.935.50 3:18pmUp 85.00 (9.99%)1,360Chart, Profile, More
MANGTIMBER.BOMANGALAM TIMBER PRODUCTS LTD.11.56 3:22pmUp 1.05 (9.99%)4,394Chart, More
TYROON.BOTYROON TEA CO.LTD.54.50 3:47pmUp 4.95 (9.99%)15,694Chart, Profile, More
SUCROSA.BOSUPER CROP SAFE LTD.17.10 3:23pmUp 1.55 (9.97%)1,770Chart, Profile, More
PEARLPOLY.BOPEARL POLYMERS LTD.15.68 2:09pmUp 1.42 (9.96%)2,410Chart, More
KERALAYUR.BOKERALA AYURVEDA LTD.63.15 3:27pmUp 5.70 (9.92%)39,777Chart, Profile, More
INTEGRAEN.BOINTEGRA ENGINEERING INDIA LTD.31.60 3:48pmUp 2.85 (9.91%)65,587Chart, More
DREDGECORP.BODREDGING CORPORATION OF INDIA443.70 3:58pmUp 39.60 (9.80%)138,515Chart, More
ANSALBU.BOANSAL BUILDWELL LTD.92.45 3:47pmUp 8.20 (9.73%)6,484Chart, Profile, More
NITINSPIN.BONITIN SPINNERS LTD.87.40 3:53pmUp 7.75 (9.73%)414,235Chart, Profile, More
MINDTECK.BOMINDTECK (INDIA) LTD.85.80 3:44pmUp 7.55 (9.65%)105,650Chart, Profile, More
INDSILHYD.BOINDSIL HYDRO POWER AND MANGANE36.45 3:42pmUp 3.15 (9.46%)3,863Chart, Profile, More
SURAJLTD.BOSURAJ LTD.51.70 3:29pmUp 4.45 (9.42%)103Chart, More
GRAVITA.BOGRAVITA INDIA LTD.34.90 3:56pmUp 3.00 (9.40%)106,897Chart, More
CHOICEIN.BOCHOICE INTERNATIONAL LTD.33.95 3:29pmUp 2.90 (9.34%)13,920Chart, Profile, More
KIRLOSENG.BOKIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LTD.325.80 3:56pmUp 27.80 (9.33%)29,484Chart, More
KLRF.BOKLRF LTD.45.75 3:47pmUp 3.85 (9.19%)25,652Chart, More
TAKE.BOTAKE SOLUTIONS LTD.147.05 3:53pmUp 12.30 (9.13%)449,875Chart, Profile, More
JKCEMENT.BOJ.K.CEMENT LTD.681.50 3:44pmUp 56.30 (9.01%)10,131Chart, More
ORISSAMINE.BOORISSA MINERALS DEVELOPMENT CO2,603.50 3:58pmUp 214.00 (8.96%)22,833Chart, More
SUNTV.BOSUN TV NETWORK LTD.336.55 3:47pmUp 27.60 (8.93%)1,387,341Chart, Profile, More
INDIANCARD.BOINDIAN CARD CLOTHING CO.LTD.139.20 3:48pmUp 11.30 (8.84%)3,611Chart, More
JAMSHRI.BOJAMSHRI RANJITSINGHJI SPG. & W27.40 3:40pmUp 2.20 (8.73%)1,652Chart, Profile, More
PUNJABCHEM.BOPUNJAB CHEMICALS AND CROP PROT284.60 3:59pmUp 22.70 (8.67%)104,849Chart, More
RESONANCE.BORESONANCE SPECIALTIES LTD.25.10 3:27pmUp 2.00 (8.66%)21,520Chart, Profile, More
NATHBIOGEN.BONATH BIO-GENES (INDIA) LTD111.80 3:55pmUp 8.80 (8.54%)14,870Chart, More
GILLANDERS.BOGILLANDERS ARBUTHNOT & CO.LTD.70.05 3:29pmUp 5.50 (8.52%)54,660Chart, More
GREAVESCOT.BOGREAVES COTTON LTD.148.40 3:59pmUp 11.65 (8.52%)480,705Chart, More
SURYALAXMI.BOSURYALAKSHMI COTTON MILLS LTD.125.70 3:29pmUp 9.80 (8.46%)29,386Chart, More
TIDEWATER.BOTIDE WATER OIL (INDIA) LTD.16,586.00 3:54pmUp 1,271.00 (8.30%)2,967Chart, More
SSWL.BOSTEEL STRIPS WHEELS LTD.360.00 3:29pmUp 26.90 (8.08%)88,140Chart, More
UNIONBANK.BOUNION BANK OF INDIA177.00 3:56pmUp 13.20 (8.06%)1,178,093Chart, Profile, More
FILATEX.BOFILATEX INDIA LTD.38.40 3:52pmUp 2.85 (8.02%)6,566Chart, Profile, More
PRISMMEDI.BOPRISM MEDICO AND PHARMACY LTD.29.65 3:29pmUp 2.20 (8.01%)178,026Chart, More
AMMLTD.BOAppu Marketing & Manufacturing435.00 3:49pmUp 32.00 (7.94%)28,601Chart, More
RAMCOIND.BORAMCO INDUSTRIES LTD.106.10 3:59pmUp 7.80 (7.93%)520,351Chart, Profile, More
BMAL.BOBOTHRA METALS & ALLOYS LTD.35.40 2:58pmUp 2.60 (7.93%)8,000Chart, More
SINGER.BOSINGER INDIA LTD.246.90 3:49pmUp 18.00 (7.86%)154,372Chart, Profile, More
ASSOSTNB.BOASSOCIATED STONE INDUSTRIES (K112.10 3:29pmUp 8.15 (7.84%)73,814Chart, Profile, More
KIRANVYPAR.BOKIRAN VYAPAR LTD118.80 3:27pmUp 8.60 (7.80%)8,281Chart, More
PICCADIL.BOPICCADILY AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD.15.79 3:26pmUp 1.14 (7.78%)21,157Chart, Profile, More
SANDUPHQ.BOSANDU PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.29.25 3:53pmUp 2.10 (7.73%)21,517Chart, Profile, More
GUJTHEM.BOGUJARAT THEMIS BIOSYN LTD.58.15 3:48pmUp 4.15 (7.69%)48,412Chart, Profile, More
UNIPHOS.BOUNIPHOS ENTERPRISES LTD.46.40 3:49pmUp 3.30 (7.66%)28,997Chart, Profile, More
APARINDS.BOAPAR INDUSTRIES LTD.424.30 3:49pmUp 29.90 (7.58%)62,479Chart, More
RUCHIRA.BORUCHIRA PAPERS LTD.36.30 3:45pmUp 2.55 (7.56%)100,826Chart, Profile, More
SANGHVIMOV.BOSANGHVI MOVERS LTD.370.50 3:54pmUp 26.00 (7.55%)112,443Chart, More
INDOAMIN.BOINDO AMINES LTD.38.10 3:49pmUp 2.65 (7.48%)66,196Chart, Profile, More
HCL-INSYS.BOHCL INFOSYSTEMS LTD.45.55 3:52pmUp 3.10 (7.30%)1,967,533Chart, More
SURYAAMBA.BOSURYAAMBA SPINNING MILLS LTD.44.85 3:28pmUp 3.05 (7.30%)1,360Chart, Profile, More
NELCAST.BONELCAST LTD.50.25 3:46pmUp 3.40 (7.26%)207,985Chart, Profile, More
THIRUSUGAR.BOTHIRU AROORAN SUGARS LTD.29.00 3:40pmUp 1.95 (7.21%)2,620Chart, More