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SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
VFL.BOVIJI FINANCE LTD16.08 2:45pmUp 2.68 (20.00%)37,802Chart, More
KARMAENG.BOKARMA ENERGY LTD.55.25 3:20pmUp 9.20 (19.98%)137,443Chart, More
ARCHIES.BOARCHIES LTD.27.75 3:44pmUp 4.60 (19.87%)1,141,556Chart, More
SUPRAP.BOSUPRA PACIFIC MANAGEMENT CONSU20.45 3:27pmUp 3.15 (18.21%)550Chart, More
ORICON.BOORICON ENTERPRISES LTD.53.95 3:48pmUp 6.90 (14.67%)641,658Chart, More
PTIL.BOPrabhat Telecoms (India) Limit85.00 3:20pmUp 10.00 (13.33%)24,000Chart, More
COMCL.BOCOMFORT COMMOTRADE LTD.26.90 3:29pmUp 3.15 (13.26%)20,120Chart, More
SUDTIND-B.BOSUDITI INDUSTRIES LTD.56.20 3:48pmUp 6.40 (12.85%)206,333Chart, More
NATIONALUM.BONATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD.69.30 3:52pmUp 7.55 (12.23%)4,572,013Chart, More
AMTL.BOADVANCE METERING TECHNOLOGY LT30.30 3:43pmUp 3.30 (12.22%)27,581Chart, More
ASIANHOTNR.BOASIAN HOTELS (NORTH) LIMITED112.45 3:29pmUp 12.20 (12.17%)20Chart, More
INNOVTEC.BOINNOVATIVE TECH PACK LTD.65.00 3:42pmUp 6.30 (10.73%)620,299Chart, More
TGBHOTELS.BOTGB BANQUETS AND HOTELS LTD.72.65 3:54pmUp 6.90 (10.49%)92,921Chart, More
MMTC.BOMMTC LTD.54.95 3:49pmUp 5.20 (10.45%)3,378,760Chart, More
ANJANI.BOANJANI SYNTHETICS LTD.29.35 3:28pmUp 2.75 (10.34%)3,295Chart, More
LANCER.BOLancer Container Lines Limited27.50 1:46pmUp 2.50 (10.00%)10,000Chart, More
PRISMMEDI.BOPRISM MEDICO AND PHARMACY LTD.37.20 1:29pmUp 3.35 (9.90%)19,195Chart, More
RUBYTEL.BORUBY TRADERS AND EXPORTERS LIM29.05 9:17amUp 2.60 (9.83%)200Chart, More
BSLFEFS1RG.BOBIRLA SUN LIFE MUTUAL FUND- BI14.50 1:05pmUp 1.29 (9.77%)12Chart, More
GOKUL.BOGOKUL REFOILS & SOLVENT LTD.24.25 3:40pmUp 2.15 (9.73%)372,838Chart, More
PRIMEURB.BOPRIME URBAN DEVELOPMENT INDIA31.75 3:27pmUp 2.75 (9.48%)50Chart, More
RICHAIND.BORICHA INDUSTRIES LTD.33.05 3:52pmUp 2.75 (9.08%)478,722Chart, More
SHAKTIPUMP.BOSHAKTI PUMPS (INDIA) LTD.143.60 3:59pmUp 11.80 (8.95%)114,392Chart, More
KOHINOOR.BOKOHINOOR FOODS LTD.63.70 3:40pmUp 5.15 (8.80%)330,789Chart, More
RISHIROOP.BORishiroop Limited36.80 3:18pmUp 2.95 (8.71%)3,820Chart, More
FERVENTSYN.BOFERVENT SYNERGIES LTD.32.60 3:40pmUp 2.60 (8.67%)4,510Chart, More
COSYN.BOCOSYN Limited204.10 3:51pmUp 16.20 (8.62%)299,859Chart, More
ATHENAGLO.BOAthena Global Technologies Lim31.20 3:26pmUp 2.45 (8.52%)2,170Chart, More
PANACEABIO.BOPANACEA BIOTEC LTD.126.40 3:56pmUp 9.75 (8.36%)57,459Chart, More
VIJSHAN.BOVIJAY SHANTHI BUILDERS LTD.11.79 3:29pmUp 0.89 (8.17%)7,404Chart, More
RIBATEX.BORIBA TEXTILES LTD.44.85 3:22pmUp 3.30 (7.94%)1,584Chart, More
GOKULAGRO.BOGokul Agro Resources Ltd21.75 3:27pmUp 1.60 (7.94%)115,088Chart, More
MODINATUR.BOMODI NATURALS LIMITED120.75 3:27pmUp 8.75 (7.81%)2,093Chart, More
SAMTEX.BOSAMTEX FASHIONS LTD.10.79 3:19pmUp 0.78 (7.79%)2,845Chart, More
ADHUNIKIND.BOADHUNIK INDUSTRIES LTD114.40 3:27pmUp 8.20 (7.72%)86,379Chart, More
ARCHITORG.BOARCHIT ORGANOSYS LTD.75.35 3:24pmUp 5.40 (7.72%)509Chart, More
CRAVATEX.BOCRAVATEX LTD.203.95 3:27pmUp 14.40 (7.60%)30Chart, More
INDIAHOME.BOINDIA HOME LOAN LTD.90.85 3:42pmUp 6.15 (7.26%)71,022Chart, More
RADHIKAJWE.BORadhika Jeweltech Limited37.00 1:06pmUp 2.50 (7.25%)9,600Chart, More
INDICAP.BOINDITRADE CAPITAL LIMITED39.60 3:29pmUp 2.60 (7.03%)2,265Chart, More
HISARMET.BOHISAR METAL INDUSTRIES LTD.24.40 10:18amUp 1.60 (7.02%)153Chart, More
REXNORD.BOREXNORD ELECTRONICS & CONTROLS55.70 3:56pmUp 3.60 (6.91%)61,785Chart, More
LIBERTSHOE.BOLIBERTY SHOES LTD.155.00 3:54pmUp 9.95 (6.86%)44,319Chart, More
GGDANDE.BOG.G.DANDEKAR MACHINE WORKS LTD56.50 3:28pmUp 3.60 (6.81%)3Chart, More
ITI.BOITI LTD.39.35 3:48pmUp 2.50 (6.78%)608,762Chart, More
SHRIDINE.BOSHRI DINESH MILLS LTD.130.15 3:29pmUp 8.25 (6.77%)1,018Chart, More
DYNPRO.BODYNEMIC PRODUCTS LTD.143.00 3:52pmUp 8.95 (6.68%)751,852Chart, More
TCFCFINQ.BOTCFC FINANCE LTD.33.45 10:33amUp 2.05 (6.53%)106Chart, More
RISHILASE.BORISHI LASER LTD.18.90 3:24pmUp 1.15 (6.48%)3,403Chart, More
ASITCFIN.BOASIT C.MEHTA FINANCIAL SERVICE18.15 3:19pmUp 1.10 (6.45%)250Chart, More
JINDWORLD.BOJINDAL WORLDWIDE LTD.198.90 10:28amUp 11.90 (6.36%)80Chart, More
ANKUSHFI.BOANKUSH FINSTOCK LTD.21.05 3:29pmUp 1.25 (6.31%)65,738Chart, More
MANAKSIA.BOMANAKSIA LTD.57.90 3:41pmUp 3.35 (6.14%)5,540Chart, More
SHILGRAVQ.BOSHILP GRAVURES LTD.92.80 3:30pmUp 5.35 (6.12%)27,851Chart, More
IBWSL.BOINDIABULLS WHOLESALE SERVICES20.95 3:29pmUp 1.20 (6.08%)128,827Chart, More
VAMA.BOVAMA INDUSTRIES LTD.20.30 3:29pmUp 1.15 (6.01%)276,827Chart, More
VIMTALABS.BOVIMTA LABS LTD.101.60 3:59pmUp 5.75 (6.00%)174,417Chart, More
MSRINDIA.BOMSR INDIA LTD.46.25 3:26pmUp 2.60 (5.96%)59,123Chart, More
MRO-TEK.BOMRO-TEK LTD.63.80 3:46pmUp 3.55 (5.89%)30,270Chart, More
PANCHMAHQ.BOPANCHMAHAL STEEL LTD.22.50 3:29pmUp 1.25 (5.88%)1,300Chart, More
HBPOR.BOHB PORTFOLIO LTD.18.05 2:58pmUp 1.00 (5.87%)1,549Chart, More
HINDALUMI.BOHIND ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES LTD.99.55 3:44pmUp 5.50 (5.85%)28,706Chart, More
RIGASUG.BORIGA SUGAR COMPANY LTD.20.40 3:12pmUp 1.10 (5.70%)1,325Chart, More
TANTIACONS.BOTANTIA CONSTRUCTIONS LTD.16.90 1:29pmUp 0.90 (5.62%)1Chart, More
JINDCOT.BOJINDAL COTEX LTD.17.00 3:29pmUp 0.90 (5.59%)30,272Chart, More
PUNJCOMMU.BOPUNJAB COMMUNICATIONS LTD.43.70 1:37pmUp 2.30 (5.56%)813Chart, More
TVVISION.BOTV VISION LIMITED295.35 3:40pmUp 15.35 (5.48%)58,993Chart, More
ESCORTSFIN.BOESCORTS FINANCE LTD.10.63 3:29pmUp 0.55 (5.46%)52,302Chart, More
MUKESHB.BOMUKESH BABU FINANCIAL SERVICES40.00 1:24pmUp 2.05 (5.40%)4,006Chart, More
SDBL.BOSOM DISTILLERIES & BREWERIES L138.35 3:27pmUp 7.05 (5.37%)33,101Chart, More
RACLGEAR.BORACL Geartech Limited31.00 2:55pmUp 1.55 (5.26%)7,464Chart, More
REMSONSIND.BOREMSONS INDUSTRIES LTD.53.65 3:16pmUp 2.65 (5.20%)1,352Chart, More
STCINDIA.BOSTATE TRADING CORPORATION OF I124.75 3:51pmUp 6.10 (5.14%)255,209Chart, More
NOL.BONATIONAL OXYGEN LTD.37.00 2:32pmUp 1.80 (5.11%)398Chart, More
PRAJIND.BOPRAJ INDUSTRIES LTD.77.60 3:45pmUp 3.75 (5.08%)393,917Chart, More
7TEC.BOSAVEN TECHNOLOGIES LTD.24.00 3:29pmUp 1.15 (5.03%)5,600Chart, More
INDPRUD.BOINDUSTRIAL & PRUDENTIAL INVEST1,149.00 11:11amUp 55.00 (5.03%)16Chart, More
PHOENXINTL.BOPHOENIX INTERNATIONAL LTD.10.92 3:26pmUp 0.52 (5.00%)110Chart, More
SAYAJIHOTL.BOSAYAJI HOTELS LTD.159.60 1:56pmUp 7.60 (5.00%)230Chart, More
RATHIGRA.BORATHI GRAPHIC TECHNOLOGIES LTD17.85 3:15pmUp 0.85 (5.00%)23,299Chart, More
NIHARINF.BONIHAR INFO GLOBAL LTD.15.75 10:15amUp 0.75 (5.00%)100Chart, More
ANKIN.BOANKA INDIA LTD.21.00 10:15amUp 1.00 (5.00%)200Chart, More
LORDSCHLO.BOLORDS CHLORO ALKALI LTD.31.50 2:01pmUp 1.50 (5.00%)1,051Chart, More
ENVAIREL.BOENVAIR ELECTRODYNE LTD.26.25 3:15pmUp 1.25 (5.00%)525Chart, More
KAYCEEI.BOKAYCEE INDUSTRIES LTD.3,122.15 2:56pmUp 148.65 (5.00%)27Chart, More
SHAILY.BOSHAILY ENGINEERING PLASTICS LT531.70 3:24pmUp 25.30 (5.00%)2,359Chart, More
TAINWALCHM.BOTAINWALA CHEMICALS & PLASTICS44.25 3:45pmUp 2.10 (4.98%)3,303Chart, More
ZEEMEDIA.BOZEE MEDIA CORPORATION LIMITED37.00 3:41pmUp 1.75 (4.96%)904,086Chart, More
ENDURANCE.BOEndurance Technologies Limited592.45 3:40pmUp 27.70 (4.90%)121,968Chart, More
NFL.BONATIONAL FERTILIZERS LTD.34.40 3:41pmUp 1.60 (4.88%)97,595Chart, More
CHAMBLFERT.BOCHAMBAL FERTILISERS & CHEMICAL70.00 3:44pmUp 3.25 (4.87%)263,436Chart, More
MOSCHIP.BOMOSCHIP SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLO57.55 3:42pmUp 2.65 (4.83%)894,731Chart, More
JSTL.BOJeevan Scientific Technology L45.70 3:40pmUp 2.10 (4.82%)64,054Chart, More
TIGLOB.BOT & I GLOBAL LTD.25.10 3:29pmUp 1.15 (4.80%)217Chart, More
DBL.BODilip Buildcon Limited234.15 3:41pmUp 10.55 (4.72%)46,842Chart, More
PACL.BOPUNJAB ALKALIES & CHEMICALS LT14.06 3:47pmUp 0.63 (4.69%)43,024Chart, More
JOINDRE.BOJOINDRE CAPITAL SERVICES LTD.14.76 3:28pmUp 0.66 (4.68%)1,770Chart, More
RUDRAKSH.BORUDRAKSH CAP-TECH LTD.96.85 3:45pmUp 4.30 (4.65%)40,544Chart, More
BERGEPAINT.BOBERGER PAINTS INDIA LTD.227.55 3:41pmUp 10.10 (4.64%)92,541Chart, More
EMCO.BOEMCO LTD.27.45 3:41pmUp 1.20 (4.57%)171,696Chart, More