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Volume Leaders

SymbolNameLast TradeChangeVolumeRelated Info
SPICEJET.BOSPICEJET LTD.68.90 3:13pmUp 4.20 (6.49%)12,350,278Chart, More
JPASSOCIAT.BOJAIPRAKASH ASSOCIATES LTD.14.75 3:13pmDown 0.39 (2.58%)7,479,011Chart, More
JINDALSTEL.BOJINDAL STEEL & POWER LTD.109.20 3:13pmUp 9.00 (8.98%)6,981,049Chart, More
RCOM.BORELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS LTD.35.30 3:13pmUp 0.70 (2.02%)5,070,732Chart, More
MARKSANS.BOMARKSANS PHARMA LTD.50.50 3:13pmUp 1.80 (3.70%)4,334,129Chart, More
SUZLON.BOSUZLON ENERGY LTD.17.40 3:13pmUp 0.30 (1.75%)3,675,470Chart, More
UJAAS.BOUJAAS ENERGY LIMITED36.30 3:13pmDown 5.20 (12.53%)3,035,233Chart, More
MMWL.BOMEDIA MATRIX WORLDWIDE LTD.9.80 3:11pmDown 0.21 (2.10%)2,139,671Chart, More
NIITLTD.BONIIT LTD.77.25 3:12pmUp 2.85 (3.83%)1,922,795Chart, More
DLF.BODLF LTD.145.40 3:13pmDown 0.90 (0.62%)1,823,666Chart, More
JINDALSAW.BOJINDAL SAW LTD.76.35 3:13pmUp 7.00 (10.09%)1,711,608Chart, More
IDEA.BOIDEA CELLULAR LTD.108.25 3:13pmDown 0.45 (0.41%)1,678,258Chart, More
GMRINFRA.BOGMR INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.14.91 3:13pmDown 0.45 (2.93%)1,670,403Chart, More
ALANKIT.BOALANKIT29.00 3:11pmUp 0.20 (0.69%)1,537,541Chart, More
MFSL.BOMax Financial Services Limited567.90 3:13pmDown 25.40 (4.28%)1,382,127Chart, More
INFRATEL.BOBHARTI INFRATEL LTD.296.00 3:13pmDown 12.75 (4.13%)1,233,670Chart, More
FCONSUMER.BOFuture Consumer Limited28.15 3:13pmUp 1.00 (3.68%)1,179,959Chart, More
INDIACEM.BOINDIA CEMENTS LTD.172.45 3:13pmUp 9.70 (5.96%)1,177,567Chart, More
TV18BRDCST.BOTV18 BROADCAST LTD.40.05 3:13pmUp 1.35 (3.49%)1,154,065Chart, More
CPSEETF.BOCPSE ETF28.33 3:13pmUp 0.24 (0.85%)1,122,346Chart, More
SOUTHBANK.BOSOUTH INDIAN BANK LTD.20.80 3:13pmUp 0.10 (0.48%)1,087,719Chart, More
FEDERALBNK.BOFEDERAL BANK LTD.86.25 3:13pmUp 0.20 (0.23%)977,748Chart, More
ICICIBANK.BOICICI BANK LTD.285.10 3:13pmUp 2.90 (1.03%)967,886Chart, More
RECLTD.BORURAL ELECTRIFICATION CORPORAT155.70 3:13pmUp 5.20 (3.46%)948,456Chart, More
BURNPUR.BOBURNPUR CEMENT LTD.12.86 3:13pmDown 0.13 (1.00%)945,034Chart, More
SBIN.BOSTATE BANK OF INDIA271.10 3:13pmUp 1.85 (0.69%)907,655Chart, More
ISMTLTD.BOISMT LTD.14.70 3:13pmUp 2.45 (20.00%)890,266Chart, More
AXISBANK.BOAXIS BANK LTD.505.05 3:13pmUp 24.45 (5.09%)861,226Chart, More
IFCI.BOIFCI LTD.29.25 3:13pmUp 0.45 (1.56%)856,071Chart, More
BANKBARODA.BOBANK OF BARODA169.15 3:13pmUp 0.40 (0.24%)838,893Chart, More
JUSTDIAL.BOJUST DIAL LTD.507.30 3:13pmUp 22.50 (4.64%)826,247Chart, More
BOMDYEING.BOBOMBAY DYEING & MFG.CO.LTD.60.05 3:13pmUp 3.05 (5.35%)825,603Chart, More
JETAIRWAYS.BOJET AIRWAYS (INDIA) LTD.410.65 3:13pmUp 27.80 (7.26%)800,704Chart, More
SUBEX.BOSUBEX LTD.11.17 3:12pmDown 0.06 (0.53%)798,542Chart, More
TATASTEEL.BOTATA STEEL LTD.490.70 3:13pmUp 4.00 (0.82%)790,672Chart, More
IDBI.BOIDBI BANK LTD.83.10 3:13pmUp 0.75 (0.91%)780,745Chart, More
HINDALCO.BOHINDALCO INDUSTRIES LTD.182.75 3:13pmDown 0.40 (0.22%)759,494Chart, More
INOXWIND.BOInox Wind Limited177.60 3:12pmUp 5.70 (3.32%)721,609Chart, More
KAJARIACER.BOKAJARIA CERAMICS LTD.572.70 3:13pmUp 12.05 (2.15%)714,423Chart, More
RAYMOND.BORAYMOND LTD.571.05 3:13pmUp 68.15 (13.55%)709,449Chart, More
MANINDS.BOMAN INDUSTRIES (INDIA) LTD.51.35 3:13pmUp 5.65 (12.36%)694,724Chart, More
MARSONS.BOMARSONS LIMITED11.10 3:12pmDown 0.25 (2.20%)691,471Chart, More
SINTEX.BOSINTEX INDUSTRIES LTD.95.35 3:13pmUp 1.50 (1.60%)687,186Chart, More
VEDL.BOVEDANTA LIMITED268.75 3:13pmDown 1.60 (0.59%)687,089Chart, More
SHIVACEM.BOSHIVA CEMENT LTD.16.40 3:12pmUp 0.05 (0.31%)685,195Chart, More
HDIL.BOHOUSING DEVELOPMENT & INFRASTR66.20 3:13pmUp 0.60 (0.91%)685,164Chart, More
DELTACORP.BODELTA CORP LTD.131.60 3:13pmUp 3.45 (2.69%)673,657Chart, More
PNB.BOPUNJAB NATIONAL BANK143.80 3:13pmUp 1.05 (0.74%)664,105Chart, More
MAHABANK.BOBANK OF MAHARASHTRA37.10 3:12pmUp 4.55 (13.98%)663,185Chart, More
IBULHSGFIN.BOINDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LTD869.00 3:13pmUp 20.85 (2.46%)658,115Chart, More
FEL.BOFuture Enterprises Limited28.70 3:13pmUp 1.15 (4.17%)654,480Chart, More
UNIONBANK.BOUNION BANK OF INDIA144.70 3:13pmUp 3.15 (2.23%)646,089Chart, More
ADANIENT.BOADANI ENTERPRISES LTD.97.40 3:13pm 0.00 (0.00%)628,077Chart, More
ASHOKLEY.BOASHOK LEYLAND LTD.95.20 3:13pmUp 0.80 (0.85%)625,318Chart, More
MTEDUCARE.BOMT EDUCARE LTD.95.75 3:13pmUp 6.50 (7.28%)622,564Chart, More
JSWENERGY.BOJSW ENERGY LTD64.10 3:13pmUp 2.30 (3.72%)618,692Chart, More
DISHTV.BODISH TV INDIA LTD.93.55 3:13pmUp 2.80 (3.09%)611,916Chart, More
RADICO.BORADICO KHAITAN LTD.136.10 3:13pmUp 2.25 (1.68%)609,910Chart, More
BAJAJHIND.BOBAJAJ HINDUSTHAN SUGAR LIMITED15.05 3:13pmDown 0.19 (1.25%)608,059Chart, More
HCC.BOHINDUSTAN CONSTRUCTION CO.LTD.41.20 3:13pmUp 0.45 (1.10%)602,296Chart, More
ASSOSTNB.BOASSOCIATED STONE INDUSTRIES (K46.75 3:10pmUp 2.20 (4.94%)597,863Chart, More
MANAPPURAM.BOMANAPPURAM FINANCE LTD.101.05 3:13pmDown 1.30 (1.27%)585,649Chart, More
MOSCHIP.BOMOSCHIP SEMICONDUCTOR TECHNOLO54.95 3:13pmUp 1.25 (2.33%)584,828Chart, More
FRETAIL.BOFuture Retail Ltd.246.50 3:13pmUp 15.80 (6.85%)568,732Chart, More
GAL.BOGYSCOAL ALLOYS LTD.13.20 3:11pmUp 0.92 (7.49%)554,859Chart, More
LLOYDELENG.BOLLOYD ELECTRIC & ENGINEERING L274.00 3:13pmUp 1.05 (0.38%)554,773Chart, More
IBVENTURES.BOINDIABULLS VENTURES LTD.36.65 3:13pmUp 1.65 (4.71%)547,927Chart, More
L&TFH.BOL&T FINANCE HOLDINGS LTD.117.60 3:13pmDown 0.60 (0.51%)532,568Chart, More
HFCL.BOHIMACHAL FUTURISTIC COMMUNICAT13.65 3:13pmUp 0.38 (2.86%)524,930Chart, More
ARTKPOW.BOARTECH POWER PRODUCTS LTD.51.80 3:13pmUp 0.95 (1.87%)518,058Chart, More
TATAMOTORS.BOTATA MOTORS LTD.458.80 3:13pmUp 3.30 (0.72%)515,648Chart, More
KTKBANK.BOKARNATAKA BANK LTD.122.35 3:13pmDown 0.05 (0.04%)504,409Chart, More
SAIL.BOSTEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LTD.62.40 3:13pmUp 0.70 (1.13%)484,910Chart, More
PTC.BOPTC INDIA LTD.91.75 3:13pmUp 4.10 (4.68%)480,911Chart, More
NATIONALUM.BONATIONAL ALUMINIUM CO.LTD.66.55 3:13pmUp 1.65 (2.54%)480,277Chart, More
HOVS.BOHOV SERVICES LTD.173.45 3:13pmUp 20.10 (13.11%)457,732Chart, More
HINDCOPPER.BOHINDUSTAN COPPER LTD.71.05 3:13pmUp 2.15 (3.12%)446,919Chart, More
PUNJLLOYD.BOPUNJ LLOYD LTD.21.85 3:13pmDown 0.30 (1.35%)441,909Chart, More
HINDMOTORS.BOHINDUSTAN MOTORS LTD.11.41 3:11pmUp 0.24 (2.15%)441,020Chart, More
AMTEKAUTO.BOAMTEK AUTO LTD.35.35 3:13pmDown 0.55 (1.53%)438,031Chart, More
IDFCBANK.BOIDFC Bank Limited63.10 3:13pmDown 0.25 (0.39%)437,807Chart, More
RPOWER.BORELIANCE POWER LTD.45.25 3:13pmUp 0.35 (0.78%)433,134Chart, More
RANASUG.BORANA SUGARS LTD.10.88 3:12pmUp 0.14 (1.30%)428,807Chart, More
BEPL.BOBHANSALI ENGINEERING POLYMERS24.35 3:13pmUp 1.10 (4.73%)428,614Chart, More
GRANULES.BOGRANULES INDIA LTD.131.05 3:13pmUp 5.70 (4.55%)427,753Chart, More
CENTRUM.BOCENTRUM CAPITAL LTD.35.90 3:10pmDown 0.25 (0.69%)423,918Chart, More
RENUKA.BOSHREE RENUKA SUGARS LTD.15.90 3:13pmDown 0.45 (2.75%)418,276Chart, More
DCW.BODCW LTD.31.20 3:10pmUp 0.15 (0.48%)407,083Chart, More
JPINFRATEC.BOJAYPEE INFRATECH LTD10.82 3:13pmDown 0.26 (2.35%)401,993Chart, More
SRSREAL.BOSRS REAL INFRASTRUCTURE LTD.32.75 3:12pmUp 2.90 (9.72%)400,387Chart, More
YAMNINV.BOYAMINI INVESTMENTS COMPANY LTD45.40 3:13pmDown 0.40 (0.87%)400,328Chart, More
BANKINDIA.BOBANK OF INDIA128.35 3:13pmUp 2.35 (1.87%)400,062Chart, More
RMCL.BORADHA MADHAV CORPORATION LTD.37.90 3:12pmUp 1.80 (4.99%)398,386Chart, More
HINDOILEXP.BOHINDUSTAN OIL EXPLORATION CO.L76.60 3:13pmUp 2.25 (3.03%)393,684Chart, More
PANCM.BOPANYAM CEMENTS & MINERAL INDUS85.30 3:13pmDown 0.40 (0.47%)386,477Chart, More
BHEL.BOBHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LTD.154.45 3:13pmUp 1.10 (0.72%)384,155Chart, More
RESPONIND.BORESPONSIVE INDUSTRIES LTD.92.65 3:13pmDown 1.60 (1.70%)381,355Chart, More
DCBBANK.BODCB BANK LIMITED151.60 3:13pmDown 1.05 (0.69%)381,062Chart, More
GAMMONIND.BOGAMMON INDIA LTD.13.04 3:13pmUp 0.50 (3.99%)378,195Chart, More
ITC.BOITC LTD.263.70 3:13pmDown 2.15 (0.81%)374,467Chart, More